Psion Epoc Applications

More built in applications than any other miniature computers on the planet

Introducing the many Psion Epoc built in applications.

Check this list of standard Psion Epoc operating system applications. All Epoc based miniature computers already have a wide range of programs installed in permanent memory, where they can't be deleted or corrupted. All Epoc computers are ready to use straight out of the box, without buying or installing any new programs at all.

No other PDA or PC companion on the market comes even close to providing so much software when you switch it on. Just compare any other PDA with this list.

Calendar, diary, anniversaries, 100 todo lists, alarms and organiser. Day, week, month, year, anniversary and todo views, flexible appearance and layout. Unlimited alarms. Multiple Agenda files.
A simple tape view calculator, plus a scientific calculator, swap from right hand to left hand operation.
Terminal emulation, communications package, ASCII, X and Y modem file transfer, use serial port or infrared.
vCard compatible contact and phone list, integrates with email, infrared beam entries.
Multiple flexible databases, with customised appearance, easy to configure with many field types including memos, drawings, Word files.
DTMF dialling from within Contacts, Agenda and Data, without a modem.
Epoc Connect
Windows application, also called PsiWin, supplied on CD. Connects Psion to PC serial port. Integrates with Windows Explorer, so you can backup Psion files, drag and drop files between PC and Psion, optionally cut and paste between PC and Psion, synchronise Agenda and Contacts with MS Schedule, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc. Convert between Psion and MS Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Lotus 123, CSV, Access, dBase, etc. Save files from PC applications direct to Psion, etc. Print via PC using any Windows supported printer.
Email multiple mailboxes via infrared cellular phone, external modem, or PCMCIA card via adaptor. Send and receive SMS by mobile phone. Receive fax messages, and send a fax from any application.
Help file (not yet described).
Connecting to phones, printers, Psion and other PDAs, or Windows 9x PCs using the infrared port.
Quick organised jotter for those urgent notes.
OPL organiser programming language, write your own object oriented, multitasking, graphics software.
Print via serial or optional parallel cable, or beam infrared, to many common printers. Printer support software. Additional font support.
Record voice notes and sound files, save sounds for alarms, convert MPG files on your PC and play them.
Screen capture
A screen capture utility is built into each Psion. Shift+Ctrl+Fn+S Snapshots application open as a screen capture.
Spreadsheet with over 100 functions, do fancy layouts and graphs for printing, embed sheets in Word files.
Automatic program installer and uninstaller works within the Psion, as well as directly from your PC. Download SIS programs from the net and install without a PC if you wish.
A simple bitmapped drawing tool, embed in Word or Data files
Spelling checker, thesaurus, crossword help and anagram hints.
Time in hundreds of cities, locations and distances apart, multiple alarms, world map, sunrise and sunset times, country and city dial codes.
Web browser and jpg and gif picture viewer. Use PC to convert AVI to animated gif and play them. (On CD for most models).
Word processor with style gallery, templates and spelling checker, headers, footers. Embed spreadsheets and graphs, sketches for signatures or illustrations. Print via cable, infrared, or via PC.
The Zoom in and Zoom out buttons let you change the size of material in applications to suit your eyesight and application viewing needs.

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