Psion Epoc Comm communications package

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Communications and terminal application.


Ini files

If you don't want Comms and Comms.nam in the Documents folder, just move them, and open Comms from the new folder. The current location will now be recorded as the default.

Gold Card Modem Compatibility

Cards Supported
Global 56K+Fax
Global V34+Fax
Global GSM
Classic V34+Fax
Classic 32bis
Not Supported
Netglobal 56K+10mb (but the modem works with netBook)
Netglobal (all others)
Global ISDN
Classic Ethernet

The Series 7 can't supply enough current to get a reliable 56K connections from a GoldCard, so you may as well use the slower one.

For details, try

Gold Card Modem Prices

Expansys had V56 Gold Card Modems for around E#148 with VAT in mid 2001. -> epoc -> applications -> comms

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