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Psion Contact name, address and phone application.

A vCard compatible data application with fixed fields. Designed to be compatible with the many vCard files available on other computer systems. Has good integration with email and phone.

See also my page on the Psion Data application, and my page on other Epoc database programs available.

Contacts Database file

The Contacts application uses a single file called Contacts.cdb in the System\Data directory. This can optionally be put on a Compact Flash drive via Tools | Preferences or Ctrl+K.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use left and right arrows to move between contact list and card views. Up and down arrows between cards or up and down the list. As in Data, Esc Esc clears the Find field. Finally, shift left or right arrow selects text for cut or copy.

Transfer Contacts Database

Try making a separate Data file that contains exactly the same fields as your Contacts file. This makes it easier to transfer the Contacts database elsewhere as a text file. You may need to have an Null entry in all the Contacts fields.

Additional utilities for Contacts

ContactsPlus allows multiple instances of the Contacts database. It is freeware by Sergey Simkovsky. Menus for creating and managing multiple contact files. Also other Contacts support applications, such as the much more extensive iContacts $20 shareware. Formerly
Frans Franken. Macro 5 macros. Paste address information from Contact to Word, into field codes. Formerly at until 30 Sept 2002.
Frans Franken. Macro 5 macro. Searches multiple contact files. Formerly at until 30 Sept 2002.
Contact Loader
Shareware. Neil Sands has a variety of programs, including ContactLoader, allowing multiple Contact files. Includes toolbar and menu support. I had problems with the frames on the site, and have no further information. Formerly
A better contact manager tha Contacts? Uses the standard Contacts vCard compatible database, but extends the interface. Formerly
More Contacts
Sebastian Hochstetter. Copies and renames the contacts database in C:\system\data\contacts.cdb Comes with OPL source code which demonstrates how it is done (smileware). Look in Produkte for MoreContacts
Shareware. Version 2. Anatoi Arkhipenko has a program allowing multiple Contact files. I had problems with the frames on the site, and have no further information, except that it is updated frequently. It had a very nice demo on site, but that didn't print too well for later writeups. 30 day evaluation available. Formerly
Jorg Tummler - BDay
Said to have written BDay, an OPL program to pick birthdays of people in your Contacts file and enter them in Agenda (in German only, url updated 2005). Formerly

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