Psion Epoc Record voice notes

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The Psion Epoc voice record application.


An imitation sound recorder, in the Psion 5 or Psion 7. The Psion 5 has external record, rewind and playback buttons for ease of use. You can select the file name to use, bring old sound files in for editing, and save sound files as an alarm sound. You can record and append, or record and replace, or crop a sound file.

Sounds can be included in Word, Data or Agenda files, used as alarm sounds, or used to replace a voice recorder.

You can append or crop recorded sound files. The progress bar in the record application shows the boundaries of multiple record sessions with a vertical line.

Record will use one megabyte of memory for each two minutes of sound. If you select Tools, Compress, you get four minutes per megabyte. There is a Time Remaining indicator, showing how much memory time is available for recording. Don't get too ambitious. Other programs need memory also.

You can repeat a sound by selecting Tools, Repeat. You can repeat from 1 to 60,000 times, with a pause of up to 2000 seconds between repeats.

Noise When Recording to CF disk

A noise is generated when recording to some Sandisk CF disks. The noise is probably generated each time the CF changes to a different cluster. As a result, you will get continuous static if the cluster size is 512 or 1024, clicks if 2048, and some clicks if 4096. As I don't know a cure, I suggest recording onto the C: drive, and copying the sound file to CF when done. This does not occur with some types of CF (no details known).

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