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Calculators and maths


Achay Dean. v3.01, shareware, US$20. Astronomy and sky map program, ephemeris, constellations, non standard commands. Was Polaris is at
Procyon X
Detailed astronomy program by John Sussenbach and Pedro van Can. Very extensive, freeware and commercial versions, also version for Revo. Also Procyon XL for the series 7 and netBook, with colour support, etc. Was Formerly
John Cody's program grabs naked eye viewing data for the Space Station from NASA, and creates appointments in MS Windows Outlook that you can download to a PDA. Knows about different city locations. Not Psion specific, but will work. Was
Solar Map
John Davies. Freeware SolarMap with 1 MB map of the world and over 1000 cities in the database. Browse and zoom through the maps, and modify and add to the database. Sun and moon positions. Was GeoClock on Psion 3a/3c. Download from
Freeware pocket planetarium and almanac for astronomy. v5.1 Feb 2001 * "Sky view" button for fast access to flat horizon planetarium displays. * 3D scale orrery. * Document-based saved settings. * Configurable colour charts. * Improved catalogues and searches. * Background star chart plotting. * Night shading on "Globe view". * Revised help file. * Planetarium and star atlas displays. * Natural-looking, azimuthal projection with up to 5000 stars. * 3D orrery Solar System display. * Galilean moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn displays. * Day/night world map displays. * Textual report generator. * Comet orbit calculator. * Large database and detailed information panels. * User-defined labels and lines on chart. * Full pen enablement, including pan and zoom. * Full printing support. * Automatic real-time update. * Comprehensive online manual with astronomical glossary. * Full support for colour. Very impressive piece of work by David Rushall. or formerly
Space Encyclopedia
Hundreds of statistics about the stars and planets and moons of our universe. Famous scientists biographies. Our milky way. Global Warming, etc. Shareware. This one was pretty pathetic at the time.
A nice astronomy software group site with links to all the Psion (and many other) astronomy programs. Was

Calculators, Maths and Graphs

Replica of the Psion 3a calculator. Andy B Was at
R Wakelin. Binary, Hex, decimal conversion calculator for Psion 7, with tutorial help, explaining conversions. Shareware US$10. 49kb download. Formerly
Conversion Calculator Pro
Tim Bentinck. Shareware. Convert length, weight, area, volume, speed, pressure, power. Units combined and converted to all possible conterparts. World currency conversions, import rates from internet. Number formats, VAT, temperature, fractions. User defined area for registered users. Compound interest. Hexadecimal, ASCII conversions. v.S5.1 Convert
Bob Hepple's RPN (Reverse Polish Notation, as used in many classic Hewlett Packard models) calculator DCALC for the Psion Epoc 5, 5mx and Revo. Has four modes, plus many unit conversions including up to 36 currencies. Financial has compound interest, annuities, days between dates, present value, final value, number of payments, etc. Scientific has all trig modes and their inverse. Statistics has sum, sum-, mean, std deviation, factorial, permutation and combination, linear regression. Programming has binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII and IP displays, logical operations, mod and shift, prime factors. Programable keys for your own OPL functions, Newton-Raphson iterative solutions to functions. Stack manipulation keys, and stack content is visible. Cut and paste to other apps. Stores settings between uses. Draw cartesian graphs (i.e. in X and Y), a percent % key in SCI, STA and FIN modes, inverse functions for SQR ROOT CUBE C.ROOT %, reorganisation of the menu, smaller memory footprint (approx 45kbyte - was 65kbyte) Looks very impressive (albeit perhaps overkill for me). In 2003, Bob Hepple kindly made the C++ source code available (should make a good example of how to do a large Epoc program). Marcus von Cube kindly compiled without the nag screens Former Shareware £15 US$21, A$30, or trial for four weeks. PocketIQ formerly
Flexible symbol calculator, can also be used as a general units calculator for which any list of constants can be entered. Also generates plots. Seems to be getting more extensive. Peter von Walter. Shareware $10 and a Lite freeware version also.
by Nicolas Piguet - will help you analyse complex mathematical functions and includes features you would only normally get on a purpose-built graphical calculator. It's quite simply the most advanced EPOC tool available for this type of mathematics. Try
Grapher function graphing
Jamie Shotton's shareware program does Cartesian and Polar graphing, graph tracing, etc. Formerly
HART computer algebra system
HartMath which is written in Java 1.1 and needs a Java virtual machine on EPOC32. Formerly
There is an application called MathDraw (available from TUCOWS) which is essentially a text-based version of M$ Equation Editor, converting your text description into maths format (i.e. fractions appear with the top number directly over the bottom number). These can be exported as Sketch files and inserted in the Word app. You can't have superscripts and subscripts on the same character, preceding subscripts or superscripts (like in chemistry equations for isotopes, etc), and the '-' (negative sign) preceding a superscript only displays the '-' character in the superscript. Takes a bit of getting used to but it is only 9kb in size and free, so what do you lose by trying? MathDraw from Niklas Larsson. You could download at
Gary Ewer. v5. Time additions in hours minutes and seconds. Degrees to radians. Simultaneous equations with 2 or 3 unknowns. Quadratic equations. Children starting algebra might enjoy it.
Shareware by Guillaume Dupont. Like the simple built in Calc application, but only a fraction the size. Ctrl Fn M hotkey it open, move it with the pointer. Doesn't work from drive E: Tested version 5.2 dated 1998. US$15 shareware. Pretty cute, but I can do mental arithmetic, and the unregistered version is annoying.
Multifunction RPN Calculator
Derek Johnson, shareware V1.6, #10, US$16. Like HP16C. Hex, octal and binary modes, list ASCII, statistical and financial functions, time calculations, logical functions, lots more, good help files. Should be great for anyone who misses their HP calculator. Formerly at
nCalc - multi-base calculator
Programmer's calculator from John McAleely. v1.2 Works simultaneously in binary, hex and decimal, and has a 15 element pushdown stack with push and pop. Shifts, and, or, xor, not. RPN stack operation. Limits are signed 32 bit numbers. Download from
Philip Bister. Freeware. v1.01 18/3/01 An 8-digit floating point calculator which supports squares, square roots, percent and memory functions with memory content display.
Philip Bister. Freeware. PBconvert v1.6 20/4/02 A conversion calculator with a user-friendly graphical interface. Contains a host of useful conversions and can also be used as a basic calculator with memory functions.
Prime Factor Extractor
Neil Sands. Extracts factors of numbers up to 2^30.
Psion48 - similar to HP48 Scientific Calculator
Version 2.1 Scientific calculator, allows matrix manipulation, compound numbers, integers to any base, probability, time caculations, and a menu bar. Shareware. For S3a/c, Siena, 5, 5mx. Devised by Xavier Galante,
Scientific calculator with integrated function grapher by Graham Parks. Fraction hex and binary support. History list. Live calculation shows answers to expressions while you type. Evaluate option. Solves triangles, simultaneous and quadratic equations. Matrix calculator with transposing and inversions. Up to six simultaneous graphs, which can be exported as sketches. Shareware, 93k zip download, registration code 15UKP.
Quadratic Equation Solver
QES v1.01 Jeremy Stein 1999 Freeware This program solves quadratic equations in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0
Shareware statistics package released via Palmscape (try PocketIQ). Basic statistics, average, sum, std dev, variance, smallest and largest. Percentile based on Gaussian distribution, also plot. Linear regression, intercept, curve fitting and plot. X or Y estimation. F test. T test. Advice on using correct function.
Philip Bister freeware. About 14 k. Run small OPO modules to perform repetitive or difficult calculations with hard to remember formulas. The OPO module collects data from the user via a dialog and to pass the formula to Tinycalc for evaluation.
Small computer algebra systems for the epoc operating system. One is YACAS which is written in C/C++:

Science and Technology

Biotechnology Glossary
Robbe Wunschiers. The glossary contains 568 entries of the world of biotechnology (version 1.2). Download the Psion 5 database file (zipped, 39kb) at the PsionPlace. The database is also available in the TomeRaider database format (Download:, 48kb).
Buffer Calculator
Buffers are intensively used in Chemistry, Biochemistry and molecular biology to maintain a preset pH value in a aqueous solution. Yet, the buffer properties are influenced by not only by the buffer substance but as well by the temperature, the ionic strength of the solution and other parameters. THE REAL BUFFER takes this into consideration and calculates the amount of buffer substance to use and how to titrate. It uses a database containing the most common buffer substances used, and which can be altered by the user.
Guillaume Sabouraud, v 3. shareware, 30 day evaluation. 100 FF US$20. Periodical table with 28 properties, plus isotopes. Molecular weight of a molecule. X ray properties, discoverer, etc. Display is in tiny type I can't read.
Data Loggers
I don't know of any for the Psion, however there is PIC based one called Meld designed for the Palm serial port (not Visor, which is non-standard) that seems to have open hardware and software standards, and good source code examples.
Jeff Harmed's Design Tools for Chemical Engineers, a website of engineering design tools as over 500 spreadsheets for reference, plant operation optimisation. 2.05MB Also Elements, ChemBase, Chemproperties, UK Prime Ministers, multi-variant analysis, psychrometric.
Engineering calculations. Stress, vibrations, differential equations and algebra, Numerica problem solver, etc.
Shareware from Fatec Engineering (specialise in metal fatigue). Electronic handbook with database on metals, materials selection, and glossary, now up to version 3 (with same features as Windows version). Formerly

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