Psion 3mx palmtop computer

The finest miniature 8 bit computer.

The last upgrade to the Psion 3 line.

Announced late 1998, after the release of the Psion 5. This is a Psion 3c SIBO revised with a 3x faster CPU. Basically identical in appearance with the Psion 3c, except for a gray metalic look paint rather than the rubbery paint on the 3c. Identical software to the Psion 3c. The faster CPU appears to have caused some problems with some RS232 connections, as the RS232c maximum speed was boosted to 115 kbps. You can drop the speed back for compatibility using Ctrl CapsLock.

Placeholder. I have not owned a Psion 3mx.

General notes

Certain 3a peripherals will not work with the 3c. The "soap on a rope" cable will not work. Neither will the printer cable, nor the 3Fax. All 3a application data will work on a 3c. Psion expect most 3a software to work on a 3c. Please note that Psion SIBO software does not work on the Epoc (Psion 5) range, nor does EPOC work on the Psion 3 range. The revised PsiWin cable and printer cable for the Psion 3c is identical to that used on the Psion 5 and more recent models.

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