Disassembled Psion Photos

The best miniature computers on the planet in pieces

Photos of the insides of various Psion computers, on various sites.

Handy if you attempt repairs. Remember download times might be considerable, as some files are large.

Akaev's Psion 5 Photos
Trust a Russian to pull apart a Psion and take detailed photos. Akaev's site has some neat photos to show what is inside. Formerly http://psion.by.ru
More Russian photos
Detailed instructions formerly at http://www.psion.by.ru/psioninside/s5inside/
Epoc City netBook
Changed to SymbCity. However symbcity.com is no longer available
More about opening a Psion 5 was at harti.superweb.ch/psion
Psion 5 and 7 repair photos gamma.nic.fi/~jmietti/pda/
Portal-PDA Revo photos
Lots of detailed photos of the insides of a Revo, from the tireless Ung Ruey Loon. Formerly at http://www.portal-pda.com/guides/insiderevo/insiderevo.html
Portal-PDA netBook photos
Lots of detailed photos of the insides of a netBook, from the screwdriver of Ung Ruey Loon. Formerly at http://www.portal-pda.com/guides/netbook/insidenetbook.html
Screen Repairs Series 5
Procedure for repairing the screen on a Psion 5: netti.nic.fi/~jmietti/pda/psion5rep1.htm
Disassmble a NetBook
Formerly http://www.netwinder.org/~craign/netbook/insides/

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