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CAD Sketcher
Freeware 2D CAD drawing program with zoom, pan. Site is in German, so I haven't confirmed location.
Freeware technical drawing package by Nicklas Larsson. 16 layers, absolute, relative and polar coordinates, export AutoCad DXF files. Formerly at
Andrew Ferry. Freeware. Data flow diagramming and drawing tool. D5V
Shareware pen based graphical jotter by Gary Belcher.
Vector drawing package for Psion 5. Insert drawings into EpocWord. Accepts WMF. Shareware. Try RMRSoftware for buying it as RMRDraw.
Shareware CAD drawing program. Circles, ellipses, dimensions, etc. High end, but reported to be non-standard. By Andrew Duffield.
Freeware, Martin Guthrie. Use all the colours on your Series7, netBook or netPad...! Palette lets you use all 256 of the Psion's colours in Sketch - instead of just the 16 built-in ones. It is a separate app. but, once launched, this utility integrates so seamlessly with Sketch (we hope!) that it gives the appearance of being part of it. This is essential in making the 'hidden' colour capability of Sketch not just accessible, but usable for practical purposes, i.e. without requiring excessive user effort/time with stylus or keyboard.
Photo 5
Graphics application, 30 drawing tools, 20 clipboards, scale, stretch or skew, mirror or invert, filters, animations, image browser, 10000 word manual. Shareware from PocketIQ
Shareware art, image and drawing program with zooming by Andy Harsent $20
Shareware vector drawing package originally known as Draw5, from Interconnex UK Ltd. $40

MBM picture viewer for Epoc 32 (ER5). Explorer interface with pen navigation. Selectable image thumbnails. Mixed still and animated slide shows. Expandable image transitions (Example source code included). Visual MBM file management. Fast thumbnails, jpg support, shrink to fit options. 30 day evaluation copy. 5fx.SIS 394kb July 2001
Richard Wakelin. Freeware picture viewer shows Series 3 pictures on Series 5, and converts and saves them in Series 5 MBM format.
Geosynn2002's DXF freeware viewer DXFV
Richard Wakelin. Build MBM files. Bitmaps can be cut, copied and pasted between four open files. Zoom, flip, rotate, select area. Shareware.
Richard Wakelin. Freeware picture viewer shows pictures in 256 colours.
Daniel Sissman shareware. Bitmap viewing, manipulation and printing program. View, manipulate and build MBM image files. Create libraries for applications. Effects emboss, intensify, motion blur, ripple, skew, solarise etc. Colour support, multi-tabbed preferences dialog. Opens .mbm files (both normal and ROM based), sketch files and .aif files. Save to .mbm (both single bitmap and multiple bitmap types) and standard sketch files. Using the program you can fully organise multiple bitmap files with the add bitmap, append bitmap, replace bitmap and delete bitmap functions. You can also individually re-size bitmaps and alter their colour depths.
Freeware. View and print single and multiple MBM EPOC picture files. mbmv.SIS 5kb May 2000
Shareware File viewer and image manipulator reads jpg, bmp, mbm, aif, Sketch, and tiff graphic formats, RealMaps, capture screenshots better. View faxes sent in TIFF format as email attachments.Shareware. Written by Lieuwe de Vries (now deceased). No way to register this now. mbmview.SIS 94kb + 290kb Feb 2000 Formerly
MBM Viewer
Simple viewer 2k .app Aug 1997
MBM File creation
Have a look at Phil Spencer's tutorial on "Creating EPOC MBM Picture Files" for how to add Icons to your OPL programs.
Nicklas Larsson's freeware combines bitmaps from several MBM files to make a single multi bitmap file. Formerly at
Matt Riley's Freeware utility PicSee allows viewing of PIC images on Epoc32 .mbm multi bitmap picture files. Details from 3 Lib
Brain Drain. Slideshow of MBM files
Displays Palm ImageViewer or FireViewer pictures. Copy to clipboard. Convert MBM to ImageViewer. Shareware.
Use Java Runtime Engine and Java Media Framework to run Quicktime or AVI viewer to (slowly) watch Quicktime video clips. Ouch. Phil Gooch lists best settings (5fps, 7kb, uLaw 2:1 sound compression at 8kHz). Takes about 30 seconds to start on a 5mx.

Other programs

Shareware by Neil Sands. Mix RGB colours, get values in decimal and hexadecimal for entry into HTML and OPL.
Freeware fractal generator with OPL source code. Also FPlot5.
Laurens Lapre. Freeware fractal dot image drawing OPO program. Ctrl Esc stops.
IrTranP and IrPhotoClip digital camera
Andrew Gregory says It lets you transfer a photo from your IrTranP digital camera (most Casio) and save it as a JPEG on your EPOC machine. I've also released an OPM that does the transfer:
Freeware Mandelbrot and Julia set drawing program. Zoom, save images. Formerly
Morleysoft Fern
Freeware draws a fractal fern. Formerly
Freeware fractal generator drawing, save as MBM.
Freeware clip art written by Huub Linthorst available at
Stereogram drawing creator, creates 3D images. Load background, export to PIC, turn text into 3D. Freeware by Shane McKee.
Kolja Kaehler Freeware. Your object rotates in stereo. Stereo viewer for Wavefront 3D files. yoris.SIS 168kb Oct 2000.

File Converters

Windows (and Unix) freeware to convert a .jpg or other picture file to 16 grayscale MBM file

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