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English to German translator with 2.5MB. URL unknown. Tucows?
Collins Dictionary
English to Italian, or German, or French, or Spanish, or German. 100,000 translations. Commercial product from Palmtop.
Collins Cobuild Dictionary
English dictionary. Commercial product from Palmtop. www.palmtop.nl
Latin dictionary. Martin Maxwell writes in 2004: Recently my colleague Isa Rahim has developed dpQuran. Our dpNotes provide some OPL examples and guidance - mainly for ER6 and later. We also have a lot of software which is currently unpublished, both for Psion and later Symbian devices. This will happen over time, but in a slow rate. The next ones up are: dpCalc - a programmable scientific calculator which can exchange program code between Psion netBook, Series 60 phones and Series 80 phones. It is based on an enterprise application we developed a few years ago for land survey, data collection etc. It's got some nice features as well like reassignable keys and custom functions, as well as three displays, export to Sheet etc. dpBible - well just a King James bible viewer for now, otherwise the same as dpQuran. Digital Progress Sdn Bhd www.dp.com.my
Finnish Dictionary
Pasi Sulasalmi emails in June 2003 I just made a very old but quite useful finnish/english dictionary in Data format available to public. It includes some 19.000 english words (and I estimate about 25.000 finnish words). This is much more than for example Lingo's finnish module. The website is in finnish www.student.oulu.fi/~psulasal/"> www.student.oulu.fi/~psulasal/ zipped Data-file was: www.student.oulu.fi/~psulasal/datascan.zip
Electronic dictionary in English, German, Hungarian. www.psion.hu
Patrick Hahn. Freeware multilanguage dictionary uses Esperanto across word lists. Interesting approach. www2.vo.lu/homepages/phahn/software/epoc.htm
Little Sense
Smallish dictionary for Epoc and Palm, similar to CoBuild interface. Terse word definitions. It takes slightly more than 1 Mb of disk space with the standard dictionary. There are several different dictionaries available, in sizes from about 13000 to 121000 words. £13 www.necronomicon.co.uk
English to Portugese dictionary 40,000 words. URL unknown. Tucows?
TrueTerm Dictionary
English to Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portugese dictionaries. 100000 keywords. Extend lists. Versions for Palm, Windows CE. Very non-standard coding of menus etc. Alphasoft. £25 www.trueterm.com

Psion Specific

Berlitz Phrase Book
2800 popular phrases in 13 languages. Commercial product. www.palmtop.nl
It says: This is a reader application that shows the modern English translation of the Holy Bible, based on the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible, the Biblia Hebraica Stutgartensa Old Testament first published in 1901 and the Greek Majority Text New Testament. www.palmix.itil.com/newpalmix/products/bible_home.htm
King James version indexed and searchable, with concordance. Commercial version, from Palmtop
Braindock expected to have Mike Martino's collection in .pcr online. (Braindock was established by NWT, closed in October 2001. See Handango, who took over the customers).
Byron Collins
Good variety of classic books in Palm and Tomeraider formats. Byron Collins has also started a mailing list about ebooks, subscribe at pda-ebook-subscribe at egroups.com (probably Yahoo!Groups now). www.xecu.net/bcollins/index.htm
Costantino Muzio's site, have a nice bunch of classic books in several languages mostly in Tomeraider shareware format for Epoc and PC. www.epocbooks.com/
The PDA Document Repository. Thousands of ebooks. www.memoware.com
Also, MemoWare's PDA Bookstore has over 400 original e-book titles from over 10 different publishers and hundreds of authors, ranging in price from just $0.30 (yes, 30 cents) to $15. www.pdabookstore.com
Kevin Millican
Kevin has about 100 books or about 20 MB in TCR format. Nice one. www.millican.info
Michelin Red Guide
Hotels and Restaurants in Europe, 70 cities in 20 countries. Commercial travel guide from TomTom.
Offer a number of eBooks, and yet another type of reader freeware. I understand MobiPocket will support the Open eBook (OEB) format, which is sort of like compressed HTML. Has Palm Apportis DOC format books. www.mobipocket.com
New World Technology
Mike Martino, who works for New World Technologies says he has converted 1600 work from Gutenberg, Internet Public Library and other public domain sites to eBooks. Now part of Handango (please note that Handango attempted to set illegal cookies, so I do not provide a URL).
Pocket Info
Provides a wide variety of data files, spreadsheets and other information for the Psion (and sometimes for desktop systems). Good stuff. Moved to 3lib in 2001, and being updated by Steve Litchfield. stevelitchfield.com/pocketinfo/
Pocket Manager
Sell Estuary's range of management and business guides for users of Symbian devices. Users will be able to browse through a range of popular titles covering various aspects of business, including marketing, negotiation and time management. Estuary has around 300 books under license and charges around $10 for each volume. (Caution, web site provides home page as index.jsp which won't work on many browsers) www.pocketmanager.com

Science Fiction

Baen Books
Some free SF and fantasy downloads, some you can buy cheap. Several formats, including HTML and Palm. Great site. Encourage them by subscribing. www.baen.com/library/
Site for SF author John E Stith. Sells some of his books here for $2 each on honour system, links to others. Several formats. Books include Manhattan Transfer, Redshift Rendezvous, Reunion on Neverend, Reckoning Infinity, Scapescope, Memory Blank, Death Tolls, Deep Quarry. www.neverend.com

Books and Electronic Publications

General ebooks and reading matter, in various formats.

Amazon eBooks
A sub-site with various PDA format ebooks for sale www.ebookmall.com
Australian Society of Authors
Some books to assist Australian authors. www.asauthors.org
A wonderful eclectic collection of titles in a well presented easy to navigate site. www.blackmask.com
Book list
University collection. In HTML, and Palm doc formats. etext.lib.virginia.edu/ebooks/
Variety of books on multiple subjects, mostly in PDF. New books are for sale, but there are some old downloads. www.ebooks.com
Recent short fiction is available at low prices at Fictionwise, a subsidiary of Mindwise. I don't know how they manage to handle small payments. Did notice they had a bunch of Dave Langford's short humourous science fiction available. They include a short description, list the number of words, reading time, and give a reader's rating including the number of readers who have rated the work. www.fictionwise.com
Great Books
Classic texts and books in English (translation), plus some recent non-fiction works, with information about the authors and about text versions. A good site for classic material. Lots of links to Amazon. www.grtbooks.com
For out of copyright books, Gutenberg has vast numbers in ASCII. www.gutenberg.org/
Lots of horror in Palm doc format (various Psion readers handle Palm). www.horrormasters.com/pda_classics.htm
Links site
Links to eBook resources. Very helpful site. www.utexas.edu/
Public Domain Books Online
About 14,000 indexed onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/
Site Scooper
Download pages from a news site that uses frames or extraneous HTML, change it to formats you can use. Output formats include plain text, HTML, Plucker (Palm) and iSilo (Palm) and it can compress to tcr format as used by AportisDOC (Palm, also various Psion etext readers). Sites covered includes SlashDot, Linux Weekly, HackerNews, Jacob Neilsen's Alertbox, Ars Technica, I, Cringely, Comp.Risks, 300 others. Also add your own sites. Links retained as bookmarks. Good sample pages from slashdot. Nice resource for Palm and other PDAs. sitescooper.org


Try to remember not to encourage proprietary readers or anything that has copy security like Rocket, Microsoft Reader, etc. If it isn't open standard, it isn't worth paying for it.

I also don't link with sites that I couldn't reach with any browser. Depending on your browser, and your security settings, you may be able to access these sites.

Barnes and Noble
Distribute eRocketbook (caution - proprietary) reader www.barnesandnoble.com
Unable to reach their home page, although the site URL is there. Informative site, if you can reach it. Try www.cyberread.com/
Franklin ebookman
New ebook reader in 2001, larger display than Palm, smaller than PocketPC. Proprietary format (specifications to be released), and promises to support Microsoft Reader (another proprietary format). www.franklin.com
Gemstar eBooks
SoftBook Press and NuvoMedia merge, ebook distributor. Proprietary hardware and format. 18 ounces, backlit touchscreen. Built in modem. Smart card. I think RCA have them now. www.ebook-gemstar.com www.rca.com
Said to be working on an open standard for ebooks. I know I've reached them at least once, but maybe I've got the URL wrong. www.openebook.org
Peanut Press
Proprietary format, I gather. www.ereader.com
XC Publishing
Ebooks in various formats. Has some good links. www.xcpublishing.com
Virtual Bookworm
Self publishing, how to do ebooks, I believe. I think I was unable to get into the site, as I have no printouts or page downloads. www.virtualbookworm.com

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