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Agenda Extensions
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Agenda Extensions

When you need just a little more power in Agenda, consider these extensions. Note that different Psion models seem to have different facilities in their Agenda PIM. For hints and tips on using Agenda see my Agenda hints page.

Agenda Plus
Agenda+ adds month at a view to Psion 5. Print options, import and export text files, to-do lists, as shareware for US$20. http://www.binaryfish.com/
Agenda Dump
Mike Jipping. Kabestin Software. Free utility to assist in printing Agenda entries with extra formatting. Produces an ASCII file by filters and templates. Select which Agenda file, which output file, the range of dates, and a choice of entry types, entry symbols, and text keywords. Test report: Got confused by ToDo entries, crashed on 5mx. Not recommended tested: www.kabestin.com/agndump.html
Agenda Companion
Diary information from a variety of UK sources for Agenda. On-Board Info Ltd. No longer provided for Psion, and www.onboardinfo.com now direct you to www.infuzer.com for various Windows PIMs.
A freeware tool for printing Agenda files, has more sophisticated printing facilities than Agenda. When moved to S7 said Agenda2.opx was incompatible version and died. www.frankfiedler.de/psion/index_en.htm
BusyView (ER3)
Lieuwe de Vries. Shareware. Agenda extension updated again! Month and calendar view for ER3. $25 1. Select entries on text or entry symbol. 2. Alarms can now be set again. 3. List view jumps to selected day. 4. Switching views can now be done by keyboard shortcut 5. Todo items conform to 'Display in other views' setting from Agenda. Seems to work with ER5, however that has a similar (albeit not a flexible) month view. Do not let both handle alarms. Zoom works. Test Report: Seems fairly functional, however ER5 has much similar. OK tested: Formerly http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/platodva/psion.htm
JotPad version 1.2 by Pocket IQ and Colin Shearing has been released. 1. Make a quick entry into Agenda without having to Open Agenda, find the correct menu item etc. before you can start. 2. Be able to show automatically any Agenda items due (or overdue) either when you first switch on your Psion each day or every time the Psion is switched on. 3. Be able to have customised views of Agenda. 4. Be able to have all your jotter entries in Agenda where they are always available rather than in all sorts of different applications where you cannot always find them quickly. www.PocketIQ.com
Month calendar view in Agenda (ER3) Ver 2.1 (ER5) ver 3 updated. Zoom levels give a 2-week or single-week view. Busy views are available for all zoom level settings. A day view for individual days gives all the items on a day. Shareware $17, Mike Jipping. Includes a day view, and a calendar print for the month. www.kabestin.com/.
ToDo manager
ToDoManager (ER3) Ver 2 ToDoMgr (ER5) Ver 3 TodoMgr is an application for EPOC32 machines (e.g., Psion Series 5mx or netBook) that augments the Psion Agenda application. TodoMgr displays todo list items from Agenda in a two-display format: one display holds the list of lists and the other holds the list items. The list of lists allows the user to organize todo lists hierarchically into lists and sublists (and subsublists....). The result is better organization and quicker, cleaner list manipulation. tm30.sis Shareware $17, Mike Jipping. www.kabestin.com/
Freeware to write Agenda Todo entries to a file. www.golder.de/psion/Tools/main.html

PIMs, Task managers

Calendar that shows a month calendar with up to 80 notes. Source also available. HispaniaS5mx.iespana.es/english.html
DCP, the multi-environment manager by Eric Sebban. Desktop Manager, File Manager, Enhanced Task Manager, Reminder Manager (alarm manager), New Today view (show all appointments and tasks for a day). Shortcuts to files, applications and URLs, sticky notes, links, etc. Shareware. www.pocketiq.com
Ian Leake, freeware. Integrated contacts, task and expense manager. URL unknown, try PsionPlace for download.
Facilities Manager
Gary Bainbridge, shareware, #15, US$25 Manage convention or facilities. Week view, day view, multiple lines with labels, attached memos, costing help. Good context sensitive help. Looks worth checking. Test report: I'm going to test this on the next convention I run. It is pretty specialised, but may just be the correct tool. OK tested: www.cix.co.uk/~bainb/facsman.htm
Contact manager, seperate cards for personal and company, personal linked to company. URL unknown, but Russian site has links (try Google).
Free PIM by John Whiting. Tasks can be sorted and filtered into user defined views. Tasks can be cascaded like outlines. Use as a document library, time manager with alarms, define sorting sequences. Start, due, completed and entry dates. Import and export to Agenda. Link to external applications. Define view layouts. Lexden say password is "jJttvfhWhWsvTka<" Formerly at http://www.lexden.co.uk/software.html
Ben Thornton. Shareware. Has pop up context sensitive help, but in the smallest font (I couldn't read it). View of tasks, schedules and roles. Month view and time slots. Looks like a task scheduler and planner, with due dates. Not tested, as I didn't think I had sufficient tasks. I've seen a review that says it does a lot more, especially in terms of life planning. There is also a version for the Emulator. www.wulisoft.htm.com/
Expensive commercial tools from Widget. Shell for three applications. Brainstormer does hierarchical lists for grabbing key issues in a tree structure with clear outlines. CreativeMind maps ideas and relationships to graphics. ActionPlanner is a project manager, but Plan5 is more powerful. (I find these Javascript only sites unusable.) www.widget.com
Dave Eggleston, v0.99. #10. Unregistered version limited to 2500 nodes and 250 children per node. Nodemap is an hierarchical note taking tool. Each note has a parent node, and any number of children. Use to map out ideas, create lists, organise note, or plan a program structure. Notes can also be contexts, links or searches. Link to and launch most standard EPOC files. Node icons change with age. Bookmark nodes. Print. Export as text. Looks pretty interesting, although I haven't used it as yet. www.mirrorkill.f9.co.uk/nodemap/
NEUON's nOrganiser is the new "Today" style application with a combined view for Agenda To-do items, Email inbox overview and Agenda's current appointments all easily accessible with full EPOC integration. * A 'today-at-a-glance' view for agenda file items.
* Email summary details and shortcut buttons. (Currently ER1-ER3 only, an updated version featuring ER4-5 email view will be available in due course)
* Data file 'search' and 'card summary' facilities.
* Shortcut keys to built-in Agenda, Email, Data, Contacts and Jotter files.
nOrganiser is shareware and is (c) 1999-2000 Dave Pearce and NEUON. www.neuon.com/
Jot down and organise later with outliner, alarms, priorities, links to other applications. Project management. Add-ons include AgendaSync for copying Notepad entries to and from Agenda, Change Due Data globally, Convert Series 3, Move, NP2Agn to copy items due today to Agenda, Utilities for manipulating Notepad. Mark Esposito of Pelican Software (who no longer make Epoc software). www.pelicansoft.com
Andy Clarkson's Plan project manager, now sold by Twiddlebit. I had a play with version 5.8, and it seemed a very comprehensive project planner, with Pert and Gantt charts, dependencies and lots of facilities. I don't appear to have any projects on hand that are complicated enough to need it at present. Shareware, about US$25. Test Report: Comprehensive. OK Tested: www.twiddlebit.com
Project manager with Pert and Gantt charts. www.lichtbild-publishing.de
Eric Sebban's update of Quick P. Project management, appointments, to-do, contacts, costs, tasks, etc. Access Contacts and Agenda. Colour icons for Series 7. There's an upgrade option for Eur6,00. corisoft.free.fr
Shareware by Richard Balch. v 3.71. Create and modify todo lists (not in Agenda) with the minimum of effort. Completed items can be ticked and dates or priorities can be modified without needing to open a dialog. Sort by date, priority, tag or entry. Show old lists, today only, or all lists. Tasks can be easily grouped together using text based tags. The list can be filtered using on screen drop down selectors to show only certain tagged items. Notes can be added to each item. Use as a shopping list, manage small projects, etc. Test Report: My own impression is that you can get most of the same functionality by careful use of the Agenda ToDo (and some imagination in organising your setup), however Quiklist would be faster for many tasks. Maybe if you are doing a lot of stuff with ToDo? Needs files from C: to work if you move the CF. OK tested: www.neuon.com
Denise Pope. Shareware. Reminds you of events, optionally with alarms, and optionally with backlight automatically on. Background graphics. About US$20. Test Report: I'm not sure why you would bother with this when you have Agenda. Works as advised. OK tested: Web site uses unreadable scripting. Formerly http://www.dspope.net www.pocketiq.com
Shareware, Hamish Buchanan 28 day evaluation, nag screen. ToDo, shopping list, similar. www.hamishbuchanan.com/psion/ www.rmrsoft.com/
Shareware, 28 day evaluation, nag screen, US$20. Said to have rather nice print facilities for monthly calendars. VWin.opo file missing, says please reinstall. Not tested. v0.93 www.rmrsoft.com/
Shareware, 28 day evaluation, nag screen, US$20. Extended Task (ToDo) manager. www.rmrsoft.com/
Shareware, 28 day evaluation, nag screen, TV reminder. www.rmrsoft.com/
Philip Bister. Freeware. Organise your to-do items and general notes for home or work. Features include automatic cleanup, monthly calendar and clock display plus extended description memos. www.philipbister.ukonline.co.uk
Freeware by Arnoud van der Giessen. Record and track tasks, use a hierarchy of related tasks. Include memos in tasks. In English or Dutch. Formerly http://home-1.tiscali.nl/~agiessen/
Tickle by Robert Longbottom is a list and reminder program, allowing multiple ticks alongside a line. robertcl.tripod.com
Shareware note and priority list with set dates (by Daniel?) I can't find any content whatsoever on this URL www.planetepoc.com/daniel/

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