Apple Macintosh OSX Bugs and Problems

List of problem areas for Macintosh hardware and OS X that I use.

Hardware Bugs

iMac g5 original model
Faults are in some of the production, not in all. Faulty bypass capacitors fail in use. Excessive fan noise. Power supply failures. Could use more video memory. I like to avoid the first model of radical new designs. Apple extended warranty to two years for some serial numbers.
iMac g5 ALS (released around May 2005)
Added Bluetooth, Airport, upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet, more memory, larger hard drive, different video with twice the memory. Original model faults all appeared to be addressed.
Powerbook 15 inch aluminium
Latch fails to close, white blotch on display, initial quality control problems. These all appear fixed on models dating from late 2003.
Powerbook Gbit 15 inch aluminium
When display is closed there is a considerable gap (several millimetre) between the lid and the body of the unit. This is more prominent on the right hand side. I'm seeking stick on pads to even out the gap. I sspect the gap is left so you can run this model on an external keyboard and monitor with the lid closed, and still get cooling air flow.

OSX Bugs

Action Button
Select item, then move to Action button to get a context menu. This is slow when you can control click instead.
Filename length
No warning when you make a file name too long (31 characters).
Print Window
Easily send a disk directory with disks to a print service bureau. Third party repacement available.

Apple Application Bugs

iPhoto 5
Very slow opening and (especially) closing when you have thousands of photos taken with certain brands of digital camera. Problem is caused by large (30 kb) Maker Note included in photo exif metadata. This is included in file called Library.iPhoto by iPhoto 5, causing file to exceed hundreds of megabytes.

Third Party Application Bugs

Adobe Acrobat 6
Very slow to start, search function hard to find.
Quark XPress 6
Makes huge PDF files. Tech support say save as EPS, open in Adobe Photoshop then make PDF.

Apple Mac
Psion Epoc




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