Psion Epoc Phone Dialler

Phone anywhere with your Psion Epoc dialler.

The phone dialler utility built into your Psion.

The built in phone dialler generates standard DTMF tone dialling sounds using the Psion loudspeaker. This can be used for dialling phone numbers, or generating dial tones for banking and other control type gadgets. Phone DTMF type home remote control devices can be operated or tested using it (assuming you are into gadgets like that). As with the 1991 Psion 3 models, it can operate using phone numbers in Agenda, Contacts and Data entries.

In any Agenda, Data or Contacts entry, press the Fn Dial key, and a list of up to five available phone numbers in that entry will appear. Select the number you want, hold your Psion near the phone mouthpiece, and press Dial to dial the number.

If no numbers are available (or if you press Ctrl Fn Dial), the Psion will let you free dial. That really isn't usually any great advantage over using the phone keypad, except you can then cut and paste numbers say from email or other text documents you may have on hand.

In the Data application, fields containing phone numbers should be set to be searched by the dialer. Fields containing other numerical data should be specifically excluded, because it will just confuse you. This can be done in Data in the Label options, from Tools, Change label (Ctrl L), Edit (Ctrl E), Options (Ctrl O). Tick to search, untick to exclude from the phone number search.

Pulse dialling can be forced, if in an area that needs it. In the Control Panel, Dialling options, you can Edit, then in Dial Settings, you can change the Tone Dial Outside and Tone Dial Inside boxes to force pulse dialling, if you happen to need this on old phone systems. In Control panel, Internet, you can disable Smart dialling. If you enter numbers exactly as it should be dialled, you can force Pulse or Tone dialling by adding p or t in front of the number. -> epoc -> applications -> dialler

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