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Fine miniature business computers, with sound.

Music isn't a strong item in a Psion business PDA, however you do have a built in sound recorder in the 5 and 7, and a real loudspeaker.

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Audio Player
Meszaros-K Gergely shareware MP3 player, for 12 Euros, to 192kbps and 44.1kHz Was
Beat Test
Shareware by Neil Sands. BeatTest is a reverse metronome. Tap the screen and it measures the speed in beats per minute. Also a percentage error for regular tapping. beattest.SIS Feb 2000.
Neil Sands. Simulate call change patterns for bell ringers
Marco Vincenzi. Freeware electronic tuning fork. Adjust frequency of A, volume, remember settings. diapason.SIS August 2000 Formerly
GEO, the pioneering Israeli video technology group, has announced a version of its Emblaze MPEG4 decoder for Symbian's EPOC platform. The solution will enable existing and future Symbian devices, such as mobile computers, smartphones and communicators, to play a wide range of rich video and audio content. Emblaze is unique in providing access to services such as streaming video, video on demand and full duplex video conferencing using existing 2G and 2.5G networks. Symbian has agreed to distribute the Emblaze application as a part of a demonstration CD-ROM which will showcase innovation for the EPOC platform. (from PMN)
Unknown sound player
Five Play
5Play Mobile Music Sound Player freeware by Steve Beadle. V1.2 fiveplay.SIS May 2000. Lets you play selected multiple Epoc sound files in a sequence. It's a bit like an MP3 player. Nice idea. To my distress, I didn't have any sound files on hand for testing. Did not move from S5mx D: to S7 E: Unable to locate
Frequency Generator
Neil Sands. Simple frequency generator, by note or frequency. freqgen.opo only April 1998. Was
Keita Kawabe emails: Fretted is a program to emulate various tunings for various fretted stringed instruments on your EPOC device:
Roughly speaking it's a Piano-type program for guitars and such, but it is less featured.
One (and the only one) interesting feature about Fretted is that it supports arbitrary number of strings and tunings. It has (modestly) rich instrument/tuning set pre-defined (9 tunings for 6 string guitar, 1 tuning for 5 string guitar, 3 tunings for soprano ukulele and 3 tunings for 5 string banjo).
The users can also define their own fretted stringed instruments, no matter how many strings are attached and how strange the tunings are.
Comes with the full sourcecode. One English user manual and one English manual on how to write an instrument definition file formerly
Neil Sands, shareware, #12, v3.2, Simple database of guitar chords, displays chords for either guitar or piano. guitar.SIS Jan 2000
Guitar Chord database
Guitar chord music database Also another data file at PocketInfo
Just after I got through saying no-one would try it. Beta still and only with command line interface. Alexander Zavorine. Formerly Was
Music sites
Not much for music on the Psion. MIDI is a possibility. For writing music, it might be possible to port a text based musical notation program. Check formats such as ABC and Mup at
Steve Litchfield's portable piano, tuner and metronome. Pitch selector, lots of others. Ver 2.7 March 1999 Shareware, #10. piano.SIS
Piano Greebo
Greebo Piano from Greebo at Simple piano keys. piano.opo Aug 1997 4kb
Piano Help
PianoHelp Piano Helper by Tim Kerber Shareware utility to assist anyone playing the piano or keyboards. Chords, scales, fifths, terms. tk at $15 Oct 1997
Speaker Enclosure Design programme V2.0 for Psion 5/5mx Primarily aimed at sub-woofer box design this program can in fact be used to design any loudspeaker enclosure box. * Sealed * Ported * 4th Order Bandpass * 6th Order Bandpass The program comes with a driver database which initially contains 29 different loudspeaker drivers. You can edit this database and add your own drivers as you wish. This program is free software, there are no time limits or disabled functions.
Synth 5
Marco Vincenzi. Freeware music keyboard for keys or pen, four octave range (but only two octaves at a time). Three level volume control, one simple reverb effect. synth5.SIS July 2000 Test Report: Plays tones, as specified. Not as serious as Piano. Unable to move from S5mx D: to S7 E: OK Tested: Site has now disappeared.
Temper 5
Marco Vincenzi. Freeware musical instrument tuner helper. Plays tones. range volume control, simple effects. temper5.SIS July 2000 Site is gone.
Bryan Duggan says TunePal is a program which plays music in the ABC music format, commonly used in traditional Irish, Scotts and Breton music. You can find more information and download Tune Files here: - File format description For an abc tutor see Chris Walshaw's abc home page If you are looking for a tune use JC's abc tune finder Windows ABC Player - Thousands of tunes in ABC format To download the program, go to Bryan's web site at

Bryan says the program is completely free. If you ask him nicely you can even have the source code. If you like the program, send him a message at skooter500 at

Sound Recorder

Sound recorder utilities, alarm sounds, and sound conversion.

Ralph Sprenger. Freeware. Replacement for record application in 5mx, and addon for Revo. record.SIS 15 kb 16 June 2001
Play a sound when starting a Psion. It's SmileWare (Freeware) from Reto Hugi. Was
Sound Converters
Utility that can convert between Series5 record.files and Windows wav files. Various version of PsiWin do this, I believe.
For the S5, look at John Forrest's SoundsTran at
For the PC tool program was at Psion
Commercial Alarm and sound editor, Epoc and Wav files. From Palmtop Nl (TomTom) Formerly
VoiceMan 5
VoiceMan5 is a Voice Notes manager for your Series 5/5mx. It's a small program which checks to see if you've any Voice Notes recorded on your Psion when you switch your machine on and gives you the option to review them or ignore them until the next switch on. It'll also let you change the drive used to store your Voice Notes on. Freeware by Martin Guthrie voiceman5.SIS 193 kb 29 April 2001 Was at

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