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The Jotter quick note application.


Jotter is a quick note taker that can include dates, sketches, spreadsheets, and spreadsheet graphs. You can change the format of sketch and spreadsheet objects. You can also include icons that lead you to word processed documents or to recorded voice and sound files.

Like Help, Jotter is a specialised version of the Psion Data application. That is why users of earlier Psion Epoc Release 3 can mostly imitate it using Data.

Jotter can be set to always start on a new entry, or to open the most recent entry. If unsure as to which file you want to use, start a new one. You can always merge the entries into another file later.

The list display can show when entries were first created, or when they were last updated. The view can show just the first line of each entry, or the entire text. If displaying the entire text, it can be edited. You can also show a split view with both the list of entries, and a card showing the contents.

Entries are listed in the order in which they are created. You can specify they be sorted in that order, or in the date last edited, or alphabetically. You can select ascending or descending sorts.

Entries can be formatted with bold, underline or italics. You can select the font and size. Paragraphs can also be displayed as bulleted text.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Jotter

Home moves cursor to start of line
End moves cursor to end of line
Ctrl+Home moves to start of current record
Ctrl+End moves to end of current record
Ctrl+PgDn to move to the next entry
Ctrl+PgUp to move to the previous entry
Ctrl+Fn+PgDn to move to the last entry
Ctrl+Fn+PgUp to move to the first entry
Fn+PgDn to move one screen down through the current entry
Fn+PgUp to move one screen up through the current entry
Ctrl L creates a new entry, same as Shift Ctrl N

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