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Calculator Emulators

Psi85 TI-85 Calculator
Psi85 is a Texas TI-85 calculator emulator by Daniel Rigby written in C++ for speed - saves state of calculator on program exit - flip screen display. Needs copy of TI ROMs. Formerly http://www.daniel.rigby.ukgateway.net

Computer Emulators

PsiApple Apple II emulator
Written by Steve Huggs. psiapple.app etc March 1998 Used to be on Bioeddie's site www.bioeddie.co.uk
Commodore 64 Emulator
E32Frodo version 0.25. Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator written by Christian Bauer for Amiga, and ported to Epoc32 by Jal Panvel and Alfred E. Heggestad in the period Nov. 1999 to Jan 2000. If you have a EPOC machine with 16 colors, try the e32frodo_v24_16colors.sis version 258kb June 2000. If you have a EPOC machine with 256 colors, try the e32frodo_v24_256colors.sis version 16 colours 256 colours
DOS XTM Emulator
There is a DOS emulator called XTM for the Psion 5. I thought you can run the Psion 3 (not 3a) emulator for DOS on a Psion 5 under the XTM emulator, however I now hear you need a 286 emulator. Two folder versions for Series 5 and for Series 7 s5xtm and s7xtm 200kb Dec 1999 Check out www.nb-info.co.uk/index.htm
PocketDOS is an MS-DOS 6.22 compatible DOS for your Microsoft Windows CE or Psion/Symbian EPOC32 based Pocket Computer. In addition to a full DOS, PocketDOS lets you install and run many DOS programs PocketDOS also lets you access devices such as touchscreens, built-in and external modems, IR ports, flash disks, network drives, printers and more from within DOS and DOS programs. (* Intel 8086/80186 compatible using CGA, HP-LX or text display modes) - Superscedes XT-CE, which is now included in PocketDOS - Adds support for floppy disk images, hard disk images and hard disk devices (Flash disks, Microdrives etc.) - Adds support for booting DOS (or other OS's) from disk images and physical disks - Adds serial, parallel, infrared and network printer support - Adds GUI for all configuration options - Adds wizards for configuring disks, ports and printers - Adds support for non-US keyboards on Palm-sized and Pocket PCs - Adds support for physical keyboards on Palm-sized and Pocket PCs - Improved CPU and graphics performance - Increased amount of available RAM in DOS - Adds high quality font for use on H/PC professional devices with large displays - Fixed bugs in CPU emulation which caused incompatibilities with Clipper applications and Quicken Q: Which devices are compatible with PocketDOS? A: All Windows CE (2.0 and later) and Pocket PC devices (including Pocket PC 2002), in the Palm-sized, Pocket PC, Handheld PC and Handheld PC professional formats with the Hitachi SH3, SH4, MIPS, ARM and StrongARM processors. www.pocketdos.com
Sinclair Spectrum Emulator
Z80.SIS 200kb Oct 2000 Formerly http://www.palmtop.nl/spectrum.html ...and then you could download over 6000 games for it from here: http://www.void.jump.org/

Game Emulators

EGnuBoy is the EPOC version of GnuBoy, an open source emulator for the GameBoy classic and the GameBoy color. Performance is acceptable for the Series 7/Netbook. Sound is not supported yet. Needs copies of the ROMs. egnuboy.app
MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with a game's data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a PC. MAME can currently emulate over 1500 classic arcade video games from the '70s and '80s. The ROM images that MAME utilizes are "dumped" from arcade games' original circuit-board ROM chips. MAME becomes the "hardware" for the games, taking the place of their original CPUs and support chips. Therefore, these games are NOT simulations, but the actual, original games that appeared in arcades. EMame is the port of MAME to EPOC32. emame.app Jan 2001 Check www.mame.net and www.mame.dk for roms.
Goby Game Boy Emulator
The first gameboy emulator for the EPOC platform. goby.sis 159kb Oct 2000 Originally from www.backlitgames.com or (Palmtec now Proporta)

Text Adventure Emulators

V1.7 - an interpreter for all Infocom games. Complies with standard 1.0 of Graham Nelson's specification. Written by Stefan Jokisch in 1995-7 for Dos and ported to the Psion Series 5 by Frederic Bouvry Additional work and bug fixes by Simon Quinn. frotzS5.SIS 95kb Nov 2000 Formerly http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/3222/frotz.html
HUGO Interpreter by Kent Tessman, EPOC version by Simon Quinn v2.5.03a Release 1, 13/01/01 This is the EPOC port of Kent Tessman's HUGO Interactive Fiction interpreter. Code was ported from the Unix version. Needs command line shell also. hugo.exe 85kb
Level 9 Interpreter v2.0 by Glen Summers EPOC by Simon Quinn. During the 1980s a small British company called Level 9, run by two brothers (Mike and Pete Austin), produced a series of text adventure games for a variety of computers. Requires a command shell. level9.exe 28k
Magnetic: An interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls adventures for the games written between 1985 and 1990 by Magnetic Scrolls, a text adventure producer based in London, by Niclas Karlsson. Magnetic Scrolls Interpreter by Stefan Jokisch, EPOC version by Simon Quinn. magnetic.exe requires a command line. 41kb Jan 2001
TADS Interpreter by Michael J. Roberts, EPOC version by Simon Quinn TADS v2.5.03a Release 1, 13/01/01 This is the EPOC port of Michael J. Roberts's TADS Interactive Fiction interpreter. tads.exe 275kb Jan 2001

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