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General Psion and Epoc websites.

This site list started out mostly for my own use, to note what software was out there, and grew over the years. I reorganise it somewhat less badly from time to time, but it always needs to be cleaned up, and the links all checked.

Sites to check first
Company and other Sites
Individual applications and shareware
Psion Unfriendly Sites
Bad Link Sites

Sites to check first

These sites are either official Psion sites, active enthusiasts news sites, have lots on material or they have good links with other information.

3-Lib Shareware library
This is a great Psion shareware site by Steve Lichtfield, which probably contains the vast majority of all shareware, and has good resources for finding it. or
Cable Repairs
Psionflexi have repair parts for damaged Psion screen cables. Thought you might be interested that I am supplying series 5mx and soon series 5 screen flexi cables. Paul Wright. This site has great descriptions of what you need to do, precautions to take. and so on.

Cable repairs in Australia. Contact: Aaron Taylor at John Mutch Electronics Pty Ltd, 758 Hawthorn Road, Brighton East, Victoria 3187 Australia. email: service at Web:

Epoc World
The Symbian and Psion web site for software developers. You can download free emulator, and OPL, Java and C++ SDK after registering. Includes considerable conference material on the new reference designs. The Epoc C++ sdk was at but both now fail.
Epoc Zone
Started in July 1999, this has links, software, search engines, feedback and polls, a "webwatch" (which I think is stalled), and you can get email about new software. Good software news. I didn't like their Tips area, as you had to go to an individual page for each tip, and that was real slow. Better to use Gareth Brandwood's site for the tips. In Sept 2001 the site was timing out and downloading very slow, but was up to date. The database of downloadable software pointers is well organised. Was
This started as a site for the defunct Geofox palmtop running Epoc32. It has a lot of good material for all Psion compatible users and excellent reviews and material on many different pocket computers. Was
Freeware for EPOC, from a number of authors. A very handy site. 100% dedicated to FREE software for the Psion and compatible. I've been really impressed by the quality of the software some authors have released for free. Support this site.
Links to Psion
Neat set of links, although unfortunately some are now broken. Formerly
Memory Upgrades
D and G Upgrades, 35 Hillingdon Rd, Garston, Watford, Hertfordshire, England WD25 0JQ can almost double the internal memory of Revo and Revo+, and 5mx. They can also tweak Revo battery settings. Ex-Psion staff, very experienced. David Tupman, ex Psion Hardware Design Manager, designer of 5mx and Revo Plus, and their main asic. The other member was his chief technical engineer at Psion. Prices are around 75 quid plus VAT. Website and reviews formerly at
Palmtop Magazine
Steve Clack's magazine is very much the journal for Psion Epoc computers. Started in January 1995 with 48 pages about the Psion 3 and 3a. Most recent issues ran around 140 full colour glossy pages of good background material on Epoc 5 systems. Feb 2002 issue 36 is somewhat smaller. Essential reading. Last issue was 37. In August 2002, it moved to a combined Psion, Palm and PocketPC magazine. PO Box 188, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX6 0GP UK Palmtop had a list on their web site of the authors of pretty much all the software they review, and links to the web page of the author.
PDA Portal
Have a bunch of material, including how to take apart a Revo and other models, sell 5 screen cables, etc. Lots of good stuff, but all those photos can make for slow downloads. Formerly at
Pocket Info
Pocketinfo provides a wide variety of data files, spreadsheets and other information for the Psion (and sometimes for desktop systems). Good stuff, and a very worthwhile site for data files and ebooks. Moved to Steve Litchfield's site in March 2001, with improvements and new files.
Psion Computer Magazine
Will Green has started a new Psion only print magazine, covering mainly Epoc, but with some of the older Psion as well. Was
Psion Digest - Epoc Digest
The unofficial Psion digest, sent daily as email. Helpful Psion users answer your questions. Very handy, good signal to noise ratio. 986 issues by May 2002, when the version provided by James at Pinkworks folded. Itamar Engelsman and a team of others kindly took over:
As the digest was very popular with the readers and fulfilled a role in explaining various matters concerning the Epoc platform to it's readers, I decided in the 2nd half of May it would be a pitty if the digest would disappear from the Epoc scene. That's why I started the "unofficial Epoc Digest" from which so far 14 digests have appeared (June 2002) (70 by Sept 2002). An interesting point is that this digest is run totally from a 5MX, with a variety of macro's and small programs being written (not by me) to make life easier. It appears that we will continue to run this digest in this way.
There was also a small website at from where it is possible to subscribe to the digest and with an archive of the earlier digests. Now at
Psion Exchange
Second hand recycled Psion and associated stuff, including software.
Psion FAQ
The old Frequently Asked Questions with much handy information formerly at but are now sadly dated. I haven't seen maintainer Daniel Pfund posting in ages, and don't think the FAQ has been updated since 1999 or so.
Psion Inc
The USA branch office of Psion were at There was a Psion Teklogix Classic forum at some time.
Psion Place
Information site, with many short news articles, and message boards. Very up to date. They also do sites for many other PDA computers. Now general mobile
Psion Tracker
Very nice site that attempts to keep a database of all Psion software. Lists recent releases, or can generate a list of all of it by release date or by name. May be slow to respond to link checking. Was at
Mobile Psion
Opened by Psion in June 1999 for Message Suite users, showing how to use it with mobile phones and modems. Long dead.
The organisation promoting the Epoc operating system and applications developed by Psion as the basis for mobile communications. Includes Psion, and mobile phone companies Nokia, Ericsson, etc. Long dead

Company and other Sites

Companies selling Psion or Epoc computers, auxiliary equipment for them, or a range of software from multiple authors.
Software distributor and producer. Had disk utilities. Now positioned as a wireless solutions provider.
Cheap Psions
Try or Usually cheaper in the USA, but much harder to find. No luck in Australia since went out of business. Auction availability may change now Psion have announced no updates.
Clove Technology
Was UK Psion and Palm OS dealer in Bournemouth. They have docking stations, Siemens Pocket Reader, Gerbil infra red serial adaptor, cases, car stands, software and accessories. Now general mobile
Manchester based mobile computing sales. Does a good job with overseas orders, and was cheaper than most for EPOC gear. Now business only
Exportech in Bournemouth U.K., sold Psion and Palm OS and accessories, GPS units, Covertec cases, Pegasus pocket modems.
Finger Technology
Sell Palm, Psions, technical support, software, modems. Herts U.K.
Googol have had some good Psion and Epoc material. Their regular Psion search site was
Neuon distribute and produce a lot of Psion shareware, with an emphasis on programmer's tools. Started in 1998 by a group of enthusiasts. Directors are Gary Belcher, Richard Betts, Ben Vaisvil and Henry Hirst. They have a nice, easy to load web site that asks you to use cookies, but doesn't insist, and will also refrain from using Java and scripting languages. The web site will also provide a Psion friendly version of all the material. nSisUtil helps create SIS files on Epoc. nMPD multipage dialog OPX. Q-Calc programmer's graphic calculator. nFTP for file transfers. TileFall sounds like Tetris. nSketch for Revo. PacMan clone. nEdit OPM edit window for OPL developers. Other stuff available, nOPL, HotKeys, Merlin, ThesLink, Patience, Asteroids source code. nConvert, Doodler, Marker, Nightkeys, NoMore, Quiklist, Recycle, SoundOff, nArchive, nOrganiser, Asteroids and other games, nICQ, etc.
New World Technologies
Interesting U.S.A. dealer, that formerly very good web site - sells internationally. Had a library of Psion software for download. I've bought Psions from them several times in the past at good prices, and have been pretty happy with their service. I haven't had to ask them any questions, but as far as I can tell from their web site, they know what they are doing. Now mostly Palm and PocketPC site. Site now attempts to set illegal cookies, so I no longer link to it.
Palmtop Software (TomTom)
Formerly Palmtop BV. Lots of software, including Route Planner, Streets, Money, Expense Manager, Encore (Doom), Palmtris (Tetris) at
Psion carry cases in ABS plastic, also batteries, CF, travel modem, anodised alminium pointers. Coventry. U.K. Javascript wanted for shopping. Genral cases now Now named Proporta since 2002.
Pda News
Australian handheld site just opened June 2000 in Brisbane. Looks like an interesting attempt at a lively site, and they got some Psions to review. Up to date in Sept 2001 when I last visited. Formerly at
Pocket IQ
Formerly Palmscape. They have a whole bunch of freeware and shareware. David Sissman has six freeware releases, Bunny card trick, system utilities Compactor, Contrast, Link and Defragment, plus Hints (and tips). Others from David are WorldTime (several clocks) and RealTime, Battery, Utilities. Eric Sebban has QuickP and Business5. David Steer's PsiCards, lots of card games. DCP multi-environment system manager for agenda and file manager. Colin Shearing's ReDate freeware, plus his HTML Designer. Pytheria has Art Collection, Book Collection and Music Collection. Coffee golf game. PsiBlocks. ETools, MiniCalc, Narcissus.
Pod Limited
Pod made a Psion 5 docking station with power and communications cable, a car stand that attaches to the air vents, a car power supply PSU, and a compact null modem adaptor.
Pinnock is an independent UK Psion service centre, usually highly praised by users. Repairs, technical support, training and sales. Colour Psion replacement case shells. They repair all 3 and 5 models, but maybe not Revo (they don't have spare parts for them yet). Pinnock Organiser Services Ltd., 143 Streatham High Road London SW16 6EG Tel: 020 8677 9246 Phone 0181 677 9246
Started with protective cases for Psion, now various PDAs. Also software such as Tome Raider, Movie Raider, Mono Pondo adult game
Purple Software
Julian Swallow, Managing Director, and John Holloway, Technical Director The Registration Network
400 Psion applications available, searchable database, on-line ordering
RMR Software
Distributors of Psion shareware since 1994, and long time Psion developers themselves. Nice range of handy products. Bedford U.K. They post on the newsgroups every now and then. I haven't dealt with them myself yet, but on the basis of what I've seen and heard, would have no hesitation in doing so.
Total Data Capture
Run by the knowledgeable Duncan Schultz, a long time Psion enthusiast. Now has Palm and PocketPC. Software to download. The site is full of graphics and is therefore slow to download. Formerly
Widget Software
Another Psion specialist with software and accessories. Herts U.K. Dealers also in Canada and Australia. I visited the Australian agency a couple of time, but it has since moved. Seem to know what they are doing. Site wants Javascript. Have a paper newsletter. Widget Australia closed their doors on 30 June 2003

Individuals and smaller companies

Lists some individuals and small software concerns where I haven't figured out where to list them. As far as possible I list actual programs under appropriate topic pages. Most unclassified Epoc programs are listed on my miscellaneous software page.

Australian Psion User Group
Run by the knowledgeable Duncan Schultz, who also runs a thriving Palmtop supply company. Total Data Capture are at 50 Kawanna Street, Mudjimba Beach, Qld 4564 Australia
Bug Lists
A nice site with lots of Psion 7 material, including bug lists.
A Psion specific chat room. Be warned however it requires a Java capable browser.
Dreampoint Design
Jezar's design consultancy. I gather one of the original Psion 5 and Symbian Quartz designers. Gone on holidays for the summer 2001.
Psion FAQ Site
Dr Ian Silvester has a very nice set of unofficial FAQ items at his site. Formerly
The Gadgeteer
A really neat site for gadgets, which has a lot about palmtops and PDAs, and a whole heap of reviews of all sorts of gadgets.
Keyboard External
External keyboard for the Revo, review with photos formerly at
Mike McConnell
Very helpful site with lots of material about Psion 3 and 5. Good material about connecting to mobile phones, with details of several different setups for UK ISPs.
Gareth Morgan, opinions on Psion, and some information.
Eirik Newth
Excellent Psion 7 site, with a number of interesting points, like a list of low bandwidth news sites at /psinews.html
Seems to be entirely devoted to making new Psion 7 and netBook programs. Nice clean site, with screen dump of each product, and a download link. Pyramid (solitaire), Draw Poker, Blackjack. Handright (character recognition) is in beta, and Klip (a multi item clipboard) is coming, also Dope Wars, from the John Dell DOS classic.
Palmtop Magazine
An excellent and very professional monthly magazine for Psion 5 and Revo owners by Steve Clack. Subscribers get a CD that contains a wealth of Psion shareware. Check their web site also
Palmtop Software
Sell GPS compatible Street Planner Millennium, versions for Great Britain and Continental Europe. Now redirects to Tom Tom
Pen Computing
This US magazine on pen based computers often has a page or two on Psion each issue. Mostly somewhat dated opinion pieces, but you can read about ten of them online and form your own opinion.
Praxis Communications
Alan Thwaits, a freelance journalist into cycling and Psion, and combining the two while touring. He had descriptions of a tour, and replacing his paper based note taking with a Psion 3c in 1997. Formerly at
Psion 7 FAQ
A nice site with lots of Psion 7 material, including bug lists
Psion Club
Craig Pugsley edits, Hugo Su does web, not much content so far.
Andy Nott's well organised Psion site, updated regularly.
Various Psion software available, but you had to go through too many pages to reach it.
RMR Software Limited
Programs for all Psion (and Geofox) models, newsletters, bug lists, all at Alan Richey's excellent site Concentrates on his own shareware programs. S5Bank, a personal accounts suite, S5Task, extended To-do manager, S5Notes, a note taker and jotter utility, S5Zip, compression and archive utility, Contact manager, S5Event, demonstrates OPL32 program, S5Home inventory, S5Fuel consumption monitor, Ron Queloz's Vactrac5, vacation tracking program. RMRSol, a solitaire patience card game, S5Utils, a utility program with currency conversion (Phil Spencer's JWIN), RMRZip compression utility (Serge Shestopalov's PsiZip), RMRNews Internet news reader, Andy Harsent's RMRArt. RMREvent demo updated in 2001, and RMRRCG - resource code generator for internationalisation also updated. Good helpful stuff for OPL programmers.
Revo users
Siemens Pocket Reader
This pen type hand OCR was described at and reader software was formerly at An updated and improved Reader v 1.42 by Mark Fleeming Formerly at
General Psion 5 information site by Pete Ruczynski of Soft Base Computing, but it says last updated in May 1998. Has some interesting articles on it regardless of date.
Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer has a web site explaining how to use MBM files, how to create Series 5 icons, convert 3x icons, how to use bmconv.exe. It lists his top 15 programs. Also lists his own programs like JWIN, SysBack and others for the Psion 3 range. Check
Neil Thompson
Site with otherwise scarce hints, tips and essays on using your Psion.
Tips like "record direct to cf". Lots of other S5 tips.
Total S5
Formerly at
Twiddlebit Software
Andy Clarkson's Plan (for Psion 3) and Plan5 (for Psion 5) project manager, enter tasks, dependencies, resources, get Gantt and Pert charts. Also OPL+ development environment for OPL via Neuon. Andy also has a GPrinter OPX and an AppInfo OPX available. An easy to read site.
UGeek - PDA
A good solid commercial PDA site with some Psion material. >
UK Pocket Directory
Data file of British companies, contacts leisure place, by Steve Litchfield.
Warez - Epocz Worldz
Looking for crack codes and registration codes for Psion shareware and commercial programs? This site has all the traditional warez features, strange spelling and layout, crazy fonts. Started 1 April 2000. Formerly at
Web rings can be found via
Widget Software
Software and hardware outlet, with outlets in several countries. I've been happy with Widget Australia.
Has web based clubs for various models.


Programs that were promoted somewhere, but never appeared. My take is that larger companies are more likely to pre-announce, and then fail to follow through.

Act! Contact manager.
Series 5 version to be released in Spring 98, according to Psion catalog. Vapourware.
AOL mail client for Epoc. Vapourware.
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia and Intuwave will integrate Flash technology into the Symbian EPOC platform. Intuwave has been demonstrating a working prototype at CeBit in Hannover, Germany. Vapourware.
Pocket Quicken
Advertised in the Psion Software and Accessories Catalog for early 1998 release. Vapourware.

Psion 5 Unfriendly Sites

These sites are coded in such a way that they don't work with Psion 5 Web. They contain Javascript, redirects that don't, frames that freeze, are not written in valid HTML, force cookies, force large display resolutions, etc., or are so slow to use that I can't use them. You should note that Psion themselves fail to make Psion PDA friendly sites, which I think is exceedingly shortsighted. I refuse to link to such sites.

Epoc Software
This takes you to a Tucows site, however all the pages I found were redirects, none of which worked either automatically or manually, so I have no idea what it is intended to contain. Software listed on the first page was all for Palm and PocketPC, not Psion.
I heard that in 2000 a new site is attempting to cover the same material as PocketInfo. Unfortunately PocketGrabber is a usability disaster for a Psion user. It isn't in HTML (has a custom DTD), and uses graphics maps for navigation. I think there were a few other problems with it also.
Online shopping for Psion software via downloads. Seems to be a joint venture of Purple Software and Symbian. I was dazzled by how flashy it all was, but haven't actually tried to do anything much. This is because I found internal links that lead nowhere, third party product links with redirects that didn't work, pages that don't validate as HTML, and far too many graphics for a fast download (closed in June 2001)
Level 1 Marketing
A complete range of Psion accessories and software, says the very attractive little half A4 trifold brochure I have. However their web site has lots of Javascript on the cover page, which then lets you into another page consisting entirely of links to their main sales areas, which in some cases consisted of links to individual products. Like the brochure, the site is very attractively presented, but what I was really after was a quick and dirty list of prices for comparison shopping.
Psion Computers
The designers of Psion computers, 1 Red Place, London U.K. Phone 0870 1010 500. A good place to start looking for information about the various models. I'd like the site a whole lot better if all of it (including the Psion 7 and NetBook sections) were open to browsers that do not use cookies (like Web on the Psion 5).
Psion 5 Software Service Release
A free 370 k download that makes various patches to a Psion 5 (not mx)
Psion Connect
Said to have lots of solutions for connecting Psion to modems and stuff. Unfortunately, the site uses Javascript (not available on Psion Web), and includes hotkeys that use the Alt key (no such key on a Psion).
Psion King
Formerly a dedicated Psion 5 site with shareware software, and their database of handy files, by Stefan Smith. now redirects to
Psion Knowledge Base
Attempt to find the answers to many service questions. Does not work at all with Psion 5, due to Javascript front end (not available on Psion). One search completed (without finding any results) with Opera 3.62, however no subsequent search would execute. I've given up on it.
Stuff for Psion users, specialising in Revo. Written in Front Page, has scripting errors, and HTML errors. Design forces a 800x600 display that isn't readable on a Revo. I have to rate it as Psion unfriendly.
Web Portal
Referenced in newsgroup as suitable for Revo and providing pop3 accounts, news downloads. Bombs with a Java.lang.nulPointerException

Bad Links

Good all round Psion news site new in June 2000. Includes some well selected downloads, and a new software store. Funky site design but loaded at a good rate. Has some nice software described. My test in Sept 2001 took three attempts before actually completing a download of the front page. URL not available in May 2002.
A really nice site concentrating on all manner of free software for Windows. Unfortunately the link to free Psion software no longer works.
Planet Epoc
Had links, reviews, news, mostly Psion 5. The site uses a redirect to index.asp that does not work on my Opera browser, and does not provide a manual redirection to the real site. Has been saying coming soon for years. I think it is probably dead.
Planet Psion
Opened by Psion in June 1999 as a basic monochrome Psion site specifically designed for access with the Psion. News updates. attempts a redirect to lineone, however the script fails. Timed out
Psion Life
Newsletter about Psion gadgets. I checked the 2nd and 5th issue, and it had articles about Psion Connect and ChargeLink, Wavefinder digital radio, Psion Internet, IBM 1 GB CF disk drives, and a WAP portal. I think it is dead in 2001.
Psion User Group
Sanctioned by Psion. Seems to have been -bought-? by an unknown party in December 2000. Web site at has disappeared. May become a more general group.
Psion Web Ring
Dead link with redirect to PlanetEpoc, which also seems dead.
Series 5mx
Opened by Psion in June 1999 to show new or potential Series 5mx users how the Psion 5mx can be used. Includes FAQs and links. does not connect.
Psion Web Searches
A Psion web search engine devoted to Psion material. Site was there on a new server as at August 2001, but my search timed out.
CEBIT show concept machines
A bunch of Symbian concept machines were shown at CEBIT 2000. This site has lots of photos of the slides and artists impressions. I think I'll keep this link to show what might have been.

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