Ericsson MC218

A Psion Epoc 5mx compatible organiser from Ericsson.

Almost identical to the Psion 5mx, with additional phone software.

Twice the memory and twice the speed of the original Psion 5. Case is more gray, and no longer peels. There are also a number of Epoc software changes, as it moves to Epoc Release 5.


32 bit 36MHz ARM 7100 CPU
Touch sensitive 640 x 240 slightly improved backlit display with 16 grey scale. 133mmx50mm (5.25"x2.0") 100 characters by 26 lines maximum. Multi level zoom of character size.
Weight, Size, Power
360 grams, or 13 ounces. 170mmx90mmx23mm (6.7"x3.5"x0.9"). Up to 35 hour battery life from two AA alkaline cells, although if you use the backlight about 10 hours is more likely. 3V CR2032 lithium backup. Optional 6V external power supply.
Larger ROM (variously reported as 12 MB and 18 MB), and 16 MB ram. Compact Flash slot.
Vertical expanding keyboard, application buttons, 5 command buttons. Unfolds from case, large vertical travel (for a palmtop).
Includes external buttons for record, stop/play, rewind, silence alarm sounds. Can be used while computer is closed.
115kbps RS232 serial port (Honda connector). 115kbps IrDA infrared port direct to printer, and to other computers after software updates.


Word Processor
Multiple fonts, bold, italics, bullets, borders, etc. Paragraph styles. Embed sketches, spreadsheets, sounds. Spelling checker. Zoom display. WYSIWYG. Password protect files. Outliner added to 5mx.
Text formatting similar to word processor, auto-sum, 100 functions, zoom, seven chart types including 3D. Up to 16 row by 17 columns visible. Sorting function added to 5mx.
Unlike Windows CE 1, you get printing support for a selection of printers, via cable or IrDA infrared, or via Windows using True Type fonts. Print preview multiple pages at a time. Printing not as satisfactory as in 5.
Drawing tools, using stylus provided with Psion. Clipart library, zoom, resize. This is a paint (pixel oriented) drawing package, not a vector oriented package.
Calendar (called Agenda on the Psion)
Time management, with day, week, month and year views and alarms. Attach notes, sketches, sound. To-do items. Very powerful. Busy view of month added.
Card view of records, list view of multiple records, embed sketches, sound or objects, sort.
Record voice and sounds, even with case closed. Store 2 minutes per megabyte with compression, up to 4 minutes with ADPCM.
Four function with "tape". Scientific, multi function, with ten memories. Use touch screen if desired. Under Extras Bar. Psion has this on the silk screen bar.
Select sounds or recordings for alarms, local times in 700 locations, add your own. Flexible multiple alarms. Daylight saving.
PC Docking
Serial cable with Honda connector. Windows 95/NT PsiWin2 conversion program included, Psion appears as an icon in Windows.
Programming language
OPL built in.
VT100 and TTY terminal emulation, ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem protocols. Free Message Suite software provides fax, limited web browser, email.
Jotter (added to 5mx)
Quick data derived jotter application for ad hoc notes. Under Extras Bar. Psion has this on the silk screen bar.
Contacts (added to 5mx)
vCard compatible contacts list, works with email.
Message (called Email on Psion);
Version 2. Mime and uuencode, SMS and fax, works with Contacts application.
Internet in Rom (called Web on Psion 5mx, and supplied on CD)
Web browser, now handles frames, and can have Java 1.1.4 support.
My Phone
Not on the Psion, a bit like PhoneMan phone list, but reported to be unstable. Edit ring tones, phone settings and memories.
Produce and send electronic Postcards in HTML using Message, and include jpg pictures. Psion has not included it on the 5mx. On Extras Bar. Will accept jpg photos direct from cameras that have IrTran-P v1.0 cameras (JVC GC-51, Sharp VE-LC25, Casio QV 7000SX).
Mobile Internet
WAP Browser, needs to be upgraded before it works decently, but it is free, Psion charges you for its downloadable WAP browser. For some users, WAP may be useful and they do not to pay extra for it with the Ericsson. On Extras Bar.
Ericsson Mobile Internet Installation Wizard
For setting up a WAP connection, obviously not standard on the Psion. On Extras Bar.

The silk screen setup of the Psion seems more useful for general computing, office and note-taking tasks. Ericsson's choice is a lot of phone comms software on the silk screen bar.

The Psion comes with a much better manual than the Ericsson but without any protective case. The Ericsson has a nylon semi-rigid case with room for a few business cards, the modem and a pen. The Ericsson has the manual as a PDF file on the Epoc Connect CD under the Manual folder as MC218um-uk-rla.pdf

The Ericsson has the Ericsson IR modem adaptor so you can use it with some more basic model Ericsson mobile phones.

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