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Communications, using cellular and phones and modems, access to the internet.

ER3 devices (Psion 5 classic, and Geofox) can optionally have Message Suite installed. The final version was 1.52. This free upgrade adds a simple web browser called Web, which lacks frames and cookies. It also adds Email, which also supports sending fax messages. This update also includes some IrDA updates. Message Suite is NOT compatible with ER5 devices. If it is accidently included on an ER5 system, it will cause many problems.

ER5 devices (Psion 5mx, Revo, Series 7) include Email, version 2. Although the same name as on ER3, this application includes email, fax and SMS (cellular phone Short Message Service). The Web browser (supplied on CD usually) is more advanced than the ER3 version, and supports frames and cookies.

Most external modems can be used with these systems. Psion once had for more from Psion on mobile phones and some suitable modems and communications.

Epoc devices can also connect using GSM mobile phones. You basically need a phone that is IrDA compatible (some phones use a custom infra red system), and that also contains a data adaptor (sometimes inaccurately called a modem). In the general section of Mike McConnell's web site at there was a copy of Rolf Brunsting's GSM Data Companion. These include a detailed list of GSM phones, including listing which have the correct equipment for use with data. Look for the file GDC - 1 - Cable and Infrared in the zip file.

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