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Applix 1616 Computer Manuals

The Applix 1616 was a Motorola 68000 based multitasking computer designed by Andrew Morton around 1985. The Do It Yourself project was published over several issues in Electronics Today International as ETI 1616.

PDF versions of all the Applix computer manuals are here. Most were damaged during conversion from Lotus Manuscript via Postscript. Some are simply broken. I have no means to fix them.

Most of these PDF manuals are about 150k-200k.

I used to have the manuals in Lotus Manuscript formats. Lotus Manuscript was an MS-DOS 4 word processor. I doubt anything I have can run it these days, even if I could find it on an offsite backup from two decades ago. Lotus Manuscript output Postscript for printing. The PDF versions were generated (a decade or so ago, by means I have totally forgotten) from the Postscript printing output. The conversion is not a very happy one in some cases.

Scans of some of the circuit diagrams of the Applix 1616, from various sources, in PDF. These are typically 1-5Mb

The 1986 C Language Tutor for Applix 1616 kit computer using the HiTech C compiler for Motorola 68000 is based on the freeware Version 1 (1986) of the C Language Tutor by Gordon Dodrill of Coronada Enterprises. If you want a C language tutorial updated for the 21st Century, go to Coronada Enterprises for an up to date version.

Andrew Morton notes that he moved his history to however this now suffers from link rot. You can still find it at Applix 1616 archive in the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive).

Wikipedia article on Applix 1616 started in 2006 by Russell Steicke. Andrew McNamara added additional material.

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