Psion 3 palmtop web sites

A miniature computer from Psion, early 1990's.

Earlier model Psion, no longer made.

Psion 3 web sites, including the official sites, freeware and shareware sites, palmtop and Psion specific magazines, plus enthusiasts with extensive lists of other sites, so you can get that handy program easily.

I discontinued updating this page in July 1998, as I no longer had access to newsnet. I do update specific items when I am emailed corrections. Last update July 2008.

Magazines, Official Psion Sites

Psion UK - headquarters
The headquarters of Psion. However, you should note that some material appears first on the US subsidiary site. Was
Psion Inc - the USA subsidiary
The USA office points to Psion now.
Psion Software - licensing
Encouraging companies to build Psion software into their products.
Vodafone - Australian distributor
Distributor superceeded by Vodafone Vodafone Service Centre 706 Mowbray Road Lane Cove 2066 NSW Vodafone Service Centre Reported to have changed in 2002 to Shop 1 10 Hunter St Paramatta New South Wales 2150 02 9687 3660 Shop 5 Monash Centre 2107-2125 Princes Hwy (Cnr Princes Hwy and Blackburn Rd) Clayton VIC 03 9562 8855
Palmtop - The Journal for today's Psion user
There was a wonderful Psion Palmtop Magazine, approximately bimonthly, produced privately by Steve Clack. The last few issues ran about 100 folded A5 pages, and are very well produced. Psion 3 material ended around about issue 20, the magazine ended as a Psion specific magazine with issue 37. I have a complete set of the Psion related issues, if anyone would like them as an historical item, please contact me. Formerly
Psion User - from Psion UK
36 page folded A4 promotional magazine produced for Psion UK. Uplifting stories of customers solving problems, news of new software, how-to articles, business focus. I was given a copy by the Psion stand at Comdex many years ago.

Psion Dealers

New World Technologies
A very active New York dealer, with good prices, email ordering system, and an excellent web site (although I don't like their use of frames) with nice shareware and freeware for downloading. Formerly at
Another palmtop only dealer, started in UK, then opened another site in Canada, and in June 1997 opened in Australia. I was really happy to see a specialist palmtop dealer in Australia. Widget Australia closed their doors on 30 June 2003

Active Psion Enthusiasts

These sites generally have good links to other resources, or include self written programs. Many are linked via a Psioneer Ring, that will let you move through a variety of Psion sites without looking up a URL.

Complete Threedom
There are two web sites dedicated to using the 3 series, Complete Threedom ( and Three for All for 3 for all for Complete Threedom

If you have decided not to support your applications, could you please either: (a) release them as freeware and make them available to a working website (such as Ro Cutler's 3 for all, or my own Complete Threedom, or (b) send me the source code so that I can maintain the programme for other SIBO users?

Tom Ashton - games
Various games of Psion 3a/c (one for 5), some with source. Formerly
Andy Clarkson - Plan and OPP
Links to a small range of well selected other sites. Part of the Psioneer Ring. Plan allows a project plan to be built from individual tasks and resources, dependencies can be set. Does Gantt, PERT, resource use graphs, holiday scheduling, cost estimating, project tracking, interface to MS project. Can export to-do to Agenda. Also hqs OPP OPL preprocessor, handy for C programmers, plus a debugger. Formerly at
Mark Gould - many links
Mark Gould (Mark Gould at had a page including links to pretty much all the Psion sites. It was a great resource, and includes FAQ and archive indexes, but appears to have moved.
Steve Litchfield - 3 Lib shareware library
Shareware library manager Steve Litchfield has a great site, with his own programs, lists of freeware, and shareware, and good links. He also provides detailed reviews of many programs. Some reviews are in the context of how to build a resource (such as a hypertext system) and covers related programs. It is part of the Psion Ring. Check
Daniel Pfund - Psion Ring
Psion programmer Daniel Pfund has a list of pretty much all other Psion programmers and programs formerly at Part of the Psion Ring. Daniel also maintains the Psion 3 FAQ. His own programs include DPBank (account tracking), Splitz (split and join files too long for Word), DPSwitch (task switcher) and DPMime (decoder). No longer active.
Dan Ramage - Psion Java
Covers Psion-Java, Psion- TCP/IP, free Psion C compiler, programming resources. Formerly
J C Roux - SIBO C development
Lots of links to bugs, workarounds, programmers's questions, techniques, mouse driver, serial devices, and so on from a developer. Formerly
Series 3 site
Everything for your Series 3(Classic/a/c/mx) formerly

Psion Resources

Various sites for downloading software or FTP access. May not alter as actively as the ones above.

UK Psion archive disappeared however I understand enthusiasts copied the site first. Try
Automatic archives of posting to comp.binaries.psion in 1995 and 1996 formerly at or
3Lib UK Online
Try this large UK site (claims to be world's largest)

Psion User Groups

Psion User Group
Formerly a nice home page at
Psion Enthusiasts of Toronto
Try listserv at for their mailing list. (No longer there)

Mentioned in the Net News

This lists Psion 3 software I've seen mentioned in the Net news groups, or on the web. Where possible I've listed a URL and added a link. Real Soon Now I'm going to make time to download some of it, and add my own comments.

3Fax - fax software
SSD version of the Group 2 fax software included with the slow Psion fax modem. Sounds a reasonable solution if you have a fax modem and want to fax from the Psion. Obtainable from Psion. See also FaxIt.
3 for all, the Series 3 website has moved to or for pmi users
Agenda Dump - reporting tool
Searches for text in memos, extracts memo text, prints Agenda material. Available as from author Simon Pooley formerly at
Agnmove - Agenda Merge
Merges a number of agenda files into a single file. Optionally delete memos or alarms, crossed out entries, change repeat entries, use a date range, prefix all or part of an agenda file name to each entry from that agenda, etc. Configuration file saves your preferences. Written by David Kurtz to allow him to use a two month extract from multiple agenda files that if combined would be too large and unweildy. Previously
Alarm Enhancer
Reschedule alarms easily, optionally sound a single sound for an alarm, from Alan Clifford. Formerly at
Alarm Enhancer with Alarm Killer, version 6.37, for the Psion 3C, 3A and Siena, by Alan Clifford, was available from
Mark Avey's Software Emporium
Software Mark has written includes CallCalc, HangMan, IChing, CrosWord and Battleship. Old web site at
Backgammon - card game
Version of Matt Millar's game formerly at
Banker -
Formerly at Battery Checker, Logit Time Building, Notepad Deluxe, Task Man, file Splitter, Moveit tagged file mover, Pic image Viewer and Sleeper. Banker imports and exports to Quicken, handles VAT, does currency conversions, multiple accounts.
BankPlus - keeps sixteen bank accounts
Pete Sipple mentions his program is one of the smallest bank programs. Handles sixteen bank or credit card accounts. Obtainable from I don't believe it suits my needs, but I tried an older version (note - the version I tried was over a decade old, and has been changed a lot over time).
Batchk - battery checker
Pelican battery checker, lists current on main and lithium. I don't see it can be anything except a front end to the existing information.
BusyView 1.20 - Agenda viewer
Author Lieuwe de Vries says his BusyView is the fastest Agenda viewer around (see Monthvu for a different one). Formerly
Brendan Breede's software
Available on comp.binaries.psion or author Brendan Breede's site formerly at There are many programs at this site, including Feiertag (Easter and Whitsun calculator), ASCII, Play (play .wve sound files), PUP (power up sound recorder), Quick Alarm, TelTimer (for phone calls), SARcon (save and restore configuration settings).
Calc3a - calculator and other utilities
Richard Schmidt advises that his utilities Calc3a, WorkLog3a, Trips3a, and JumpWeek are now available as freeware from his homepage Formerly
CCITT and CRC - utilities
Cade Roux provided a Psion development page with source at
Cd4Psion - CD Rom of shareware
German CD Rom of Psion programs. 424 programs ready to install, 709 related files (including zips of the above programs), 44 Psion related MS-Dos programs, 164 WVE sound files. Pete Sipple reports of 4915 files, over 800 are duplicates. Still, if you don't have net access, it might be a way to check a bunch of (slightly obsolete) programs quickly.
Chess - board game
Johan Van Barel produces a shareware chess, with novice, normal and expert play levels. It recognises 77 game openings, and allows saving a game for later. Johan says he uses a min/max algorithm written in C on a PC. No nag screens, but if you register you get the full version which includes an openings book. Formerly at
Contact Edge - contact manager
Freeware release of the earlier version of a commercial product, Contact Team, by Nicholas Copper of Total Computer Systems. An 86k zip file. Standard contact management, with larger screen fonts than ACT. Templates for reports and letters.
Draw - drawing package
Easy to use basic drawing package, with variable zoom of your drawing point of view. Scroll bars show how large the final drawing is. Author Rick Andrews says ease of use was the intention, to match the feel of the built in Psion programs. Only imports Psion PIC files, but will interface with Andrew Baldwin's FirePic shareware, which provides DYL (Dynamic Link Library) files to convert PCX.
DPBank - bank accounts
Small, easily setup banking program for up to six accounts, including foreign currencies. Circulated via comp.binaries.psion, pictures on author Daniel Pfund's home page formerly at
DPSwitch - switch between applications
Switches between open applications or system screen with standard hotkey. Helps if button bar is broken. Uses 10k. Free. See on author Daniel Pfund's home page formerly at
DS3AExpl - shell extender for Windows 95
Extends Psiwin so that it runs under Windows 95 Explorer, instead of like the older Windows 3 File Manager. Author David Spooner formerly
Dungeon - Doom game
Wander twenty level maze, shoot nasties, seek orbs. Extras for those who register this shareware. (40k)
Electronic Books
Demo books were formerly available at
eMail-It 2
eMail-It v2.0 is a remarkably small email client (complete with its own TcpIp) and runs on a 3a, 3c, 3mx, and Siena. Mark Richardson was at
Entertainment Industry
Various helpful programs for workers on the stage. Showtime 100 element stopwatch for split times. Replay timer recorder to flag sequences. Sideshow companies in the industry. Playtime time calculator. Beamlight geometric beam angle calculator for lighting. Was at
Expense report for business trips
Mark L Margolis (mlm at wrote one when he couldn't find one. Reports by payment method, date, trip, expense category, etc., plus further fine tuning of categories. Expenses by trip. Configurable payment methods, trip names and categories. Reports to screen, printer or as ASCII. Delimited data export. Foreign currency support and conversion, in local or base currency. Searches. Easy editing, deletion, duplication. 20k so far, about US$25-$35. mlm at Was at
Facsman - Facilities Manager
Manage facilities, like an office planning chart. 38k zip
I heard from Walter Wright, the author of a Psion 3a package called FaxIt. He says: It was a general purpose fax package which behaved quite like the Psion 3Fax product, but would work with most Class II fax modems. I got about 1500 registered users before fax was finally replaced by the interweb. There was a support website at, but I never get any support calls anymore, let alone registrations, hence I've let the website stagnate a bit.
Filmcalculator - for cinematographers and gaffers
Shareware for cinematographers and calculations needed on the set, by Bastiaan Houtkooper formerly at
GBSoftware - QuikCalc, FigureIT, NagMaker
QuikCalc V2 has Quicken compatibility, one touch button interface, progress indicators, currency symbols, default payee and default amount. Full install takes 75kb, partials at 50kb and 30kb. Costs US$20 plus $5 handling. Shareware copies were once available from
Geni - genealogical database browser
Compact database browses multiple generations easily, ancester tree display, context sensitive help. From Martin N Dunstan Formerly
Geographical Database
Keith Hollis of Fawnbench reports the latest (v1.6) digital mapping package fornmerly at
Graph3a - graphic calculations
Written by Gareth Wild gw4 at this plots formulas. Has help screens, standard graphs, a trace. An add-on, GWMaths, does numerical integration.
Graphics driver - animations
Animations graphics driver supports black and grey bitmaps, transparent backgrounds, up to 10 frames per second, play from file or memory, unlimited sprites in unlimited windows, free for viewing or creating sprites. See Dan Ramage's pages on Damage Graphics formerly at
Greedy - game like Monopoly
Frederic Botton offers a fine, free game similar to Monopoly formerly at
Greyline - world map with sunlit area indicated
Uses standard Psion world map, with sunlit and dark areas show, for ham radio and DX enthusiasts. More ham radio programs from Rein Couperus at
Hearts - card game
Nick Dawkins produced the card game, formerly at
Helpedit - Edit help files
Windows program to create Psion Help resource files. Internal Psion tool, now released.
HTML editor macros - create web pages
Macros to let Psion Word produce HTML code. User defined database of tags, each up to 150 characters long. Produced by Lee A Halls formerly from his web site
HTML Viewer - view web pages
A off-line web page viewer from Micro Cheng, shareware, formerly
Icons - with Pic extractor
About 80 of Phil Creed's great Psion icons, with a utility to extract them in 48x48 pic format for your own use. Very nice detail. Try at or
Infocom games - text adventure games
The program to use is Info7c. Games data may be available at
Infrared communications by Jim Pollock
Jim Pollock's web site was at has a bunch of handy infra red programs. Irbackup backs up 3c and Siena files to a PC, preserving date, time and subdirectory structure. You need to load two 5kb OPA files to Psion (using the builtin InfraRed Receive function). uses CRC and block transfer numbers to protect your backup. Backup groups of files, uses wildcards. MS-DOS only version. Baud rates 9600 to 115,000. Irestore only did whole drive images. 35k

PDir lets you view Psion files and directories on PC. Ircopy copies text and binary files between PC and 3c IrSave, from 3c or Siena to PC, no extra drivers on Psion, as it makes PC mimic the Psion protocol and look like another Psion. Works best with built in IrDA, supports Adaptec AIRport 2000, Actisys IR220L, Jeteye, Redeye, Tekram IR-210B external IR unit and Temic TOIM3232 IR chip. IrSend supports 3c, Siena and 5 and auto detects which Psion you have. IrSend5 transfers files from 3c and Siena to 5.

Jam - monthly Agenda view
Monthly view to Psion3a Agenda files, including timed and untimed entries, overlapping appointments. Author Martin Sturges was formerly at
Java - Psion Java
A freeware net project to add Java to Psions. Formerly or search for psion and java on or maybe
JBSoft - various freeware
Many items of freeware written by John Boyce. Includes a database with many more features than the standard database, but uses the same files. Adds sorting, and better selection facilities. View a table of many records on screen. About 100k needed. Formerly JBSort did a fine job of sorting database records for me (until I filled my 1MB 3a)

JBDial uses a modem (if connected) or speaker to dial numbers from other applications. Freeware.

JBReset recovers lost memory from applications. JBActive lists running programs, and lets you jump to them, plus other nifty things.

JWIN - Just What I Need
No idea what it does, but you can get it from Phil Spencer (author of TimeMan and PassAgn) at, and it runs on 3a, Siena and 3c.
Keyboard - adaptor for Psion
Dr Keith Baker designed and sells the interface for about $65. Formerly at Runs from the serial port, with a 6k driver. Only works with inbuilt Psion applications and prigrams written in C - OPL won't work, as it directly accesses the Psion keyboard. Looks like a neat idea for those long typing sessions. I have an email address dated 2001 keith.r.baker at
KDBmap - maps command to key combinations
Remaps key combinations so you can manage without the button bar. About 9kb. Written by Konstantin I Saliy and formerly available at
kGene - geneology
Kevin Groves Track your ancestors with this freeware package from Contact kgroves at
LinkWise - Advansys
Converts and synchronises Psion Agenda files with Novell Groupwise diary. Advansys Pty Ltd, 68 Ourimbah Road, Mosman NSW 2088 Australia, +61 2 9968 2991 Fax +61 2 9969 7651 formerly
Linux Comms
Using the nfsc VT100 terminal emulator. If you run p3nfs you can even mount the psion drives to the remote unix filesystem.
Logit - Time and Billing
Formerly Tracks and logs multiple events to an unlimited number of log files, via six on screen timers. Accumulates times and charges. Pull down menus. Help screens. Costs $US25
Mapper 3a - geographical information system
Steve Litchfield's program includes maps, and great quantities of information about the location of various sites in Britain. About 230 files of data, covering 130 towns, around 400k. Look for it as freeware Mapper Ireland and a Mapper France.

Back in 1997 I wondered if it is possible to make an Australian version? In June 2000 I received email from Wayne Geary, who says to check his website formerly at for a version called Psi-Mapper/Oz covering all Australian states. He had been working on it for 8 months from Steve Litchfield's source code, heavily modified to accept larger areas, different map grid systems, jumping between states. Sounds really interesting.

MathWeb - math assistant
Uses webs of arithmetic expressions, built-in and user defined functions, and programming scripts. String and arithmetic values, x-y plotting, in a hypertext metaphor which supports free form text databases. Includes applications for solving simultaneous linear equations, numerical solutions to differential equations, integrate functions, takes roots. David Clifton's site was formerly at
Meeting Maker
Version 4 of Meeting Maker is said to support the Psion. Formerly at
MemoVoc - sound recorder
Adds a voice activated mode to the recorder, so that it starts recording when you talk. Also provides single key recording, more convenient than the standard application. Works as specified. Formerly at
Message Centre - offline mail and news reader
New web page for this offline mail and news reader formerly at
Microsoft Autoroute 3a - UK maps
Evaluates routes between different destinations in the UK. Microsoft bought out NextBase, who were developing it. Zooms, giving a three mile wide stretch of map across the display. Good for planning distant travel, but lacks details of city centres. Provides journey times, fuel costs, variations on routes. Needs 100kb, despite being on ROM disk. No indication of non-UK version.
Minesweeper - game
Various difficulty and custom options, digital sound supported, Freeware. Try or
Mobile Software
Stuart Ballan's Mobile Pages takes data from commercial databases, and produces a fast searchable database. Email them at sballan at if you need something large moved.
MonthVu - Agenda add-on
Month at a glance, shows records from Agenda, lets you set the order of display of each type of item. Search for "free time", US$20 shareware from C. E. Steuart Dewar of Pimlico Software Contact 71165.1115 at Looks pretty good to me so far, but I haven't pushed it much. Since it is a separate program to Agenda it isn't as handy as one might hope. Unregistered version only lets you view past, present and next month, which is a very neat way to demonstrate the capabilities, while still offering more if you buy it. Can't understand why Psion left a month view out of their Agenda application on the 3a (they added it on 3c).
Moon97 - phases of the moon
An Agenda file containing the phases of the moon for 1997, best merged with your Agenda. Astrol97 is a larger Agenda file including eclipses, planetary data, meteor show dates. Neil Bee. Formerly at
Multitimer - alarms that sound once
Screen dumps of Erik Johansen's program formerly at
Multivue - database
The Psion User Group's own database. Out soon.
Nfsc - VT100 terminal emulator
Emulates a DEC vt100 terminal, plus some vt220 features. Supports all builtin Psion fonts, plus bold, italics, inverse and underline. X/Y modem support (not tested). Supplied by author Rudolf Koenig under GNU. Posted to comp.binaries.psion, or formerly via
Notepad - outliner
Flexible organiser and outliner, with multiple levels. One keystroke takes you to a free form text notepad. Link to spreadsheet, word documents, database, set dates or priorities. Some project management facilities. Lite version also available. Look for (200k) or (125k) Check Lots of plugins available. Very flexible.
OPP - OPL preprocessor
Preprocessor for Psion's OPL language. Use additional directives such as #define, #if, #else, #elseif, #endif, #include. Extensions include multi-dimensional arrays, C style structures, operators (++ --), comments, multiline statements, anti Revtran facilities, hooks for OPLDBG debugger, checks for uncalled and undefined procedures. Dos version works on PC standalone or with ODE. Sounds like C programmers would find it handy. Author Andy Clarkson has it on his homepage formerly at
OrdSort - graphic directory
Freeware utility gives graphic view of the memory occupied by files and directories. Formerly from the author Ulrich Vollert.
Palmtop Picasso - drawing program
200kb package from Ken Willan, with a lot of facilities, and a need to actually read the 50 topics in the (on-line) help. Very professional results are possible, as this pushes the limits of the Psion display. You can even attach sounds and note files to a drawing. Reviewer Steve Clack thought it might not be totally stable as yet. Most extensive of the drawing packages.
PassAgn - password
PassAgn, with encryption and new look, available from Phil Spencer at About 7k zipped.
Pason - password
Steve Hawtin and Andrew Lord make this 6k freeware, which provides a "once a day" password to protect your Psion. Look for sys$pas4.opa or
PC-SSD - PC parallel port SSD adaptor
Simple hardware attaches to your PC parallel port. Fancy software lets it map Psion SSD (Solid State Disks) as if they were PC drives. This great idea appeared in issue 7 of Steve Clack's Palmtop magazine. Get the software for both ram and flash cards from author Martin Roberts formerly at
PicPoc - drawing package
Berthold Daum's intuitive basic package, adds polygons and (unlike other drawing packets) can do Bezier curves. No zoom, no flip or rotate. No import or export of files except in PIC. Includes a good icon editor.
Four players, digitised voices, computer plays on after you bust. Plays 5 card draw poker. Online help. Author Ian Michael Pinkard says it is $12, and the shareware is fully playable with limited nags. Formerly at
PriCalc - sales calculator
Discounts and mark-ups, five discount levels. (14k)
Project Atlantis
Software repository only for Psion 3 range
ProPoc - project planning
Available in a lite and a professional version, manages up to 15 projects and 15 resources, filters, help files. Agenda inport and export, bottleneck analysis, cash flow. Look for (170k) and (115k).
PShell - Command prompt
Alex Wilbur reports a command prompt package supporing LOC:: and ROM:: with commands dir, cls, cd, attrib, tree, time, date, copy, move, rd, md, del, ren, find, batt, help, type, hex. Includes command line memories and lookup. Shareware version was formerly at (link dead).
PsiGar - Garmin GPS
Jonathan Duff has a program to transfer information between a Psion and a Garmin GPS (specifically GPS45). Transfers Almanac, Routes, Track Logs and Waypoints, also sets Psion clock from GPS. Can convert GPS logs into a form that can be edited as a Psion Data item, converted back, and updates returned to GPS. Was at
PsiMail Internet - email and web browser
Email client with send and receive, attach files with mime and uuencode, plus mailing lists, supports POP3 and SMTP. Web browser supports HTML 2.0, forms, GIF graphics, caches pages, 3 levels of zoom, mailto, and saves HTML pages locally (this site is entirely HTML 2.0). Internet tools including finger, ping, trace, host lookup. Works with existing Internet account, but in UK comes with a cheap account. The TCP/IP stack supports SLIP, PPP, IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, dynamic or static addressing, editable log-in scripts, fixed or mobile connections, full hardware handshaking and flow control. Sounds really nice, except for being a bit large. Psion was
Psinergy CD-ROM shareware
Raymond Stone's Galactic Computing do this on a CD-R, based on files from his BBS. 1700 files, about 65 MB. Text file containing a one line description of each program (but some weren't described). Why they zipped the files is totally beyond me, given how much room they have on a CD.
David Wooding. Psio provides a Windows front end for a number of Psion 3a, 3c, 3mx and Siena format conversion programs. Long filenames are supported, together with the option to perform batch conversion of selected files. Formerly
Psion48 - similar to HP48 Scientific Calculator
Version 2.1 Scientific calculator, allows matrix manipulation, compound numbers, integers to any base, probability, time caculations, and a menu bar. For S3a/c, Siena, 5, 5mx. Devised by Xavier Galante,
Psion-Java - Matt Gumbley's site
More pointers to the Java, TCP/IP and C development sites.
Agenda file format parsing for SIBI Psion, from Andrew Brooks.
Psion symbols
The strange alphabet Psion use was explained formerly at (Really, you should try cutting and pasting the existing letters in the name prior to seeking this site.)
Back in 1997 I wondered if it is possible to make an Australian version of Mapper 3a? In June 2000 I received email from Wayne Geary, who says to check his website which was at or for a version called Psi-Mapper/Oz covering all Australian states. He had been working on it for 8 months from Steve Litchfield's source code, heavily modified to accept larger areas, different map grid systems, jumping between states. Sounds really interesting.
Synchronise your Agenda and Contacts, convert files. Shareware. Not sure how it differs from PsiWin, nor what features it provides. Saw some favourable user reports, re using it with 3c and Siena, and it seems to mention only SIBO systems, not EPOC. Formerly at
Contact manager with 10 fonts, user labels, links to Word and Sheet, Compuserve links via ReadCIS, uses macSyd macros to work with other applications like Agenda. 71k zip shareware file
PsiZip - unzipper
Serge Shestopalov was at
Purple Software's DrawIt - drawing package
The only vector drawing program. Twenty one available shapes, all of which can have their horizontal and vertical aspect changed. Group objects to manipulate them. Rotate 90 degrees, fill objects with a pattern, add text inside objects. Import PIC file as single objects. Good for block diagrams and the like. No good for irregular shapes. The programmer at Purple is John Holloway, the business manager Julian Swallow. They sound a professional outfit.
Purple Software's Paint - drawing package
A simple paint program, with box, line, circle and ellipses, basic fill patterns, adjustable pen width. Good printer support is reported, including Postscript. Imports BMP and PCX files.
ReadCIS - Compuserve offline reader
Look for (80k) and also check out (30k).
Reader - text file reader
Barry Childress' US$30 shareware Reader lets you view TCR compressed text files. Lots of places have e-text available.
Repairs to Psion
Fionn Behrens fionn at in Germany offers a repair service for Psion 3/3a/3c and 3mx usig recycled parts. He does not do Psion 5 or Revo repairs. Seems like good prices.
Alan Richey's programs
Now include Mark Esposito's PsiWin printing support. There are expense account, extended to-do, fuel consumption, home inventory, investment performance, financial planner and collection manager, plus the personal accounts manager, shareware formerly available on Alan's home page but try
Psion in Russia
Psion stuff turns up everywhere. Check this Russian site.
S3aBank - home accounts shareware
Account keeping software with help, auto cheque numbering, multiple currency support, export to "Sheet" application, graphs for stocks and shares, home insurance listings, and PsiWin printing. Formerly from the author Al Richey at but try
S3A Expenses - automobile expense tracking
Al Richey says his program can be obtained from his home page or
S3aInvest - track investments
Track performance of 50 investments. Main screen shows prices and value, second screen gives graphical version.
Server - snooze and other alarm utilities
Formerly, where you will also find Banker, Battery Checker, Logit Time Building, Notepad Deluxe, Task Man, file Splitter, Moveit tagged file mover, Pic image Viewer and Sleeper.
Make shopping simpler, provides a pick list of regularly purchased items, tracks prices, learns the aisle layout of markets. Sorting by name or aisle. Released as shareware, from the author Hugh Matthews at
Siena World
Find Siena World at:
SIU Fax - fax program from PSIOlogic Versand
Runs on a Psion 3a/3c with any class 2 fax modem. Comes on 3.5 inch disk, as a single 22k program. A full A4 fax takes about 50k of ram. It will listen for a fax (Faxempfang starten), can be adjusted from 2400 to 14400. Stores faxes in a mailbox directory. A little slower than a regular fax. Proprietary file format. Three zoom levels, scroll sideways, forward and back. Costs DM82.60 shipping probably DM15.00. Take Eurocheque or Visa. Described by Michael Baas, PSIOlogic Versand, Taunusstrasse 4, D 63589 Linsengericht, Germany +49 6051 470065 fax +49 6051 470066. Check their web site formerly at
Sleeper - controls backlite
Intelligent control of your backlighting, on when powered up, at certain hours each night, use as nightlight, etc. Formerly at
Slide - presentations
Steve Litchfield's program does graphics presentations, with bulleted points and tiled backgrounds. (40k).
SMSmail - Email with Nokia 2110 mobile phone
Uses SMSLink cable and a nokia 2110 phone, via the UK Airmail service. Thirty pound, another 20 for the cable. See Al Sutton on for screen dumps of the software.
Snapshot - logs contents of your Psion
Logs all files on your machine. Take a second snapshot later, and removes all files installed since the first. Good for testing new software. )12k)
Solar Compass
Landmark bearings calculated in relation to magnetic North. Mike Rudin did it as shareware. mrudin at
Spectrum emulator for Psion5
Lots of old Sinclair Spectrum programs run on this free emulator from what is now TomTom GPS navigation.
Speech synthesiser
Andy Clapman reports a QandD version speech synthesiser formerly at
Stopwt - Stopwatch
Author Simon Pooley mentions a simple start/stop digital stopwatch showing elapsed time to a resolution of 10mS (not really that accurate). Space zeros the display and starts it. Space again stops it. Enter latches the current display in a lap counter. Arbitrary lap times can be captured, but only the last 8 are displayed. Diamond toggles hours minutes seconds tenths to seconds tenths. Formerly at
Stox share tracking
Lee Barton's freeware tracks a portfolio, graphs individual share history, customise dates. Download allows three shares. Free registration increases it to 10. Formerly
Task Switcher
Switch quickly between running applications via a Windows like task bar, formerly
Telenote - remote contact
Take a Psion 3a, a Nokia 2110 digital phone, and Psion Telenote link cable and software. If you have Vodaphone GSM, you can use the Short Message Servive (SMS) of 160 character messages to mobile users on the same network. Software is about 108K. This area needs to develop a fair bit still. UK only, I suspect.
TermIt - terminal
Serge Shestopalov Formerly at
Tetrums - Tetris game
A Tetrums and a Columns game are shown. Swap between them. Separate scores. Freeware. Try or
TimeBase - time billing
Logs and reports on time spent on multiple activities. Has English, French and German support. Available on floppy or SSD. Setup currency and time units required, reference title for each project. Charge rates can be different for each heading. Lets you pause a timing when you are interrupted, or start a new timing while leaving another paaused. Provides time and/or expenses reports, or work in progress. Widget Software.
TimeMan - multiple clocks
P K Spencer has included a number of utilities. Six world clocks, a phone dialer, voice memos, memory checker, stopwatch, etc. Check for (30k).
Timer (maybe only for Siena)
Freeware, Pimlico software. Timer provides a large elapsed and countdown timer display. The time remaining is also displayed as a percentage and visually with a sliding bar. When used as a countdown timer, there is an optional alarm accompanied by a highly visible flashing display.
Timer Assistant - four timers, stopwatch
Four independent timers in seconds, with countdown, laptime and others. On countdown a horizontal "remaining time" line is shown. Screenwide real time display. Time calculator for hh:mm:ss has multiply and divide, add and subtract to memory. Stopwatch, list of laptimes. Freeware from Willem Smouter available at his homepage formerly at
Titch - drawing and mind mapping
Vector based drawing and mind mapping uses very compact storage compared to bitmaps. Graphical interface to ideas, information and text. Author Martin R Sturgess makes the manual available formerly at
Tonepad - Generate long DTMF tones
Author Simon Pooley produced a DTMF utility to produce DTMF (touch tone telephone) sounds for as long as the key is held. Freeware with OPL source so you can modify it. Demonstrates DTMF generation with asynchronous I/O, low level keyboard polling (needs to detect key up, as well as down), use of FRC: device as a timer. Formerly
TimeMan (3.4) or PassAgn available from Phil Spencer at
Titch - drawing and mind mapping
Vector drawing with grid, objects, hyperlinks to any other Titch drawing or any Psion builtin application file, with search text included. Any drawing can be used as a template for future use. Compact disk storage. Displays and exports PIC files. Author is Martin R Sturgess, and it is available formerly at
Topix - organiser outliner
Organisational tool creates outlines as deep and detailed as you like. Expand ideas and attach files to them. See also Notepad. No URL available to me yet.
128k map of the 250 miles of the London tube system. Provides two levels of map, route finding, and lists places of interest. On SSD from S Webb, SW Systems, Swindon, Wiltshire. No URL as yet.
Undelete - from flash SSD
Utility for 3a, copies data from deleted files.
Unzip - uncompress zip files
Look for it as (35k).
WebSurf - offline HTML file viewer
Offline HTML file viewer, v1.62 fixes earlier bugs. Find it in comp.binaries.psion, from author Arnaud Weil, whose web site was
WeckAnsg - Voice Alarm utility
Wake you up by announcing the time by voice. Posted on comp.binaries.psion by klausstahl at Klaus Stahl
WinLink3 CD-ROM
Nice screenshots of some programs, and full description of each program included. Unfortunately, I can only run a CD-ROM under Windows 95 or OS/2, and I couldn't download anything from this CD-ROM using its own software from any computer I had access to.
WordCrypt - decode encrypted Word files
SIBO word file. You need to know the first 9 letters of the text (which you can guess at, it might be the title for instance) and it will do the rest. Formerly at or
World Time - eight clocks
Eight clock, plus home, showing different cities. Set automatically from the World database. Set alarms for any clock. Try or
YAFM - Yet Another File Manager
Konstantine I Saliykis at says he has a beta of a Norton Commander like file manager for the Psion available for testing. Does copy, rename, elete, move files and trees, format, run applications and aliases, associate applications with extensions or patterns, search paths, takes 40k.
Yellow Computing
Had WINLink CD-ROMs containing a variety of shareware and free programs for Psion 3a computers. Formerly at
ZX Spectrum emulator
Spectrum emulator for 3a,3c and 3mx. Assembler core. Freeware. Games at

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