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There are heaps of games, and a lot of games sites, even before you add the ones that run on the Spectrum emulator. Not being a games player, I haven't seen many, and have played less, so I won't attempt to review any.

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Psion Board games
Psion Card games
Psion Text adventures
Freeware. Puzzle game measuring water from jugs. Formerly at
Freeware. Three puzzles.
Palmanac Freeware. Drop four balls into a row on an 8x8 board before your opponent or the computer. NetBook or Series7 only.
Freeware. Classic arcade game. How long can it get?
Phil Gooch wrote it. Neuon did this replica of the classic Atari game. As with the original, I can't play it at all. Freeware. also
Freeware Tetris game clone by Steve Litchfield. Fast and furious, good sound effects (which you can turn off). Too fast for me, but impressive. Didn't work on my Series 7, so I guess I'd better find out why.
Battle Of The Mages
Damian Walker. Another turn-based strategy game like my previous efforts. This one is set in a fantasy world where wizards do battle by summoning various magical creatures. Its web site is
Ben Vaughan
Large range of games for the Psion, including Astrocks, Reversi, Psi-Jong, War, Blackjack, Golf Pro and others. Updates and versions for Revo and colour Psion models. Ben seems to do regular updates. Good place to check for a range of commercial games.
Jon Read, the author, wrote the S5 version before Psion published it as Cascade in the Revo ROM.
Dice v1.01 Jeremy Stein 1999 This is an electronic dice. It randomly selects a number from one to six.
Freeware Yahtzee game clone by Tijn Kemp.
Peter van Sebille's freeware eDoom with full colour support.
eGnuBoy Gameboy emulator
EGnuBoy is free, the source and binaries can be downloaded from:
Freeware Doom. Slower, doesn't have color support and you can't pick up objects or use switches... Nice try but ... for Series 7. Palmtop (TomTom) note the various things they couldn't manage. Formerly
Games for Psion
Server is there, but access is denied.
Games Pack
Team Psion racing game, Golf, Stigma bouncing ball.
Steve Litchfield's Golf game, formerly Fairway, released as part of the commercial Games Arcade.
Psiomatic, freeware. Classic hangman spelling game, in OPL.
Hans de Zwart. Freeware, and OPL source is available. JugglingSim is the first 3 ball cascade Juggling Simulator for Psion 5mx. Formerly
Leisure Pack
Seven games. Chomper (PacMan), Bandit (slot machine), Solo, Castle (text adventure), Tetris, Reversi and Poker. Widget
Lost in 3D
Shareware maze game. 60x40 on Psion 7. Random maze, compass and birds eye views available. Formerly called 3Dmaze.
Lotto Wizard
David Ruhm freeware. Track gambling, analyse.
Mah Jong game
Adrian Collister. Shareware. The Chinese tile game Mah Jongg is now available for Psion Series 5/5mx.
MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulation and supports over 1500 classic arcade games. First version has about 90 games, with more to come. Free of charge. Source code to be available.
Missile Defence Game
Mis5ile Defence, a version of the old coin machine game, (from Palmtime, who seem to have gone missing from old address).
MONSTER5 is a demo program of various recursive algorithms for generating self-similar objects. You can select between Recursive Trees, Snowflake, Dragons, Frond of Fern and the Tower of Hanoi. Pertinent Keywords are: Fractal, Chaos, Self-similarity. The package is delivered with the OPL code and a mbm graphic, so that you can experiment with it. You are encouraged to alter the fractal values in the opl code. Programmed by P. M. W. Navé, ported to ER
Join four dots to mak a box, playing against computer. School game. Multiple levels. ITIL Shareware $35.
Noughts and Crosses
Traditional TicTacToe, against computer or another. Robert Longbottom
Jerome Dern and Neuon. Shareware, 30 day evaluation, US$20. Colour version for netBook and series 7. Looks impressive.
PsiBlocks (Tetris)
Pocket IQ are delighted to announce that PsiBlocks is finally back - bigger and better and in colour! PsiBlocks by David Steer is the tetris clone in your pocket. This game provides three variations: Blocks, Columns and Challenge, each with two levels of difficulty provided by extra block shapes. It runs full screen, with colour, on the Series 7 and Netbook machines. It is fully compatible with the Revo, Series 5, Series 5mx and GeoFox machines. PsiBlocks can be downloaded at
Strategy game devised in 1979 to be quick to play, and simpler than Go.
Rally Car game
Johnnie Walker's arcade style racing simulation game, Rally. Design your own new challenging tracks! Rally can be played at three levels. Fully featured map editor to allow you to design tracks. Rally is shareware, and is (c) 1999-2000 Johnnie Walker and Neuon.
Variation on Tetris. Fit pieces on a playing field that has a different shape from level to level. Also several other low cost games. or formerly
Simcity Classic
Be ruler for a day in classic simulation game. Commercial version. There is also an update. Colour patch elsewhere for Series 7. Formerly
Soccer Manager
Artamedia provide a demo version for Psion 3a and 5 that allows you to play a few games. Comes with shortened manual. PSoccerM.sis
Peg version of Solitaire jump the peg board game. Robert Longbottom
Steve Litchfield's freeware port of STB game.
Team Psion
Steve Litchfield's Grand Prix motor racing game, released as part of the commercial Games Arcade.
ITIL Shareware $10. Play computer or another person. This is an infrared enabled version, and can play against another opponent by beaming to their PDA. Versions for Palm, PocketPC and Psion.
Palmtop Commercial Vrally car racing game. 20 different tracks in 10 countries, four car choices, three difficulty modes.
War In Ancient Times Expansion I: Hannibal.
Damian Walker. An update release with some tidying up to bring this older game in line with the new one released above. Includes a new campaign, based on the Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. The War In Ancient Times web site is at

Board Games

Backgammon and Chinese Chess
Save and load games
Chess game
Pocket Chess by Scott Ludwig and Fred Bouvry. Powerful freeware. Provides hints, unlimited undo move, skip move, reverse board, switch sides, and alternate chess pieces. Eight skill levels, sound control. Play against another player, against Epoc, or Epoc vs Epoc. Didn't seem to have a timer, although there was an indicator for when Epoc would move. Test Report: Appears to work well on 5mx. OK Tested:
Monopoly Game
Written by Steve Godfrey. Handles up to six games, and reconfigure rules, also has computer players, and player settings. Includes sounds and lots of fine tuning options. Reported to exist in a colour version, but this has not been released. From Psion(?)
Purple Software Chess
Chess game from Purple Software, including 2D and 3D boards, and playing beyond club level. Includes chess tutorials and 25 sample games. Backgammon and Chinese Chess are also available. Their 5Pack includes Homerun, Checkers, Yacht (dice game), Theole (Reversi) and Enigma, all classic style games.

Card Games

Freeware classic blackjack card game for netBook and series7. 72k
Card Games
Palmanac to be entirely devoted to making new Psion 7 and netBook programs. Nice clean site, with screen dump of each product, and a download link. Pyramid (solitaire), Draw Poker, Blackjack. Handright (character recognition) is in beta, and Klip (a multi item clipboard) is coming, also Dope Wars, from the John Dell DOS classic.
Daniel Sissman. Shareware. Golf card game clone. The idea of the game is to remove all thirty-five cards shown on the tableau (table) the main area of the screen where the thirty-five cards are arranged, by matching them up to the card on the talon pile. New features include colour support, a new multi-tabbed preferences dialog, an improved user interface, and a new improved tournament mode.
Draw Poker
Freeware 5 card draw poker in colour for netBook and 7 82k (poker.sis)
Mille Bornes, a French card game, for 640x240 or larger display. Drive 1000 kilometres before your opponent does. Freeware. MBornes5 by Frederic Botton (and other games with sources):
Freeware game of Video Poker by Steve Litchfield, July 1997. Ver 1.1 Designed for Psion 5, so screen size is wrong for Psion 7. Works otherwise. Don't know if Steve makes the source code available.
P-Plus Bridge
Bridge card game. Breva Software port of Q-plus bridge.
David Steer. Pocket IQ. Nine full colour patience card games. Spider, Montana, Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid, Armistice, TwentyOne, Indian patience, TriPeaks
PSolly (solitaire)
Try PSolly card game.
Freeware classic solitaire card game for netBook and 7. 79k download.
Solitaire Deluxe card game is excellent (and free). Also Sokoboxx and Crossword as shareware. Formerly available now at
Strip Poker
King Midas site. Strip poker. 145kb zip. English and Russian. Mono and colour (7 and netBook) versions. Doesn't fully fit Revo screen.

Text Adventure Games

Infocom Classics
Classic text adventures games. Interdata Developments.
Zork and Infocom adventures
5/5mx: Formerly at (this address is obsolete). You can download versions at Zork I: Zork II:

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