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GUFF is the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or the Going Under Fan Fund, depending on which way you're going.

Pat McMurrayPat McMurray won the 2003-4 ballot to bring a fan from Europe to Australasia. Pat attended Continuum in Melbourne, 11-14 June 2004 ( and visited fans in several Australian cities during his trip.

(Photo of Pat was taken by Pete Weston at the Barley Mow First Thursday pub meeting in London.)

Pat's trip report will soon be appearing as installments in various UK fanzines. We'll post the details here when we have them.

Here's the announcement from Paul Kincaid, GUFF UK administrator:


Pat McMurray wins in one of the tightest races imaginable. At one point, we actually thought we had a dead heat on our hands.

The full voting figures are:

Doug Bell - UK: 25 Australia: 8 Total: 33
Pat McMurray - UK: 22 Australia: 13 Total: 35
No Preference - UK: 6 Australia: 2 Total: 8

None of those who voted No Preference gave a second preference (logically enough), so redistributing these votes made no difference to the result.


Note: The two Australian "no preference" votes are Eric's and Jean's. As administrators, we felt that we should not vote for either candidate.

Voter list

These people sent ballots to the Australian administrators or voted online using the ballot provided on this website:
Justin Ackroyd
Andrew A Adams
David Cake
Naomi Fisher
Janice Gelb
Irwin Hirsh
Jonathan Jones
Tim Jones
Eric Lindsay
Lyn McConchie
Rose Mitchell
Mark Loney
G Patrick Molloy
Janice Murray
Mark Olson
Alan Rosenthal
Lucy Schmeidler
Gerald Smith
Kevin Standlee
Alan Stewart
Jean Weber
Bill Wright
Lucy Zinkewicz

These people sent ballots to the UK administrator:
Michael Abbott
Doug Bell
Sandra Bond
Helena Bowles
Bridget Bradshaw
Claire Brialey
Randy Byers
Cat Coast
Stephen R. Cooper
Peter Crump
Tony Cullen
John Dallman
Steve Davies
Giulia De Cesare
Nic Farey
Susan Francis
Nigel Furlong
Sabine Furlong
Roelof Goudriaan
Judith Hanna
Eve Harvey
John Harvey
David Hicks
Sue Jones
Tony Keen
Christina Lake
Dave Langford
Sheila Lightsey
Catherine McAulay
Lorna McLaren
Pat McMurray
Cheryl Morgan
Carol Morton
Tony Morton
Joseph Nicholas
Chris O'Shea
Mark Plummer
Roger Robinson
Marcus Rowland
Yvonne Rowse
Mike Scott
Alison Scott
Maureen Kincaid Speller
Douglas Spencer
Erwin Strauss
Marcus Streets
Dave Tompkins
Lennart Uhlin
Pam Wells
Bridget Wilkinson
Gary Wilkinson
Andrew J Wilson
Pete Young

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