Psion Software Site List

Software for the best miniature computers on the planet

Web sites where you can find programs, applications, advice and help for Epoc and the Psion miniature computer range.

My pages in this Software section list and briefly described various programs. I have divided the programs into pages by their purpose. Where known, I provide a link to the author's home page, to ease the task of obtaining the latest version.

There are also some pages pointing to more general Psion pages. Note that the earlier Psion 5 uses Epoc Release 3 (ER3), the Osaris uses ER4. All the other models use ER5. There are some minor differences which mean some programs may be ER3 or ER5 specific.

Bank account, investment tracking, financial calculators (see also business)
Books in digital form to read on a Psion (see also ebook readers)
Business, financial and accounting programs (see also bank) (see also Psion Sheet)
Database programs and tools, to extend or replace the Psion Data application (see also notes on Psion Data and also notes on Psion Contact)
Drawing, sketching, CAD, vector drawing, digital camera download software, photo software (see also notes on Psion Sketch)
Security, encode, encryption, password protection
Text editors and substitutes therefore, handwriting recognition and graffiti equivalents (see also notes on Psion Word and Psion Spell)
Emulate Sinclair, PC XT and others, and their games
Play time with your Psion, all the old favourite games
Global Position System software, location and mapping, street maps, route planning (see also maps)
FTP, ICQ, IRC, news reader, telnet and terminals (see also Psion Comm), add ons for Psion Mail and Opera browser as a substitute for Psion Web (see also notes on Psion Dialler)
Sources of maps in digital formats (first see GPS for mapping software)
Medical programs, for doctors and physicians
All the programs otherwise unclassified as yet
Where to find the inside photos of various Psion models, whether just curious or preparing to make repairs
Personal information managers and Agenda extensions (see also Psion Agenda)
Extra printer drivers and printer helpers, selecting printers that work with Psion
Computer languages and tools, books, OPL help (see also Psion OPL programming)
eBook and other text and book readers (see also Books for sources of books)
Astronomy, calculators and graphs, science and technology (see also Psion Calculators)
General Psion and Epoc sites, dealers
Music and sound tools, recording add-ons (see also Psion Record)
Synchronising with a PC, converting file formats from Psion to multiple PC formats
Clocks and stopwatches, time logging and management (see also Psion Time)
Various utility programs, file management
Psion 3
Programs for the earlier 1991 to 1998 Psion 3 to Psion 3mx range of Psion SIBO computers.

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