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Australian Macworld

I first checked the January 2004 edition, and eventually found locally issues through to August 2004. Monthly glossy paper full colour 84 page magazine with about 23 full page advertisements, and a reasonable number of smaller adverts. About 9 articles, 11 reviews, plus editorial and some columns. Certain amount of padding.

Many of the reviews and almost all the articles are mostly from the same month issue of either Macworld USA or the highly similar UK version. Unlike the USA and UK versions, and most PC magazines here, it does not include a cover CD. Very handy to me initially for finding more details of Australian Mac dealers (the list at Apple seems extensive but has few details of specialist areas). The price of A$6.95 is substantially lower than the equivalent overseas magazines, which have very high local prices.

January 2004. Advertising 25 page, contents list 2 pages.


Issue 5. British magazine. A$18.95 British 6.


April 2004. Purchased in USA. Glossy 82 (96) page USA based magazine, which came with a cover CD. Subsequently found May, June and July 2004 issues in Australia. A$14.95, US$7.99

Mac Design

March April 2004 issue, found at newsagent at Manly. USA graphics magazine, just about exclusively graphics news, with tutorials about using various high end graphics packages (mostly from Adobe). Had a makeover example of a brouchure. More for specialist graphics artists, as you would expect. Air freight A$22.60, cover price US$6.95

Mac Format

April 2004. Found this at Sydney airport. Glossy 132 page British magazine, with two cover CDs. Subsequently found May 2004 at A$21.95 at Sydney airport, and March 2004 in a Canberra newsagent at A$18.95, July 2004 at Geraldton W.A. British price 5.99.

MacWorld (USA)

December 2003. Mostly found in USA, but have found at least two issues in Australia at my local news agency, and several others in capitol city news stands. Glossy 130 page full colour USA magazine. 66 full pages of advertising. 10 articles, 14 reviews, plus short reviews, and columns. Comes with a cover CD. February 2004, March 2004, April 2004, May 2004. US$4.99 Variously A$9.95 and A$18.95 by air freight.


Never seen. Dennis Publishing, U.K.

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