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Various utilities.

Battery monitors
File managers, directories
Macro utilities
Zip, archive and backup
Modular screen saver engine, with multiple modules available. Mark O'Neill
Simon Long, shareware. AppLink creates links to EPOC applications - equivalent to shortcuts in Windows or aliases on the Macintosh. AppLinks are small (only 16 bytes) and can be put anywhere in the EPOC file system. They display the same icon as the actual application linked to, and tapping on one launches the application in exactly the same way as clicking on its Extras bar icon. You do not need to have AppLink running in the background (or even installed on your Psion) for AppLinks to work - they are handled by EPOC itself through an undocumented feature of the OS. [Simon is refering to the 16 byte header of all Eikon applications, which includes the file UID and a checksum. I would guess he has written a nice application for generating such stubs. Cute.] Formerly
ASCII table viewer
Simple ASCII table by Jim Willsher. Freeware. Hex, dec, character, in courier font. Provided as 4k app, 2k aif, with readme.txt Tip. You can use Shift Ctrl C in many applications to see some of the special Psion characters. Was at
Atelier Essential Disk Utilities
Commercial package. EDU. Optimise defragments Compact Flash drives, and gives a nice graphics display of the contents. CheckDisk looks for errors on a CF disk (Windows may stuff up your CF if it writes stuff to a CF) (note EDU does not work on memory exceeding 16 MB in Series 7). SmartFormat customised the cluster count on a CF to reduce wasted space. DiskEditor lets you browse the raw sector data on your CF. Test Report: CheckDisk works well, identifying potential FAT problems. Optimise works, although it takes a few minutes. Smart Format and DiskEditor both seem pretty reasonable. If needed, these are essential. OK tested:
Backlite Plus
Controls backlight and contrast settings on startup, play a startup sound. Multi page pen jotter. Postit style sticky notes. Hotkeys for starting documents or applications. Battery warnings. Show task list on startup. Voice memo reminders. Cycle between applications. Macros. Night clock on with spacebar. By Jason Kneen. Shareware. Was
Freeware bookmark utility by Arnoud van der Giessen. Pops up a window with the 10 most recently used folders. In English or Dutch. Formerly or
Stephen Goldsmith. Freeware. Calculate the CRC for any two files, to tell if they are identical.
Freeware by Ivo Woltring. Cut and paste and repetitive typing, activate with Ctrl+Fn+c Was
Codecheck 2
Richard Smedley freeware. Checks validity of UK credit card and VAT numbers, and networks of a mobile phone. (Site is there - but ...) Formerly
Alex C Skilton. 375 different unit conversions, base conversions, colour codes, etc. 36k. Was
Convert5 pro
Shareware units conversion program with over 500 units, history of conversions, create your own. Registration number required. (May no longer be available) Was
Converti by Guillaume Dupont
Measurement conversions, with 32 units on screen. Length, surface, volume, weight, speed, temperature. 27k, freeware? Was
Utilities by Graham Crichton.
Shortcut Wizard 5 Creates Windows style shortcuts *Startup Wizard 5 Launches shortcuts on power-up -SoundOn-SoundOff 5 Toggles system sound quickly *Tips32 5 Adds Windows style Tips to your programs *DriveMap5 5 Maps local and network drives *RemoteLink5 5 Disables the remote link on startup -LinkOn-LinkOff 5 Toggles the remote link quickly *Welcome5 5 Displays a tips file on startup *Defrag5 5 Defragments/reclaims RAM memory -Stickies 5 Adds sticky notes to your Psion Was This may come from
Like the Unix scheduler. Formerly
Trygveh Henriksen. Change datestamp of files to the system date and time (like Unix touch). Was
Reclaim unreleased memory space. Was
Benchmarks disk access speed, use to check speed of Compact Flash. Was
RevoDV454Hack, allows a Psion to send an infrared code to unlock the region code on a Pioneer DV-454 DVD. The unlock code came from Another generic RawCode program sends any discrete infrared raw code you give it. Formerly
Dave Rushall. Programmer's calculator, various bases and operations, including binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, conversion to ASCII and EBCDIC. Cut and paste to apps.
Creates shortcuts that will run another file. These can all be stored in a bookmarked folder, providing a fast way to start your most used programs. Previous version called ShortCut. Written by J D Medhurst. Was
Tixy. Switch between open programs using Ctrl Space like Alt Tab in Windows. Freeware. Try
Reuben Thomas. Freeware. Switch between open applications.
Henry Hirst's Hotkeys is a shareware macro program, often found as Free adds-ons include AutoSlot, ThesLink, NoMore. These add 6 six extra autokeys, integrate the Thesaurus with applications, and remove programs from the Extras bar without changing their operation.
Martin Guthrie, freeware. Replace the program icon for older or no-longer maintained applications with acolour icon. Correctly preserve the UID and also all captions, capabilities flags (eg. hide from Extras, New File), and MIME information from the old icon - which the manual method won't (easily) do. Swap icons around from one program to another. Was
Automate the closing and re-opening of applications and files, before syncing. More aimed at Series 5 (ER3) than ER5 (which has similar built in). Uses the link status to decide what to do. Freeware by John Boyce. V111 Was
Bunch of handy utilities in one popup package. Dirs finds the folders occupying the most space. Dupes finds duplicate files. Find locates text strings in filenames and inside files. Hex viewer, with a find. Locate temporary or extra large files. Add your own programs to it. Freeware by John Boyce Was
Jwin, or Just What I Need
Shareware utility by Phil Spencer. Lots of unit conversions. Area, currency, energy, fluids, length, mass, Time calculator, days to go, day of week, fuel use, tax figures, etc. Sold as RMRUtils.
Freeware by Ivo Woltring. Redirect screen softkeys to other Extra bar programs. Double tapping goes to next file in same application. Formerly
Freeware. A dozen clipboards, for text, images, graphs and audio. Can't view contents of clipboard, but otherwise great. Was
Line Listener
Freeware RS232 port monitor, Sept 2001 on Tucows.
Program launcher, run any program with a single key press. Henri Spagnola Was
Series5 MenuPlus provides an additional menu. This menu is different for each application and can be easily defined with some OPL commands by the user. Freeware. Homepage in German. Updated. Wolfgang Golder Also BattLog - logging Revo accu StopLog - time logging XHair - measure the screen ksion - a address/contact manager Brain - simple memo database
Roger Muggleton
Three freeware utilities. 3T, a file manager. Font Viewer, showing the effects of font and mode commands. Quick Viewer shows text, OPL and bitmap files, and hex dumps unknown ones. Also amateur radio programs. Plog is a radio amateur pocket log book. Was
Thomas A Ross. Freeware on screen keyboard, so you can add notes when it is totally dark using the backlit touchscreen. ER3 only. Version 2 from Neuon. Several sizes of keyboard available, good help file.
Updated Psion 7 and netBook wallpapers, supports 5mx. Most wallpapers (especially Star Trek) by David Steer. Was
Roger Muggleton. QuickView Freeware. File viewer for multiple types of files, text and binary, hex mode. Was
Serial Port Expander
A PIC microprocessor adds various ports to your Psion. Controlled via your serial port. Was
Shell 5 Utils
Andrew Flegg wrappers in OPL for Nik Murray's UNIX-like shell, Shell5 for running EXEs such as java, perl. Wrappers for Symbian's Text Editor (allowing it to be invoked as `emacs' ;-)), Java and Perl. or contact andrew at
Ewan Spence freeware. System screen, better than WinEPOC, and it's free. Was
StartUp 2.02 by Philip Salvisberg A tool that allows you to define built in application sets that can be launched and shut down in one go. Quite useful when you use a number of applications for a particular type of job. You launch them when you start the job and close them when the job's finished. Noted by Rolf Brunsting. Was or try See also Chan Siew Chung's ASU Automatic Start Up, which works in conjunction with StartUp to reopen other applications. Was
Control what happens when you switch on your Psion, play sounds etc. Not significant upgrade for 5MX users over the freeware v1.96. Most of the development may be centred on the S7/Netbook. Shareware Alex Vorbauer Formerly
Task Manager
allows effective EPOC32 ER5 system task and process management. You will get an easy access to task list from any application, as well as ultimate task switching between open applications and documents. You'll be able to run your applications and documents via any key and/or silk icon combination. EPOC Task Manager fully replaces system task list window and significantly extends its possibilities. King Midas. Also shows running processes, process IDs, open files, other utilities.
Martin Guthrie. Easy switching of link and sound settings.
Daniel Sissman shareware. Time based utilities, including an accurate stopwatch and timer; through conversion utilities, including lengths, areas, masses, temperatures, currencies, volumes; to programmers tools and system information. Was Formerly
Fatcatz. Automate changing wallpaper on your Psion, instead of manually. Was

Note you can change wallpaper manually in Tools, Preferences, and select the Wallpaper tab for choices. Wallpapers are standard MBM image files kept in the System\wallpaper folder. Martin Guthrie had some suitable images on his fine site which was at

Ad Bosch freeware. Run for each third party application. Adds shortcuts to run apps in case touchscreen fails. Put them in folders and group them.

Battery Monitors

Battery checker and voltage estimates for Series 5. Freeware by Peter Csutora. It lists your main and backup battery voltages, and can be set to tell you when one is low according to several pre-set voltages. Runs in background, checking periodically. Good for people who don't check their battery guage. Does everything it attempts to do. Looks pretty good, but I may end up trying a different battery checker PsLite by Kevin Millican instead, or just not bothering at all.
Shareware #10 $15 by Ken Emmanual. Series 7 and NetBook battery monitor, tracks how system is used and estimates battery life. Formerly
Battery and system information utility by Daniel Pfund. Series 5?
Daniel Sissman has also updated his Battery application that displays the status of your batteries and disks using both graphics and text. The introduction of gauges into the program makes the information clearer than in previous versions. Was at
BatGauge7 pops up a small on-screen panel which displays the battery voltage, present runtime on battery power and an estimation of the remaining time left on the battery in hours and minutes - as well as allowing for adjustment of both screen brightness and contrast with the cursor (arrow) keys while giving an indication of the present setting for each. When the brightness is adjusted the estimation of battery runtime left is adjusted accordingly. I'm not sure how accurate the estimates are though. Unfortunately, if the program is closed down and restarted the present runtime figure is reset to zero. BatGauge7 also has an alarm function that can be configured to show a dialog box and/or play a sound when the battery has dropped to any particular voltage level. Version for Series 5mx also. Described by David Lir.
Kevin Millican. Monitors Revo battery charging system. Also ChaDis7 for NetBook. See also PsLite.
Extra Batt
Freeware from Richard C Hodges, ver 1.1. Scans battery status at three different selectable rates and puts one of five appropriate battery icon (for example - Full) on the Extras Bar. If you click on the icon it reports on the backup battery. Installs in ExtraBat and 1-TSpoon directories. Does not work from drive E:, but would be best on C: in any case. I doubt it would handle a Psion 7 or Revo voltages correctly, but who knows.
Freeware battery recorder, puts up graph of up to 57 hours. Updates every 60 seconds to 3 minutes. For Psion 5, but also works on Psion 7. Tamer Catalkaya. English and German. Formerly, try
Kevin Millican. Freeware intelligent backlight controller and battery checker. Monitors battery every 5 seconds, and optionally reports any drop in capacity. Battery status graphs. Backlight controls switch off always, on with external power, on while battery power remains, varied timeouts. (uses SystInfo.opx and SysRAM1.opx) 44KB PsLight5.sis
Michael Franzen michael.franzen at Watchdog: Alarm stopper and battery manager for Series 5/5mx runs in the background and observes the Alarm-Server and the power-consumption. The alarm-server's state is used to switch off alarms after a pre-configurable time (1 to 59 seconds). From the power-measurements it calculates an estimate for the remaining battery usage time and warns if the batteries become low. Some of the unique features are: - Automatic stopping of alarms (yes, its possible in OPL albeit a little tricky) - Forecast of remaining usage-time and standby-time - Calculation of the consumed power including off-time Was

File manager, directories, file handlers

Rolf Brunsting. DelPath.opo" (553 Byte only) I wrote for you just now, setting all files to R/W and then deleting them including the path itself. The program uses the great OPX "AldurFile.opx" by Graham L. Holden.
Freeware utility by Rold Aeschbacher. Lists file details, optional matches, to screen, file or print. OPL source code available. Requires Otfried Cheong's Sysinfo1.opx also. Formerly
DirNote adds notes (250 characters maximum) to all the files or folders located on your disks. You do not remember why you have created a file or a folder! Well, DirNote will do it for you. Just press the spacebar while an item is highlighted and add your note for this item. The note will be displayed at bottom of the window (only the first 40 characters) while you navigate. was (home page) (DirNote page) (file) size 24kb version 1.0 Henri Spagnolo hspagnol at
Complete directory listing, sorted by date accessed. Robert Longbottom Was
EpocDos - File Manager
Freeware command-line interpreter Complete file management capabilities Powerful RC4 encryption/decryption based on EZCrypt engine Auto-loading batch files Defrag system memory DOS syntax and commands Drive mapping Editing, viewing and dumping of files New Shell code
Commercial Windows Explorer like interface with graphics for managing files and directories. Pkzip integrated. Short cuts to applications and data. Search file contents. Seems pretty comprehensive, if you prefer the MS Windows interface. Test Report: Windows Explorer interface to Epoc. I can't see the point, but it appears very well done. OK Tested: Was
Wolfgang Golder's filemanager application (freeware OpenSource) especially designed for the Revo. Should also work on S5, but netBook not tested. It offers the typical features for such an app like copy, move, rename ... Also additional possibility of starting apps, files. Now at Freepoc as Psion Commander. Still open source.
150k freeware shortcuts and symbolic links by John Forrest. Embed Symlink objects in applications. The object will open the file at the end of the link. May not be supported. Formerly at
Nicklas Larsson's freeware adds a MS Windows style taskbar at the bottom of the display. Visible only when you touch the System button. Task switch easier. Formerly at
zExe is a file compressor that allows you to compress your application files and expand them on the fly when opening the application. Great for Revo, where you can't expand memory. Don't use it on OPL programs, nor on programs that grab large amounts of memory for data. Reports of it not getting along with Mobipocket.

Macro Utilities

Mario Collado, the author of the Macro5 alternative 'Assistant', has written a macro called 'shortcuts' which, in conjunction with either Macro5 or Assistant, allows Macro5 shortcut panels to fit the smaller Revo/Mako screen. Assistant and the 'shortcuts' macro can be downloaded from Mario's site at
SwitchTask- Macro5
Macro commands and switch direct to programs or documents, cycle through tasks, shortcuts to repetitive tasks, by Pascal Nicolas. Formerly Freeware. Lots of macros available, like run program from extras bar without the pen, sort sheet tables, prompt for an expression and paste the result, replace shortcuts with text from a database, etc.

Zip, Archive and Backup

Backup from Ralph Sprenger. It is a Backup and Restore Utility that has had good reports. Backup and restore to CF. Handles NetBook drives. In several languages. Web page only available in German language, though.
Commercial (demo is very limited). Backup to CF or to FTP server, optionally zipped. Was at
Essential System Tools
Zip Manager, Smart Find, Recycle Bin
Chris Handley. Freeware. Minimalist interface incremental fast backup utility extensible in OPL with GPL open source licence. Can be triggered by crontab. Has both Psion and Wins emulator version.
Shareware E10. Compress files not needed at the moment. Simple and fast two panel archive and disk interface, handles SIS installed files automatically. You can optionally specify groups to be created manually and set which files and folders are involved. Also archive documents and automatically open them in the appropriate application.
Shareware from Ken Emmanual. Delete with a hot key, and the file will be safely stored in case you were in error. Was
Recycle Bin
Recycle bin, intercept delete, like Windows, for RAM C drive only, and not for System files. From Epocware (formerly Paragon).
Selective Backup Utility
SBU (Selective Backup System). It's Freeware and you can define backup sets via a text file. Formerly at
Thomas Link. A simple backup program (GPL License). Virtual paths. New commands: restoreaction, restoremode, keepversions, restorekeepversions New pref: backup configuration file. Try
Zip Manager
Epocware ZIP Manager is an archive/compression tool for your Psion. It lets you unzip, directly on your Psion, files and programs downloaded from the Internet in ZIP format. Produce your own ZIP files for archiving infrequently used files and programs to save free space on your Psion. Compatible with PKZip, Zip and WinZip software for DOS and Windows. Shareware.
Zippy - backup tool
Rick Gillyon. Backs up the entire C drive. Go to "Psion Stuff" and check out Zippy. *But* you need a registered version of RMRZip to use it. Backup to CF. Macro for Macro 5 (several others on site). Was at

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