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Connecting via cellular phone to Telstra BigPond mobile.

Here are the settings for connecting a Psion 5 (classic) ER3 system to Telstra BigPond Mobile, using Message Suite 1.52. Settings are relatively similar for other Epoc palmtops using ER5. You must install download and install Message Suite 1.52 for Psion 5 (ER3) before starting (not required for current model Psions with ER5).

In the actual Email application, press the Menu button, then select Tools, Settings, Email. In Outgoing, insert your name, email address (which is your phone number), and the Email (SMTP) server is

In Incoming the POP3 server is and the mailbox login is your true Mailbox login name. These is no need to use the BigPond mailbox unless you want to. Add your password and confirm it.

I discovered the hard way that with an ER5 system (a Psion Series 7), in the email application you must set one of your email accounts as the default account. If you fail, SMTP may not work correctly. Thanks to Mike McConnell for pointing out the need for this.

Another possible problem, pointed out by Tom Horvei, is that in the Email, Account, Advanced, Outgoing, you have access to the SMTP port number (default is 25) and it is possible to accidently change this to a non-standard port.

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