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Contact Managers
Other Company Accounting

Contact Managers

Business Warrior
Eric Sebban. Sales and tracking tool integrates with Agenda, Contacts and email. Multiple contacts per company, log projects discussed, manage phone calls, file manager, etc.
Shane McKey. Similar to ACT! contact manager. Medical client program called Client L, designed for Doctors to track clients, wards, beds. Originally WardFive. Formerly
Shareware contact manager somewhat like ACT!, by Tim Richardson.
Contact Manager
Shareware contact manager 5.10 by Colin Shearing, works with data file.
Shareware, 28 day evaluation, nag screen, US$35. Contact manager.
Phil Dixon. 60 day trial shareware. £25 Generate information from a client base, create reports, quotes and estimates, interface with existing contacts application, and with Agenda. Write OPL reports. Synchronise with Windows version. Customise toolbars. Recommend appointment dates. View contact history. Various updates, including one that apparently fixes whatever problem I encountered. Includes a mail merge for text material. Failure Report: I couldn't get this to open, as it fails with a Folder does not exist message (without telling me which folder it requires, so my guesses about what to do all failed). Not retested:

Other Company Accounting

Company Accounting
Company Accounting by Marc de Oliveira and Pythia Information released by Pocket IQ has been updated to version 2.9.2. The area for invoice lines has been expanded to show 7 lines and sums, the Menu has become quicker, a memory leak occuring while setting up company information has been fixed, and a new feature, "Jump to specific date" (filter elements by min/max dates) has been added. Generate invoices and other financial documents in HTML, rough cash books in chronolgical order, annual accounts of income, expenses, assets, liabilities. Graph company finances over time. £17
Customer Relation Manager
Customer Relation Manager by Marc de Oliveira and Pythia Information released by Pocket IQ.
Automatically adds days or months to a spreadsheet.
Track everything entering and leaving office in less than five seconds, with automatic date and time stamp. Estuary Technologies (look under their Task Manager section, see also their Meeting Manager). Caution. Web site provides entry page as index.jsp, which will not work on many browsers and link checkers.
Plain paper invoicing
Issue invoices and prepare quotations. Lasersoft.
Shareware job pricing, list and edit customers and items, pricing, dimensions for building materials, volumes for things like concrete pours, job quotations, profit margins, print results. Corporate PC software Ltd. (
Shareware tracks value of possessions for insurance
Small business shareware
Sales Assistant
Order and purchases processing, stock control, handheld till. Integrated order and purchase order processing, full stock control and customer care for traders. Full range of output documents and management reports. Full sales tax (VAT) handling, card handling and reporting plus built-in currency conversion. Over-the-counter sales system that works like a handheld till, with full analysis on the day sales and linked to a portable printer. Links dead. Portable Software Ltd UK
Assembles letters, memos, orders without lots of typing. Links to Data. Once referenced on's web page, but the link is now dead. Can't locate the company nor the application. Portable Software Ltd UK
Trip Manager
Travel information manager for ER5 and ER6. Track transport, accommodation, expenditure, meetings. Integrates with Agenda and Contacts. Export expenses to Excel. Estuary Technologies

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