GUFF Australia income and expenses


This page lists the amounts and sources of funds we received, and the expenses of our trip.

Details about the money we've raised for GUFF are on a separate page.

Funds received and expenses for our trip

Funds available
Source Amount & currency Amount (A$)
Received from Karen Pender-Gunn A$ 5,150 A$ 5,150
Received from Paul Kincaid (Note 1) UK£   500 A$ 1,500
Total funds received - A$ 6,650
Trip expenses (2 people)
Airfares Brisbane - London return (Note 2) A$ 4,860 A$ 4,860
Travel costs Airlie Beach - Brisbane return (Note 3) A$   510 A$   510
Travel health insurance (Note 4) A$   300 A$   300
Car hire in UK (Note 5) A$ 1,128 A$ 1,128
Petrol in UK (Note 6) A$   523 A$   523
Misc. exp. (food, drink, accomm., other) (Note 7) UK£ 1,000 A$ 3,000
Total Expenses - A$10,321
Our own money (Note 8) - A$ 3,671


  1. We've used a nominal exchange rate of UK£1 = A$3 which is close enough for this purpose.
  2. Cost from Brisbane on United Airlines was the same as from Sydney or Melbourne. The figure given here is for the cheapest fare we could have purchased, but we spent somewhat more of our own money (not included in these accounts) to get better seats. United did have the cheapest fare to the UK at the time we needed to travel; that fare was for travel through the USA.
  3. Cost from Airlie Beach was the cheapest possible by air at the times we travelled, but included a bus ride (for Eric) and a car trip (for Jean) to get home from the nearest airport serviced by the cheap flights. See our trip report for details.
  4. Travel health insurance is a must, especially for people in our age group travelling through the USA.
  5. We booked and paid for the hire car before leaving Australia, as it cost between 1/2 and 1/3 of the cost if we'd hired the same car in the UK. As we would be covering this cost ourselves, we decided to go for convenience rather than trying to get around entirely by public transport or the goodwill of other people.
  6. Petrol costs are given in A$ as they were charged to our credit cards and paid for in A$.
  7. We did not keep detailed records of our expenses for food, drink, and so on, again because we knew that we'd be spending a lot of our own money. These expenses would have been far greater had we not received so much hospitality from fans. Still, whenever possible (that is, when they would let us) we treated our hosts to a drink or meal.
  8. Actually we spent quite a lot more, not itemised here; for example, the more expensive airfare, expenses in the USA (Corflu, Wiscon, a side trip from Chicago to Seattle and back again), various souvenirs, film and processing, and no doubt other items we've forgotten.


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