Miscellaneous Psion Epoc Software and programs

Epoc on Psion, the finest miniature computers

The Epoc software that wouldn't fit elsewhere.

Adam Software
Adam Sissman has a range of software, including Bigtime, a talking clock, Periodic table of the elements, Bank programs, Squash compression utility for data and agenda, and several card games. Formerly http://www.daniel.sissman.co.uk/
ITIL freeware. World events over the past 100 years. Select event type and year. www.palmix.itil.com
Phillipe Laurent. Astrology program. Ap-12
Japp Lameris. Freeware. Standard atmospheric conditions, for aeronautical engineers. Formerly http://jaap_lameris.tripod.com/mypsion.htm
Japp Lameris. Freeware. Track bicycle rides over time. tabular view of data, multiple riders and ride types, graphs. Sibo and Epoc versions. jaap_lameris.tripod.com/mypsion.htm
JB Software John Boyce
John Boyce produces a wonderful range of freeware, mostly for the Psion 3, but with a considerable amount for the Psion 5 also. Alas, it looks like his wonderful JBData will not port to the Psion 5. For reasons not clear to me, the first web page uses a weird VBScript to attempt to redirect you to an index.htm page (none of my browsers understand it). www.jbsoft.org
Gareth Brandwood
Has a fun site with lots of databases. The Psion related material includes a nice set of hints and tips you can download. www.brandwood.force9.co.uk
Camera Remote Control
EPOC based remote control program for Casio QV digital cameras. Only tested on a QV-3000. A null-modem type adapter is required as the camera is controlled via the serial port. Infra-red remote control from EPOC machines is impossible (before you ask). A wiring diagram for the adapter is included on the webpage. Andrew Gregory. www.scss.com.au/family/andrew/epoc/myprogs/qvremote/
v3.13 Requires a dbutils.opx I didn't have. Not tested, no details available. Probably on 3lib site.
Alex Vorbauer. Freeware. Remove orphan/temporary/helpfiles. Some times all the files from one programme are not removed. www.vorbauer.com
ClipIt is a useful utility for programmers who need to create a database full of easy-to-access material. It is hotkey activated and lets you create your own database full of clipboard snippets. http://lyris.tucows.com
Phil Dixon. Epotech. Program any CNC based machine using point to pick programming. Updated to Series 7. Produces a text file which can be transferred using the Comms program. www.epotech.co.uk/
Renamed from ListPlus. List making system, from shopping lists to project management. Auto filtering, auto-complete fields. www.pocketiq.com
Shareware scribble pad, short text or voice notes. www.pocketiq.com
Epoc 32 Software
Frode M Wells has done a nice job of this site, with lots of software available for download. Formerly at home.earthlink.net/~frodemwells/EPOC32Software.html
Various pieces of Psion software, including SmartFind. Was at www.epocware.com
ExAb - text expansion and manipulation
Huub Linthorst's ExAb (Expand Abbreviations) was formerly a macro, but now with version 7 is a faster stand alone application. Expands shortcuts, has multiple clipboards, and switching characters. Plugins Ndcode strings, Merger finds strings in databases and pastes these into a document, SpellOK checks strings against the Spell list, and Look4It finds strings in selected databases. Tells me I have an incompatible sysram1.opx so I haven't tested it.
Fat Catz
Provide a variety of interesting looking Epoc software. Agenda+ adds month at a view. print options, import and export text files, to-do lists, as shareware for US$20. Other products include Sokoboxx game, PsiTris tetris game, crossword, stones board game, solitaire. www.binaryfish.com/
FileDump can recalc a UID when a file's UID is modified: home.clara.net/tixy/psion/software/FileDump.html
Film and photo calculations for professional photographers. Zebra Films. Formerly at http://www.zebra-film.com/
Philip Bister. Freeware. General short note repository. v2 Feb 2000. Updated now to v3.05, with improvements, says Philip. Has a bunch of tab labels you can edit. Help file. Can be used for shopping lists or a todo list and similar. Can have multiple files of notes, and deletion dates can be set. Print any list. Auto configures for displays larger than 480 x 160. Use pen or menu. Index. Includes the date of the note. Paragraphs and tabs, zoom. www.philipbister.ukonline.co.uk
Two shareware applications at Tucows, both support GEDCOM files. http://lexicon.pda.tucows.com/epoc/genealogy5.htm AGeneDB is in pre-release, and is formerly available from http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Bay/8826/index.html Gen5, originally only in French, has been recommended by some users. Shareware #15. Supports Gedcom file formats. perso.wanadoo.fr/michel.catton/ Parish Finder 5 is a freeware program to locate all parishes within a certain distance of a location. Formerly at pdacentral.bhnet.br/psionking/geneology5.htm, and a copy available at 3Lib stevelitchfield.com/psifind.htm
Pocket trivia, countries, inventions, books and authors, largest records. Shareware $11 from ITIL. www.palmix.itil.com
Global Holidays
List of holiday dates in multiple countries. Freeware from ITIL. Download dates from their web site. www.palmix.itil.com
Halliwell's Film and Video Guide
50,000 movies, actors, directors. I gather the datebase is not being updated, due to competition from freeware IMDB. Commercial. From Palmtop.
Harden's London Restaurants
1400 places to eat. Various search criteria, and don't care is an option. Ordnance Maps are low resolution, but you can export to Street Planner. #15 www.hardens.com
V1.4 Simple hexadecimal file viewer by Jonathan Duff. Half height on Series 7. No zoom ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/jon_duff/homepage.htm
Shareware uses Dallas Semiconductor DS1921 ThermoChron iButton to log temperatures over an extended time period. Intended for packing with perishable goods. By Trygveh Henriksen. home.c2i.net/trygveh/english/
Freeware demonstrator to scan a 1-Wire network and identify all iButton components connected. By Trygveh Henriksen. home.c2i.net/trygveh/english/
Icons for Series 5
Andy Waller and Phil Spencer have a web site explaining how to use MBM files, how to create Series 5 icons, convert 3x icons, how to use bmconv.exe. Check homepages.nildram.co.uk/~nicko/index.htm. Phil Spencer also does a utility called Jwin, or Just What I Need
InfraRed and IrDA
Martin Guthrie has material about IrDA. It tells about the IrCOMM.csy file added to /system/libs in a Psion 5 by Message Suite 1.52 that makes IrDA more stable. Has a copy of Windows 95 IrDA driver version 2 on site (Win 98 includes Version 3) www.pscience5.net
For programs that connect various Psions, including 3c, to each other, check Jim Pollock's IrDA communications site at www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3947/
Izzy-hack Software
Start 5, makes a Psion look more like a Windows start up screen, for people more familiar with Windows. Also links to both the Psioneer Ring Web and the Series 5 ring web, plus a note about a 5Happy EPOC viewable web certificate. Ewan Spence also has started some article about using a Psion in his King of the Road columns. Formerly at http://www.izzyhack.demon.co.uk
Keyboard Click
KeyboardClick runs in background, lets you assign different clicks to keys. For example, a different sound for shifted vs unshifted keys. Neil Sands come.to/neilsands
Keyboard Layout
Keyboard Layouter April 9th, 2000 8.8 KB Freeware Keyboard Layouter allows to redefine the keyboard layout of the Psion. It is completely written in C++ and especially optimized to redefine the whole keyboard, rather than just capturing a few hotkeys. Designed for the Dvorak keyboard layout, but the program can be used to redefine the keys in any way. www.pagerealm.com/
Linux and Psion
Look for hints on linking Psion and Linux at these sites
Formerly at http://www.gumbley.demon.co.uk/ncp.html
Formerly http://metalab.unc.edu/mdw/HOWTO/Psion-HOWTO.html

Plptools allows you to mount your Psion on Linux using NFS, using the Psion protocol rather than TCP/IP. No support required on the Psion end. Mixes functions of plp and p3nfsd. Said to work on RH7. Formerly ftp://ftp.to.com/pub/psion/

Plp does an FTP client using Psion protocols, so no Psion support needed. Formerly at http://www.proudman51.freeserve.co.uk/psion/index.html

GNUPoc said to allow you to run the Psion SDK and emulators on a Linux box. www.gnupoc.org or gnupoc.sourceforge.net

CF connected to an IDE cable, for Linux formerly at http://www.tapr.org/tapr/html/cfa.html

The following doc, especially section "3.2 Programs for connectivity": Linux and Psion HOWTO, http://en.tldp.org/HOWTO/Psion-HOWTO.html

If you plan to connect via IrDA, the Linux IrDA project homepage might prove useful as well: irda.sourceforge.net/

Ksion, a Linux personal address manager for connection to Epoc, by Wolfgang Golder. Still beta, and no help files or doc yet. www.golder.de/linux/main.html

PicoGui, small GUI instead of X, for Psion see Thomas A de Ruiter thomas.de-ruiter.cx/projects/psion/ or www.picogui.org

Project Sayanara
Freeware. Mark Adams. Conversion of EPOC ER5 Agenda and Contacts documents to native GNOME documents. EPOC services respond to requests over the remote link, and convert the Agenda and Contacts data to an XML-ish format. Linux clients using the PLP link software can connect and output the data in a format which can be read by the GNOME calendar and address book applications (gnomecal and gnomecard). sayanara.sourceforge.net/

SOX (SOund eXchange) which is able to convert between almost any formats you could name, and for the last year or so has included EPOC in its capabilities. (The last version -- 12.17.4 -- was slightly buggy wrt Psion, but is patched.

Using Psion 5 SDK under Linux http://www.oflebbe.de/o.flebbe/sdk/index.html

Linux on a Psion. As at October 2000 they had a boot, and could run vi, jed, perl, basic utilities. Based on Debian ARM port. sourceforge.net/projects/linux-7110/

SavaJE if installed on a CF can be installed on a netbook. June 2001 has agenda app, email and web, mp3 and picture viewer. Remove batteries and run rominst application from the netbook CD to return to Epoc. Alpha, not beta release so far.

Olaf Flebbe describes how to use the Epoc C++ SDK with Linux. Formerly at http://members.linuxstart.com/~oflebbe/sdk

There is a port of WinVNC to the EPOC platform at http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ Check out the contributions section for it. VNC can access a X-server natively (perhaps). Said to work fine for remote controlling a Mac O/S X. Symbian epoc VNC client in Java offered by IMHOTEK www.imhotek.com

Ajai Khattri notes a Java Psion Link working on a Macintosh G3 running MacOS 9.2.1

Linux PDA project, to design a high power pocket Linux workstation. www.azpower.com/mylinux/

You can mount Psions as pseudo nfs volumes using plptools. www.gumbley.demon.co.uk/ncp.htm Formerly ftp://ftp.to.com/pub/psion

Linux Mobile Guide, formerly the Laptop HowTo, tells how to use PCMCIA to install, what to do when you don't have a CD drive, etc. You can download as HTML, or as a zip (420kB). There is a book, Linux on the Road. There is also an infrared howto. Formerly http://mobilix.org/howtos.html

The Linux PDA page for Psion mentions kab2psion, a Perl KDE to CSV utility. Also PsiConv, which is limited to Word to HTML at the time I checked. PsiLin, connects Psion to Linux, as a Unix terminal. Formerly at http://mobilix.org/pda_linux_psion.html

The free Linux wordprocessor AbiWord (www.abisource.com) is reputed to have an Epoc Word file importer included in its Open menu.

Aron Landy. Herbew calendar program, tracks Jewish calendar items. Now freeware but requires registration. Specialised. www.consulttheexpert.com/aronlandy.com/luach.htm
Unable to start it, missing opx. Not tested. Freeware business car travel Mileage Logger. Found on 3Lib site.
v1.03 tells me I have an incompatible sysram1.opx. Removed without testing. Function of program unknown. I probably found it on 3Lib Original from Fatcatz, and is probably a shortcut keys program. www.binaryfish.com/
Desktop wallpaper as 8 different maps, by Smile Software (try PsionPlace) www.smilesoft.150m.com
Freeware from Neuon www.neuon.com
Nick Tan shareware. Multiple choice question study and revision aid. Also a freeware Quiz5. www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Hills/4728
Michelin Hotel and Restaurant Guide
20 European countries, 70 cities, 6500 hotels and restaurants. Formerly http://www.michelin-travel.com">www.michelin-travel.com
Kevin Millican
Kevin has written a variety of freeware and shareware, including Real Maps GPS moving map, Passthru to use a PC modem and printer, and the nice freeware PsLight battery monitor and backlight controller. Kevin also has around 100 tcr eBooks on site. Has a beta of PsiDat on site. This is creates OPL DBMS data files and databases. Has SQL query, good import and export facilities, etc. www.millican.info
You should check out the preview of Jon Read's MindMap: http://www.epoczone.com/jon/mindmap.php3
MMM Sticker
Shareware sticky memo notes. Text, draw, picture, calendar, data, battery status, task switching, etc. www.onflo.com.hk/shareware/psion/sticker/sticker.htm
Ben Vaisvill and Eric Keef, as VK Soft. v1.1B. Freeware movie lister, about 1100 movies. Formerly at http://vksoft.cjb.net
My Car
MyCar by Ad Bosch. "It's dated 1998, it's pretty good - does all I want anyway. However the series 3 version was better. Also, Ad makes it very clear that WinCe is the way to go and has dropped support for his Psion programs."
Eirik Newth
Excellent Psion 7 site, with a number of interesting points, like a list of low bandwidth news sites at /psinews.html newth.net
Apple Newton keyboard emulator for your Psion. Control a Newton, Palm or Windows CE device (needs Netwon keyboard driver on them). Palmtime (who seem to have gone missing).
New Zealand Travel Guide
Looks like there should be lots of material here, however it simply tells me I'm missing a file, and fails to work on my Psion 7. Not tested. Formerly at members.xoom.com/VIP_Services/
Note Taker with hierarchy
Currently working on a program for hierachical note-taking. Aert Wezenbeck Screenshots: http://aert.donor.net/psion_n5.htm
Shareware note taker and project organiser. List type notes, text notes, and jot drawing notes. www.pocketiq.com
NoteIt Lite
Freeware note jotter with due dates. members.tripod.com/~fmsoft/
If the quality of your Notes is one of the most important things in your life then NotePlan is the EPOC method for you. Trial version available. Windows version available and will sync without PsiWin. Change of name to Proporta in 2002. www.palmtec.com
N Store 5
Record keeping and report writing for UK National Curriculum, for teachers. H S Software www.hssoftware.co.uk/
Graham Park's intuitive task switcher application adds a couple new features including customisable standard hotkeys and hide-able help. nSwither displays an icon bar with a button for each running program. This enables you to switch to or close any running program with a single touch of the pen. nSwitcher is freeware, and is (c) 2000 Graham Parks and Neuon. http://www.neuon.com/
Freeware organisation chart drawing tool. www.ulrivo.de/
Packet radio
Roger Muggleton (G0HZK) program called Pocket Packet radio terminal. For 5mx, and now a freeware Revo version. www.g0hzk.co.k www.cix.co.uk/~hzk/
Freeware dialog box into which you enter a SMS message. Each group of three letters gets converted into 5 numbers for touch tone transmission to send SMS or pager message.
Seems to be entirely devoted to making new Psion 7 and netBook programs. Nice clean site, with screen dump of each product, and a download link. Pyramid (solitaire), Draw Poker, Blackjack. Handright (character recognition) is in beta, and Klip (a multi item clipboard) is coming, also Dope Wars, from the John Dell DOS classic. www.palmanac.co.uk/
Shareware multipage graphics note jotter. Also accepts text, and smart sums. www.salted.com
Daniel Pfund
Various utilities by Daniel Pfund. I believe he is no longer producing them. Battery and system information. Screen Contrast manager. Database compactor. Hints amnd Tips. RealTime is a clock. Units converter. 14 Clocks for Time zones. Formerly at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/8130/
Martin Guthrie. Project Galactic Guide. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. www.freepoc.de
PhoneMan and PhoneManPro
Shareware 30 day. Mobile phone companion, programs IrDA complient phones via infra red, manipulate phone list for phone memory and SIM card, allows sending SMS, email-SMS, ring editing, filter SMS, integrates with Contact and Data application. Has a simple Terminal routine for AT code testing. Phoneman is for Psion 5, Pro for Psion 5mx and other R5 Epoc systems (also Palm and Windows CE) and for Nokia, Ericsson and others. Test Report: Unique in field, seems to work fine with my SH888. More convenient than phone for many tasks. OK Tested: http://www.apps4mobiles.com
Peter Csutora. V 2.1. Film and flash calculations of interest to a professional photographer or cinematographer. Looks professional. Obtain from PocketIQ site. I went back to my Box Brownie full of admiration (but it went beyond my needs). members.tripod.com/~csutora/
Works similar to Open with.. known in MS Windows. Easily associate any MIME file type with any app, also you can add new file types (eg. *.ini). Demo version (limited to 7 days and with demo you can ONLY add new file types) formerly available at: www.psiloc.com/pub/plOpenEn.zip Try to find www.drmcommonsolutions.com/Psion/psilocplus.aspx or www.drmcommonsolutions.com/Psion/plopen.aspx
Portable Chef
Recipes. Change to suit. List your ingredients and it will find a receipe to suit. Palmtop.
Presentation Maker
Psion commercial. Version 1. Create OH slide presentations, import and export MS Power Point presentations. Slide, outline and multi-slide views. I believe Purple Software produced it for Psion. There are tutorials available on how to use it to produce colour presentations. Withdrawn from commercial sale? Test Report: Works just as specified. OK tested:
Calculates job pricing for labour, materials, plant or time, with sales tax. Corporate PC software Ltd UK. www.corppcsoft.com
Phil Wiles. Spreadsheet for home beer brewers.
Shareware tariff finder for German telecom market. Database of all call rates by company. In German. Formerly http://www.psionwelt.net/Psionschreck
Shareware to create icons for Epoc. www.cix.co.uk/~colinh/
The PSILoc+ basic feature is localisation of the operating system (similarly to the LITE version) additionally featured with: - possibility to choose the computer's nationality and code page - two sets of keyboard available for each nationality - buttons enabling instant access to: CapsLock, link, list of open files - automatic memory compression - automatic password activation after a set period of time - quick alarm set (in timer mode) - link, screen backlight and battery control - file and data (file contents) find - data files compression - and much more... Additional modules: - Open with... (enables linking data files with applications) - Set system (restores the Shell application settings and system settings like home city) - Autostart (enables defining a list of applications and files to be automatically open after a computer reset) - Server backup (enables opening all the applications, and not only files, after a data backup) Mark A. Filipiak Formerly at www.psiloc.com/index_eng.php3
Kevin Golding. Freeware visual Mindmap application. Graphics display of connections between elements of an idea. Each item can be linked with a file. Export to text in various structured forms, such as numbered and lettered lists. Printing. kgolding.co.uk/psimind.php
Jeremy Stein, 1999, freeware. Morse code from the speaker, as you type. User configurable beep length. www.steinfamily.demon.co.uk/jeremy/psion/progs.html
Psion File Formats
Frodo Looijaard had some documentation at http://www.frodol.dds.nl/psiconv/html/Index.html
Archive and compression utility, compatible with PKZip files, by Serge Shestopalov, also sold as RMRZip. www3.sympatico.ca/serge.chestopalov/
Tixy. Simple notes, with stylus. 25k. Try www.alchemy.com.my
Hamis Buchanan. Takes random quotes from a standard data quote file and displays them on start up or once a day. Search facility. Seems to work fine, but you could with more effort look up quotes other ways. www.hamishbuchanan.com/psion/
Stephen Goldsmith. Freeware. Compress agenda, data and jotter files that have removed or edited entries. Select entries for reclaiming. www.freepoc.de
Remote Control for TV
It may take some configuration work for other than Sony equipment www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3947/
Remote Control for TV
This is probably the same one mentioned above. Works with Sony, JVC VCR, Panasonic DVD, Onkyo receiver and Philips RC-5. Failed to open IR port on Psion 7. www.geocities.com/jpollock_2000/S5tv-sis.zip
Revision study and school aid, let you create a file, add data, define a test, run the test data. Flash card format. Mark questions you are confident about. List screen available. Shareware by Phil Whiles. www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3216/
F A Richey. Shareware, v2, nag screen, limited entries, registration code. #10, US$15. Diet, weight and exercise tracker in OPL. Add food entries, multiple files, memo, backup and restore data, export data in ASCII or CSV. Diet, weight and exercise views. Good help file. Build a food database tailored to your own eating habits (come with large existing database). Will graph weight loss. Seems pretty comprehensive. I decided I could manage OK by eating only when my stomach grumbled. www.rmrsoft.com/
Shareware clipboard utility and text macro expander, $15. www.rmrsoft.com/
Shareware note jotter and organiser. www.rmrsoft.com/
Timetable for buses, trains, etc. You have to add the data yourself, but it saves you the bother of writing a spreadsheet. www.rmrsoft.com.
Testing lessons and learning program $15. Hamish Buchanan. www.hamishbuchanan.com/psion/ www.rmrsoft.com.
Saturn Psion site
Julian Samphire's site. Seems to redirect to broken link.
Serial Interface IO Card
Barry has a PIC 16C84 micro interface to a Psion serial port. The board has 10 I/O lines, all of which can be programmed from OPL to be input or output. Requires only a three wire interface (Tx, Rx and Gnd). A six byte command is sent via the serial port to set or read the lines, and confirm to the Psion. www.btinternet.com/~taxi_mania/serial3.html
Shark A Tax
Calculates UK income tax. Shark A Tax Ltd
Peter Laterveer. Shop Check List, freeware, v2a, based on RMREvent. Keeps track of your shopping behaviour and presents a list in the order of your shopping route. Exchange profiles with others. Also use for any general checklist. Learns your shopping behaviour, and modifies shoplist to suit. Import and export database in CSV. Found on 3Lib site. Actually looks more use than I originally thought. www.sp-plus.nl/home/platerveer
Siemens Pocket Reader
This pen type hand OCR was described at www.pocketreader.com reader software was formerly at http://www.psicix.co.uk A Netbook version has now been written - www.cjemicros.co.uk/4d/other/pocket.html
General Psion 5 information site by Pete Ruczynski of Soft Base Computing, but it says last updated in May 1998. Has some interesting articles on it regardless of date. www.softbase.co.uk/psion/
Phip Spencer
Phil Spencer has a web site explaining how to use MBM files, how to create Series 5 icons, convert 3x icons, how to use bmconv.exe. It lists his top 15 programs. Also lists his own programs like JWIN, SysBack and others for the Psion 3, some of which like SysBack (backup system settings) and JWIN (Just What I Need) are available for the 5. Check homepages.nildram.co.uk/~nicko/index.htm.
Shareware sticky note program. www.medialinx.co.uk
Gary Ewer. Freeware learning aid that you can use it to teach yourself vocabulary,dates, equations or anything else you may every want to learn. www.prosoft.force9.co.uk/
Tips like "record direct to cf". Lots of other S5 tips. www.brandwood.force9.co.uk/s5tips.zip
Toastmaster will help you whether you're giving toasts, seminar talks or speeches. The notes on the screen will guide you through your presentation without the need for note cards. Prepare a list of terms in any text editor and save it as a text file and import the file into the program. A full screen will open that lets you scroll through your list of words using the arrow keys. The active word, the time and the number of words are shown in large fonts. mitglied.lycos.de/roebbe/
Phonetics of foreign words, grouped by topic, for travellers. Versions in Japanese, French, German, Hindi, Italian and Spanish. Shareware $25 from ITIL www.palmix.itil.com
Trivia data file by Steve Litchfield. stevelitchfield.com
Twiddlebit Software
Andy Clarkson's Plan (for Psion 3) and Plan5 (for Psion 5) project manager, enter tasks, dependencies, resources, get Gantt and Pert charts. Also OPL+ development environment for OPL via Neuon. Also GPrinter and AppInfo OPXs available. Easy to read site. www.twiddlebit.com
Virus Scanner
Although there are no known current viruses for EPOC, there is a virus scanner (which lists only a few joke programs and claims they may be considered Trojans). I wouldn't bother. www.f-secure.com/wireless/
Shareware. Neil Sands. Aid to foreign language vocabulary acquisition. You give it the vocabulary you want to learn, and it tests you on it, noting which ones you get wrong and going back over them again to reinforce them. Over time you can build up a big library of words or phrases for revision. www.cix.co.uk/~neilsands/psion/
Virtual Psion Mouse. Psion and Windows program that translate Psion touch screen movement to Windows mouse movements. Also keyboard. www.neuon.com
vRule 1.03 Freeware VRule displays a virtual, very accurate ruler on your Psion screen. The ruler can be adjusted for metric or imperial measurement. At first glance, VRule looks like a useless application, but don't give up on it too quickly. www.binaryfish.com/
Shareware database program to track wage slips, by Richard Smedley. Formerly at http://www.cix.co.uk/~rsmedley/s5/
Warez - Epocz Worldz
Looking for crack codes and registration codes for Psion shareware and commercial programs? This site has all the traditional warez features, strange spelling and layout, crazy fonts. Started 1 April 2000. Formerly at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Code/8921/
Specific databases derived from web crawlers. They have a Psion topic. Sounds a handy site. Not commercial, no advertising. Formerly http://www.websearches.net
Phil Whiles
Revision study and school aid. Details of PPP and Slirp connections with Psion 5. Vim editor, with OPL colour syntax support. Epoc32 SQL explained. Epoc32 dEditMulti explained for OPL programmers. Null modem cabels explained. www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3216/
Widget Software
Software and hardware outlet, with outlets in several countries. I've been happy with Widget Australia. Widget Australia closed their doors on 30 June 2003
Win95 desktop appearance, not multiple windows open. hi_spede at yahoo.com said: "I tried WinEPOC for a short while and decided to un-install it. To be fair the program is well written and works well, but it failed on two basic points for me:
1/ does it do anything new or novel compared to EPOC? Not really. It provides all the same features but in a different way, some navigation is a little bit faster but not that significant for me.
2/ Why do I want my Psion to look like Windows? There's no advantage. My brain is big enough to learn the operation of both products. I like the simplicity of Psion navigation.
It also takes memory etc. which I can't justify on a program that fundamentally doesn't add any new features/capabilities. Excellent example of the developers skills, but they would be better used on something different. Formerly http://www.jssolutions.cz/shareware_e.htm
Yo-Yo Encyclopedia
Ewan Spencer's yoyo encyclopedia. Every known trick. www.freepoc.de
Zip Manager
Archive and file compression utility www.epocware.com

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