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Publicity and other material done for GUFF. Since we are now so distant from the active areas of Australia fandom, we figure extra communication is a requirement for us to do the administrative work, and to let fans know what is being done.

Web Site
We started a preliminary web site (this one) in March 2001. Jean added the first draft of the trip report in June 2001 and updated much of it in October 2001. We update it now and then.
Books for auction
Started listing our books for auction for GUFF on the web site. Not pushing this until we return from the GUFF trip, for obvious logistic reasons (March 2001). Many more books added in October 2001 and March-April 2002. Sales from the website have been woeful, but we've sold many of the books by contacting people directly and at our relaxacon in June 2002.
Swancon and other auctions
Attempted (unsuccessfully) to arrange to have some donated material in Melbourne go to Swancon 2001 for auction. Did get some money from auction at Convergence 2002 in Melbourne. Melbourne fans (led by Rose Mitchell and Julian Warner) have been selling books, fanzines, and other assorted stuff for the benefits of fan funds, and GUFF has been receiving a share of the proceeds.
Fan Fund Admin list
Jean joined the Fan Fund Administrators list, so we could benefit from advice from other experienced past fan fund administrators (March 2001). Eric joined in October 2001.
We did an introductory flyer as a general reminder to fandom that GUFF exists and should be supported. Sent 50 to Cathy Cupitt for Swancon in Perth, 35 to ANZAPA, 40 to Gary Dalrymple for FreeCon in Sydney, 40 to Lyn McConchie for the New Zealand NatCon, 50 to Alan Stewart for MSFC and other Melbourne fans, 30 to Julian Warner for Nova Mob. March 2001. You can download this flyer as a PDF or as a Postscript file. It's a bit old and needs updating, real soon now.
Contacted UK fans
Well, you would, wouldn't you, especially with email available?
Web site updates
We had a second draft of our trip report, edited and with photos by Jean, up on the site even before Jean returned home. This has had small updates ever since.
GUFF trip report
Jean did a PDF version of the GUFF report, to be available in February 2002. Jean took a master to the USA to have printed there. Janice Murray and Joyce Scrivner have copies for sale in the USA.
GUFF trip report printed and distributed
Jean printed some copies on US Letter paper, while Eric printed the A4 versions using laser printer for interior and inkjet for the cover. Printed versions available mid February 2002. Copies sent to people in UK and sold by Jean at Potlatch (Seattle, late Feb.) and in Las Vegas and LA.
Collected trip report bounty from FANAC and SCIFI
The timely appearance of a printed report raised substantial funds from FANAC and SCIFI.
Arranged for a GUFF bank account through ASFF
Early in 2002, the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (ASFF) agreed to open a bank account for GUFF, to distance fund money from our personal money. After bringing our books up to date, we deposited A$2994 in the account (see fund raising page for details). We noted that the vast majority of money we've raised has come from the USA.

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