Switching to Macintosh

First encounters with a Macintosh, as a Windows alternative.

Index to my Apple Macintosh OSX pages.

OSX is the operating system used by Apple computers since around 2000. During its first five years it seemed to get upgraded and improved about once every year or so.

OS X replaced the earlier range of operating systems in Macintosh computers made by Apple since 1984. Despite what are reported by enthusiasts as many fine features, the older operating system seemed to me to get overextended as the years went by. Below OS9 ended up seemingly no more reliable nor stable than Windows.

The pages in this section of my web site describe the few OS X based Apple Macintosh computers I've encountered, their standard applications, and software available to run on them. These pages started mostly to as an aid to my understanding of how to use a Macintosh, a computer that to me was (and still is) strange, exotic and often very annoying.

Apple Macintosh Computers Described

Short descriptions of some OSX based computers, circa start of 2004. This was intended to help me choose which to buy. The aluminium Powerbook 15 inch model I bought has its own more detailed description page.

iMac G5 desktop may be my next Macintosh. What I like and don't like about the iMac G5.

The Apple iPod hard drive music player is a poor choice for me. Why I prefer alternatives.

Macintosh is an unsuitable computer for me. Here is why I didn't buy one much sooner.


Bugs in OS X and Macintosh applications.

Keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls in Apple Macintosh.

Switching diary of a long time Windows user on encountering the Macintosh.

Other Apple Information Sites

Book reviews, magazine sites and similar resources. Links to external Apple sites and OSX software.

Books about Macintosh and OSX
Magazines about Macintosh
Web Sites
Web sites that have more about Macintosh and OSX.

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