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Database applications and manipulating data.

I haven't had database needs that could not be handled by the Psion Data application, so I regret these remain untested. Reports of their uses under field conditions are most welcome.

See my Psion Data application page for more on the inbuilt data application. See my Psion Contacts page for more on the Psion Contacts address book, and various programs that extend Contacts to multiple files, or convert Contacts files to Data and other formats.

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Data to Contact

Several programs assist in moving Data files into the Contacts address book.

Convert Data by Cornelius Mawby, converts Data to Contacts. Formerly at
Data Contact
DataContact converts Data files into Contact files, by importing the address info into Contacts. Written by Pascal Nicholas. Formerly
Richard Balch. Ports Data files to Contacts. URL changed.

Database Applications

Database programs either more powerful or more specialised than the built in flatfile Data application.

Pytheria has commercial specialist database programs, Art Collection, Book Collection and Music Collection. Formerly Palmscape.
Kevin Millican PsiDat
Freeware. This is creates OPL DBMS data files and databases. Has SQL query. Browsing and editing of OPL DBMS data files and creates EPOC databases with and without indexes. The program also features good importing and exporting options for industry standard databases, as well as delimited text files.
Business database, relational links with other files. Psion User Group (this group was taken over in early 2001, and site is down).
Oracle 8i Lite
Available from Oracle's site although whether or not it'll run on a 5mx is another matter.
PointBase, Inc., the new company created in 1999 by Oracle co-founder Bruce Scott, has launched its PointBase database system. Built entirely in Java, the database is designed for mobile and embedded applications. Despite a memory footprint as small as 270 Kb, it has a wide range of features, including intelligent maintenance and optimisation. The company envisages it being used in mobile computers, servers and other internet appliances.
Called the first relational database for Psion, from Purple Software. It is not a true relational database and it does not have a command line interface. But it can be queried in an SQL fashion, it has a simple relational set-up and its reporting features are excellent. Better than Access for the simpler studies and investigations. Obviously, when automation is needed then the tables can be converted (via CSV) to Access.
Eric Sebban Small Base Manage your own databases. Long Memo field Type (more than 255 chars). Card View (removable). Find feature allowing wildchars (? and *). Filters and Colors on Text type field allow wildchars (? and *) in the keyword. Next step : link between tables ! Also provides Windows emulator version. or

Find Utilities

Tony Crocker. Shareware. $18. v3.6 Tracks which items are in which of your Data files. Records a list of items, lets you attach a database name to each. Import options, hot key while open. Designed for Psion 5 display. tsteven at Formerly
Global Find
Called Find. Finds files on your Psion using different tests. Freeware by R Panton. Version 1.1 dated 30 October 1997, 16k. Searches for wildcard filenames, searches under a folder, search all or any disks, including rom, look for a string within files, search by file type. Richard Panton has a number of free utilities on his web site. They include a fine vt100 terminal emulator called Hermes. VWin, a Virtual Windows manager for OPL programs, inplementing scrollbars, windows, buttons. Partially completed disassembler, and a description of the clipboard format.
Global search utility searches for files and file contents. Knows about file names, type, size, attribute, date and content. AND and OR operators, multiple phrases. Sort results. Double tap for access. Not sure if it allows options like all occurences (not just first), whole word only. SmartFind 2 is shareware US$15. Paragon Software. Andrew Scherbakov.

Other Applications

DataFile Manager
Information Technologies. Compare two data files and do a smart merge to remove duplicates. Leaves original files intact. Also irChat, chat program for Psion, Palm, PocketPC. Also AddressBeam.
Freeware to keep track of which data was in which database. T Stevens.
Internet Movie Database
Tom Sheppard's download area for area for Palm will also work for Epoc. Formerly
Jotter Data File
Freeware example of how to use a pre-formatted data file as a Jotter. Very similar to R5 Jotter. Formerly on but you can find a similar version on my Data page.
Label Maker
Prints labels from an address database, with some conversion routines. Comes with OPL source code. Allows grouping of names. Location and details unknown (and I'd really like to find this one).
Rik Sagar. Website that can display and search Psion Data files put there by users. I can now get to the data from any web browser, says Rik. Now you can do the same! Formerly
Freeware app by Ivo Woltring. Convert Sheet to SQL insert statements, for database programmers. Site includes several OPMs. Formerly
Read Palm Pilot HanDBase MobileDb database files. Freeware. Trygveh Henriksen.
Trygveh Henriksen. Database application designed to organise a collection of books. Database is based on the stories in the books, not on the books themselves. Must investigate it.

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