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Psion Epoc Sketch drawing application.


Sketch is a simple bit mapped graphics package that can display sketch files and also import or merge in standard Psion MBM Epoc picture graphics files. You can save a Sketch file as system wallpaper (save it also as a regular sketch file, as you can not edit wallpaper). You can also export a Sketch file as an Epoc picture (MBM) file.

You have a few simple tools in Sketch. Flip horizontally or vertically, rotate, resize, crop. You can insert your own text (with formatting), or clipart from the small selection included. The drawing tools can select an area, do freeland or line drawings, erase, spray, make a rectangle a filled rectangle, an oval or a filled oval. You can force squares and circles, and vertical, horizontal and 45 degree lines by holding down the Ctrl key while you draw. You can Merge several external files into your pictures.

You have a choice of sixteen colours, and various widths in the tools. You can also use transparent objects, and overlay on other material. Don't forget that you do have an five step Undo tool, and also you can use the More, Revert to Saved option if you really stuff up a picture.

As drawing tools go, Sketch is pretty limited, so if doing extensive work, a high end PC based package would be a better choice.

If you invoke the Help facility, you can limit the topics to just Search related ones by entering the keyword Sketch! (the exclamation point is needed).

If all else fails, and you are bored, use Sketch and the pencil tool to play noughts and crosses, hangman, and so on. Think of the forests you will save!

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