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Alarms, Clocks and stopwatches
Time logging

Alarms, Clocks and Stopwatches

Mark O'Neill's talking clock. Press an exterior button for time.
Four functions. Restores system and region settings after reset. Cancels alarms after a specified time. Run specified Agenda file after an Agenda alarm (to ensure alarm settings are updated). Adjust summer time settings automatically. Also comes with an Epoc Emulator version, which is really helpful to developers. robin_hood at ER3, ER5 and Wins versions.
Atomic Time
AtomicTime sets time freeware by Robin Hood. Connects to selectable SNTP time server automatically or manually and updates correct time, allows for time zone and daylight saving.
Talking Clock, Adam's software, formerly on PlanetEpoc?
Clock 5 Freeware password protected "screen saver" from Martin Guthrie. Dual clock, analog and digital, multiple world time views, speaking clock with "sweet dreams" LED mode, chimes, seconds, optional calendar, stop watches with count up and count down, backlight control. Runs on all Epoc systems. Very nice set of options. Test Report: This is a wonderful clean program that is just about perfect. Essential Tested: Try or Martin Guthrie's site was at
Freeware. Keep track of how long you have been working without looking.
Countdown Timer
Sergio Alisi. Little macro that just displays the system clock plus a small battery gauge, when invoked. The settings are fully (or quite so...) customizable. Freeware. Was at
EPOC's leading world clock has more than just a pretty face. FlWorld is a must for anyone with contacts in multiple time zones, featuring up to six city clocks, a time zone calculator and much, much more by Dave Rushall. * Current time and date in up to six cities displayed simultaneously. * Multiple display modes, including world time-zone map with day/night shading. * Graphical moon phase display. * Full city information, including sunrise and sunset, dialling codes, etc. * Time zone calculator; "What time is it in Paris when it is 13:45 in New York?" * Build multiple collections of cities through individual FlWorld documents. * All cities from standard world time application available, including user defined. * Automatic summer time (DST) checking. * Set alarms for foreign time zones, in just a few taps of the pen. * Compatible with all current EPOC devices. FreEPOC website... Formerly at
Calendar program. Puts holiday dates into Agenda. Formerly
Xilonen shareware. Combination of world clock, population counter, countdown display, etc. Create customised meters for anything. Interesting style of program. No longer supported, however I have copies of it, including source code, if anyone is interested in continuing to support it.
Shareware by Julian Rush. A timer for live events. Press the spacebar to pause the display (but not the timer) so you can record it on timesheets or some other program. Was at
Dirk C Roennau. Ver 2.1. Timer with three functions. Lap timer, addup timer, countdown timer, alarm, up to 20 lap Add times, save to ASCII, two separate time displays, sleep mode to save batteries, up to 100 hours. was once at
S5 Stopwatch
Gary Ewers. Another stop watch.
John McAleely. Freeware. Clock shows when people in various cities will be available through the whole day. Configure working hours. Looks very handy.
Sweet Dreams
Shareware utility by Steve Litchfield tells time in the middle of the night by flashing the LED when you press the Play sound button.

Time logging and others

5 Time
5Time To Do and Task Management with multiple lists, able to be extracted via CSV files, plus summaries by client, and some billing. Produces timesheets, task management, memos. Shareware from Simon Berridge was at
Telephone call timer, logger and cost calculator. Does a summary of calls. Shareware, E12 from Palmscape. Was at
Charles Reed. Freeware spreadsheet formatted to record and log phone calls. Probably not available/
Freeware by Tom Wright. Key Focus DayCount software is a useful tool for counting the number of days between any two given dates. It can also tell you how many working days you have left until any selected date. For those hard-core clock- watchers, it breaks days down even further to tell how many hours are left. English, German and French. Half screen only in S7.
Easter Freeware OPL program to calculate date for Easter and other holidays, based on RMREvent. With source code, by Jim Willsher. Martin Yirrell says he couldn't it locate on the site.
Iceforce. Shareware. Track time spent on up to 6 different tasks (out of 50). Each timer has an associated task. Save timers to a log file, with optional notes, and filters for viewing specific periods. Good help file. Audible prompts. Rate per timer. Charge accuracy. Currency to show. Hot swap between timers. Designed to handle billable hours, say for lawyer, consultant. Designed for Psion 5, 5mx. Will be half screen on 7, but works. Probably not suitable for Revo. I didn't need it so I haven't tested it. Kevin Moor of IceForce continues to support Epoc. 118kb for SIS. Was at
Time and billing, compatible with Timeslips Deluxe (PC). Pelican Software (however I believe this is no longer updated). Was
Shareware - $45.00 Record how many hours you spent working on each case along with keeping track of the different meetings that you schedule. Create a database on the application, or you can import it.
Time, expense and cost data. RainShine Ltd, UK.
Time management and billing 9 to 5 from (may no longer have Psion) Also Time5
Record time, activity, expenses and costs, billable time. Widget Software. Was
Time Keeper
Timekeeper, by Mike Jipping. Time Keeper is an application for EPOC machines that uses Network Time Protocol (NTP) to set the clock on your EPOC handheld device. It syncs up with the NTP server of your choice and adjusts the system clock accordingly. It comes preprogrammed with over 20 NTP servers to choose from, or you may program your own. tk10.sis Was
Time management and billing from Thomas Nemec. He also does a menu enhancer called Tools. Formerly
Paul Law. Time and task planner. URL not located.
Event driven checklist style rally car tracker. Was
Norbert Kainc. Freeware, V 1.1. Track billable work time for invoicing. Preset day start and end times, target times, track breaks, monthly totals, daily work times, etc. CSV export. Zooming not yet supported, and present type is too small for me to use. Based on RMREvent. Found on 3Lib.
WorldTime and RealTime
Daniel Sissman has released two time-related tools, WorldTime and RealTime. WorldTime displays the time at several places at once, while RealTime has useful information and time utilities. Includes an Easter Sunday and a days to go calculator. Was at

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