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Email Products

When email is sent through the internet, it is actually almost all (except for HTML or styled mail, and attachments) in a very plain ASCII text format. Some proprietary programs insist upon storing it in their own specialised formats, which ordinary editors and tools can not work with. I think this practice is designed to lock users in to single company products.

I strongly recommend that no-one use email products that store email in a non-standard format. Thus I do not recommend Microsoft Outlook, nor Outlook Express for email, nor AOL Mail.

AOL Mail
An AOL email reader was been announced early 2001. Availability unknown but unlikely vapourware. Given that AOL insist on using proprietary formats for email, I strongly advise against using them for anything.
CixEd (now Polar)
Off-line email reader for Compulink Information Exchange UK. Updated to PsiCix by Mark Fleming, Andrew Giddings and others. Freeware formerly from
Extension of Signature, allows you to store email addresses and fax numbers for inserting direct into email. Also a comment option for marking replies. Robert Longbottom
DigHandler 5.3
Rolf Vonau Easier reading, replying and saving digest single messages (UPS or/and yahoogroups), stand-alone OPL program, now running on the S5, S5mx, MC218, Netbook, Revo. Adds line, page and message scrolling, with skipping. Listing of all subjects. Save current message in the same database as "SaveMail" from Sergio Alisi or "MailButler" from Stefan Denk / Oliver Dau. Jumping to next or previous digest. Select English or German during installation from SIS file. Shareware (9 US$). For evaluation it runs without restrictions about 1 month. Registered users will receive a small tool, transferring the preferences and the password from release 5 to the new one. Formerly
You can download IMAP4 plugin for EMail Reported to work perfectly with 5mx, as well as with Revo (not tested).
Simon Long. Mail Arc is an application which scans the email and SMS messages stored by the Email application on the Psion 5mx, and extracts the subject, header, text, date, time and sender. These are then written to plain text files, from where they can be imported into Data, or archived in some other way. Formerly
Small utility to quote mail for reply, add salutation and signature. Freeware, King Midas.
Ralph Vonau. REM = ReplyEveryMail Its freeware. Using this program you can comfortably reply to both single and digest mails with or without quoting the body, insert subjects, insert additional addresses, as well as greeting text, signatures and thought of the day.
A macro automates the process of copying a message from Email on ER 5 machine and pasting it to a "preformatted" Psion DATA file or a "plain" Psion Word file. Also create multiple recipients (DATA files) to collect different kinds of messages. Macro5 addon. Formerly
Sergio Alisiv 3.12 ER5 - a stand alone version for email only. - create a folder called SaveMail in /System/Apps and copy in SaveMail. ico, .aif, .box, .opl, .app, and .ini. There was a .readme file. Now in English, Italian, German, Danish
Add signatures to the end of emails. Robert Longbottom
Marcus von Cube. SMTP authorisation, in conjunction with Psion Email. Use for ISPs that require authentication. Intercepts HELO from server, returns EHOL and login and password, then passes everything through to regular mail client. Requires Java.
XJMail from Japan by Kawabe, Kondo and Cars offers both POP and SMTP (POP before SMTP, plain login, or encrypted) authentications. Of great use to users whose ISPs now require this as an anti-spam feature. Customer Michael Kintzios says: A highly flexible and customisable POP mail client offering different types of SMTP authorisation, very fast downloads of headers, partial download of messages (to look into large messages), etc. Although it is written to cater for Japanese users and language, it also has English documentation and help files. The user interface for English machines is of course in English. The latest version is 1.32.1b.

Mobile Phone Products

Gold Card initialise
The PsionDacom (PsionConnect) Gold Card modem is not initialised correctly by a Psion 7 or netBook. There is now (Jan 2001) a firmware upgrade for the Gold Card on the Psion site (moved elsewhere on site?). Formerly
GSM Data File
Rolf Brunsting's very helpful GSM phone list shows whether your phone can connect to the internet (moved elsewhere on site?) Formerly
GSMMon for ER5 shows you GSM Network data like Cell ID, Location Area Code and the reception level in dBm. Shows all transmitted Cellbroadcast Channels and can be used like a newsticker if your provider supports Cellbroadcast. The features shown depending on the mobile phone. GSMMon supports most of the Nokia and Siemens IrDA phones. The page is in German, but the program is in English and there is an English readme file in the zip file included. Carsten Knuetter formerly at
Mike McConnell
Very helpful site with lots of material about Psion 3 and 5. Good material about connecting to mobile phones, with details of several different setups for UK ISPs.
Mobile Phones
Psion provide a list of suitable IrDA mobile phones for use with Psion 5 and other EPOC models, where they have actually tested the phones. Basically Nokia 8810, 8210, 7110, 8850, Ericsson T18 + DI-27, T28 + DI28, 7xx + DI-27, or 888, Motorola L7089, P7389, Siemens S25 and S35i Many other models may work, but are not tested. Formerly
Net Monitor
GSM Net monitor software for Epoc. It currently runs with Nokia and Siemens phones. In general it should also run with Ericsson IRDA phones, but not tested. Unable to connect to which seems like a bad URL. Up to now the program can show Cell ID, LAC and RX Lev in dBm with Siemens phones and Cell ID, LAC and Cellbroadcast with Nokia phones.
Phone Advice
Beginners guidebook to using Psion and mobile phones, in PDF format. and Mike McConnell's site
S5 FoneWord
Charles Reed Freeware converts word based phone numbers as used in USA into numbers.

Other Products

Web site and email manager to store mail addresses, web site addresses, and interact with Message Suite.
Clarinet Systems
Have an IrDA to Ethernet converter. Their EthIR Switch comes in 8 and 16 beam models. Beams are from EthIR Beam devices. Their EthIR Lan TCP/IP system is said to work with Windows 95/98, Windows CE, MacOS, PalmOS and Linux. No mention of Psion. Wiring is Cat 5. EthIR will route to DHCP and DNS. It is intended to work with an existing Ethernet LAN. EthIR Beam receives IR frames from an infrared device and delivers these to the EthIR switch. The EthIR Switch translates these into Ethernet frames. EthIR Beam doesn't work with IR equipped cameras (but will use JetSend to HP jetSend printer). A single beam EthIR Switch is now available, called EthIR Lan 101. Neat stuff. Says they support Epoc.

A netBook user writes in March 2001 to confirm "it works with the beta IrLAN drivers ... but connects effortlessly without them. Use a dummy ISP with direct connection and PPP selected. (The box apparently tranlates the PPP for you so that ethernet drivers are not required). I use both of these methods often and they both work with no problem. I must admit though radio LAN with my netBook is so much more fantastic." "I confirm that this definitely works without any extra drivers. I am using it day to day (usually with ethernet drivers but often not) with netBook. As I mentioned before all you need to do is set up an ISP with a direct connection type, then enable PPP extensions on the Advanced tab. You also need to set up an IR modem: 115200 baud, connect via IR, loudspeaker: never, no init strings, no flow control, modem type: fixed line. It works without fail on our LAN and allows access to anything a dial-up would allow including Opera, Web, Email, FTP, ICQ, News clients and Citrix." Formerly Formerly

iRE201 device from Singapore has serial, ethernet and IrDA. Connects Palm and PocketPC to an ethernet. About US$80.
Gives DEC MSAC address from a Decnet address.
John McAleely's program The Dialer, will let you connect to the internet independently from any other application, rather like DUN on a PC. Scripts, phone call logging. Shareware.
Tony Crocker. Scripts, phone call logging. Shareware. Try Tucows.
Help materials about EPOC. Current project includes trying to list ISPs that can be used with EPOC devices. Rafe Blandford. Formerly at
Aironet 4800 card is mentioned by the alpha ethernet driver, and is reported to work. Aironet was bought by Cisco a few years ago. Card can sometimes be found on eBay under Cisco brand as an AIR-PCM340. Dell Truemobile is a rebadged Aironet 4800b. Cisco Aironet 340 also works. Dell truemobile 1100 a re-branded Cisco 340, partcode: AIR-PCM342 works. Alpha driver works, but is not as stable as Psion 10MB+56k ethernet card.
Ian Silvester had advice on connecting a NetBook to the internet via an Ethernet connection to a home network.
Ethernet Survey
There is a survey by James Marshall to encourage the production of Ethernet drivers for the Psion 7. Please encouraging this venture formerly at
Extended Systems
XTNDAccess IrDA Net (formerly JetEye Net). Access via IrDA to Ethernet (10baseT conector), at up to 4 Mbps. Supports TCP/IP, IPX and NetBEUI under Windows 9x, TCP/IP only under Win 2000. Supports Palm with TCP/IP. Believed to accept Psion netBook with Ethernet drivers. Had trouble with the web pages, so no prices. Doesn't sound as versatile for Psion users as the Clarinet version detailed above.
Calculates maximum permissible loss over a length of multimode fibre. Use to check light meter readings over optic fibre.
Dave Rushall. Combined 'finger' and 'ping' support. * Simple interface. * Address history. * Cut and paste responses into other applications. * Sample finger server included. * Compatible with all EPOC machines with Internet connection.
Dave Rushall. OPM to process text files and apply template macros. Designed to maintain HTML pages. Common text in multiple pages, common layout, boilerplate. Combine with EpocSync to maintain web pages. Formerly
Andrew Flegg. A command line FTP program for Shell5 (using X-Soft's FTP OPX) free and faster than Java version at
Command line implementation of an ftp client similar to that found on Windows, Unix and most other operating systems. It is supported for EPOC32 release 5 machines (e.g. 5mx, Revo, 7). Formerly
A little FTP-Server for Psion.
Gold Card modems
Psion Connect Dacon formerly had some hints at these locations.
Html Converter
Marc de Oliveira. Shareware ver 2, £15 Convert simple text files to simple HTML files. Define styles. Convert Agenda files to HTML. Uses Opera and Symbian Editor.
Colin Shearing's HTML Designer allows the creation and maintenance of HTML pages on the Psion series of machines. Set a default browser of either the Psion Browser or the Opera Browser when viewing an HTML page. Create WML pages and also limited wizards for creation of WML pages. Agenda to HTML.
HtmlEdit web page editor
Includes HTML aware spelling checker, frames "wizard", customise the tags database, multiple zoom and display options, launch Psion browser for checking, copy and paste between other applications, list builder, colour builder in hexadecimal or HTML 3.0 values, search and replace, document history, export in plain text if desired. Russ Spooner did HTMLEdit98, which was extended by Steve Litchfield and others. Now supported by Trygveh Henriksen.
HTTP Server
Small http server written in opl, with some C++ classes. Just sends the requested file. Never improved. J-m at Not followed up.
Internet utilities
There is also some newly developed freeware for internet usage available: one does allow you to receive some informations: 1.NIF Info - request for network interface status and current IP address of your machine. 2.Lookup - utility used to get information about domain names and IP addresses from DNS service. 3.Whois - utility used to get register information about domains and persons from special whois-servers. 4.Ping - utility for testing connectivity with remote hosts. 5.Trace - utility that helps to check and diagnose a root to the remote host. The other, even more interesting piece of software is a little FTP-Server for Psion. You can download him under:
Dr. David Kren?s nICQ includes support for Oregon Scientific's Osaris machine. nICQ is similar in operation to its desktop counterpart. nICQ supports the use of multiple ICQ accounts, instant messages and user information. You can find a list of other EPOC ICQ users at
Instant Messenger
There's an Java-based AIM (AOL Instant Message) client by Dan Ramage which grabs the AOL Java client and downloads and uses that.
IP Subnet
IP subnet calculator for mask showing bits, hex and so on.
IRC for Psion 5
There is an old IRC client for Psion 5 available via Tucows. It has not been updated.
iRC Client patch for ER5
"Fitz" ( says that if you get a socketopx.opx error after installing and running the above client on an ER5 machine, take a copy of the file msgi.dll from a Psion 5 (not 5mx) and place this in the system\libs folder on the ER5 machine.
Java IRC client
IBM Alphaworks are said to have a Java IRC client that works on NetBook and Psion 7. Colour GUI, multichannel windows, away setings, logging, DCC, sound. The Java app is called and was available at
Mobile Communications
Psion have a web page giving some ideas about keeping in contact while travelling by using the GRIC or IPass organisations, or by using a global roaming ISP. Also has pointers to other comms pages. Formerly
Modem details
For details of numerous modem connection setups for Psion check
Chris Matthee. Graphical FTP file transfer protocol from Neuon
Psion Enterprise made Opera 3.62 available to owners of a netBook or Psion 7. Try the Psion Teklogix site now.
Hans Lub. Tiny HTTP server written in perl, in order to run perl CGI scripts on EPOC machines (MC218, Psion 5 and 7, Revo). Should work on any machine with TCP sockets and perl, even if it cannot fork().
Psion PC Card Modem Adaptor
Battery powered serial port to PCCard adaptor for Type II modems. Works with Psion Dacom Gold Card, US Robotics WorldPort, Pace Microlin, Megahertz XJACK series, Hayes PC Cards, Nokia Cellular Data Card, Philips Mobile Data Card.
Psion Modem Compatibility
Psion say the following Gold Card modems are compatible with Psion 5/5mx PC Card Modem Adaptor and 7. Global 56K+Fax, Gobal V34+Fax, Global GSM, Classic V34+Fax, Classic V32bis. Other compatible models claimed by other to be TDK 28K, TDK Global Class 3310 V34, Rockwell RS 56K, Zoom PC card 56K, 3Com Megahertz 56K XJack (3CXM756) The following are not compatible. Netglobal 56K and 10mb versions, Global ISDN, Classic Ethernet version. Also not compatible TDKModem DF2814 V34, US Robotics XJack V90 and Sportster V34. Formerly at
Rebol internet scripting language
Easy to use internet scripting language for many computers. Psion port still at early alpha. I can confirm it works for email and http on Windows, with very simple scripts. Worth checking now and then. about a 200k Windows executable, should be OK for writing your own web download engine, etc. Free.
RMR Software's FTP file transfer protocol package $25
RMR Software's internet news usenet reader $25 See also SaveNews Macro 5 (also some OPL programs) from Sergio at
Hans Lub. Tiny program to prevent EPOC machines from freezing when connected to ISPs that don't filter out traffic to port 135. There is a java version and an easy-to-install, less memory- hungry OPL version
TCP/IP patch
Patch to prevent EPOC machines from freezing when connected to ISPs that don't filter out traffic to port 135. Unload anything that uses the internet before installing. From Alex L Formerly
A VPN client for Palm, said to be working on one for Epoc and WinCE, but will probably not do the Epoc version. Address works, but I doubt there is a product.
WAP Browser
An opensource (Java?) WAP browser for many platforms at
WAP hints and tips
A couple of pages on configuring the Wap browser
Web Grabber is an application for EPOC32 machines (e.g., Psion Series 5mx or 7) that download Web pages for offline viewing. It can download a page or an entire site easily. It downloads images and other files as well as pages, and adjusts the URLs referenced inside each page that contains HTML to refer to the locally kept pages.
The file COPX-wins.SIS is needed to run the little webserver from: and then I have copied the file webserver.opl

Telnet and Terminal Emulators

When you need a terminal, don't forget you already have the Comms application built into your Psion (except Revo models). Read the manual on the PsiWin disk. When you need more than that, here are some sources.

Terminal emulator so you can log in to your remote system via modem. VT100 equivalent. Shareware. More facilities than built in Comms. Does IR in dumb mode (unlike Hermes).
Hermes terminal emulator
Richard Panton. A full featured freeware VT100 terminal emulator for Psion 5. Has Telnet and socket support. Note that it doesn't support IR in dumb terminal mode, although it does for TCP/IP.
Terminal emulator designed especially for use by network professionals with Cisco switches. Comes with Cisco profile to set defaults and hotkeys of use with Cisco switches and routers. Comes with custom cable for connecting.
AppGate pure Java 1.1.x based SSH client opens secure tunnels to SSH servers for VPN. (Do some snooping on sites to locate this.) Formerly and formerly
Based on FlyTerm. Telnet terminal emulator. Stores last 10 hosts. Support screens larger than Psion, by following active cursor. VT2xx, VT100, VT52, TVI950, ADM3A. Log traffic for analysis.
SyOSsh aims to be a full native ssh client pack (based on Simon Tatham's excellent Putty) for handhelds using SymbianOS (aka. EPOC): ER5 (like Psion Revo), GT6.x (like Nokia 92x0).
newTELnet - beta Freeware. This TELNET client supports ANSI, VT100, VT2xx, VT52, TVI950 and ADM3A escape sequences. It can be used with either a modem or a serial connection. newTELnet makes the most out of the small screen by utilizing some unique scrolling techniques. It will also allow you to configure the toolbar to allow easy entry of stardard texts and function keys.

Message Suite and ER3 Related

These are for the older Psion 5 (classic) using Message Suite. By the way, the first tip should always be, upgrade to the latest version (1.52). The second tip is, never use these components with any Psion except a Psion 5 (classic).

Simple send and receive fax freeware for Series 5 (superceeded mostly by Message Suite and not compatible with it).
Message Suite
Free download from Psion for Series 5 classic only. Email, message editor, web browser, fax send. The Psion 5mx includes a different package.
Freeware add-on to Message Suite, archives email to folders not inbox. Formerly at
Swapper for Message Suite
Swapper allows up to 10 ISP accounts to be logged and used by Message Suite. Shareware, formerly available via

Via PC or Web Site

There are multiple methods of accessing the internet via a PC, or accessing applications or a web site for offline reading.

Said to be producing a version for use with Symbian products in March 2001. That may mean ER6 release only. No further details, and I don't personally believe they will ever release.
If you're trying to use the PC's Internet connection to get the S5 on line have a look at DSLink. Formerly link/index.html This is now said to be renamed m-Router and taken over by
Freeware web page downloader, can be customised to load or ignore specific pages, various depths, etc. A Windows version is available. Then just copy the pages to the Psion with PsiWin.
Kabestin Software Web Grabber
Web Grabber, a tool for downloading and viewing internet pages in batches. The application allows users to define 'configurations' for any number of web-sites, specifying the number and type of internet pages to download from a certain URL. It is also capable of handling non-HTML file types, translating the pages into a format which can be viewed using the EPOC web browser and altering the contents of each file to reflect the new link locations caused by local storage. It has a small memory footprint, occupying just 80 Kb on the EPOC device. Web Grabber is shareware, with registration costing $20.
MobiPocket Reader
Download newspapers and the like from CNN, FT. Freeware (started with Palm and Ce, now includes Epoc).
Mocha PPP
Use your Psion to connect with the Internet through your PC's Internet connection. Works with broadband connections. Install the software, and select the Windows CE connection and then your COM port and Connection Speed (uses 115200). You don't need to run PsiWin server (the squiggly icon) and you don't enable the PC link. On the Psion, create a new Modem setting and call it Mocha or whatever. Speed: 115200 Connect through cable Fax class: auto Options: leave alone. Initializations: All blank. Advanced: No flow control. No other boxes checked. Type of modem: Landline. Create a new Internet Service on Psion and call it Mocha PPP or whatever. Connection Type: Direct. Account: Manual logon is checked. Addresses: Get IP and DNS from server Logging In: No log in script. Advanced: No boxes checked.
Make Internet connection with your ISP on your desktop PC. Next, start up the e-mail app or the Web browser or a newsreader, and launch a connection. Select the Mocha options for the Modem and Internet Service. You should now be able to receive data this way.
Offline Web
Palmtop BV's (now TomTom) product downloads preselected web sites (size and types of content can be controlled) using Internet Explorer 4 and up. Sites can be checked for updates. The downloads can then be loaded into your Psion for offline viewing. US$24 Formerly
Freeware web site download tool by Edward Hsu for WinCE. Don't know whether you can subvert it for Epoc. Formerly
Windows 95/NT utility to allow Psion to pass through printer files and modem communications, without requiring PsiWin. There is also a freeware version of PassThru for the Psion.
Download web sites to Psion. I couldn't locate details on their site, and most of their software is Windows CE.
Site Scooper
Download pages from a news site that uses frames or extraneous HTML, change it to formats you can use. Output formats include plain text, HTML, Plucker (Palm) and iSilo (Palm) and it can compress to tcr format as used by AportisDOC (Palm, also various Psion etext readers). Sites covered includes SlashDot, Linux Weekly, HackerNews, Jacob Neilsen's Alertbox, Ars Technica, I, Cringely, Comp.Risks, 300 others. Also add your own sites. Links retained as bookmarks. Good sample pages from slashdot. Nice resource for Palm and other PDAs like Psion. Justin Mason.
Windows includes facilities for internet access via the Psion cable connection. In Windows Network and Dialup settings, add new connection to accept incoming calls by direct cable connection over the serial port at 19,200.

In Psion Control Panel, make Modem speed 19,200, connect via cable, fax class auto, and modem fixed line, with everything else left at default. In Psion Internet connection type is direct, account manual, addresses from server, use login script, 8 bits no parity, use generic RAS script, remove 0xOd from script, and everything else unticked.

Eric Sandblom has a lengthy article explaining in detail how you can do this with win95/winME and Win 2000: Formerly

Another guide for older versions of Windows RAS.

Michael Kintzios gives a very detailed account of using RAS with Windows XP formerly

This site will look much better in a browser that supports W3C web standards but it is accessible to any browser or internet device, including Psion Web and similar PDA or limited browsers. Netscape 4.x users - turn Style Sheets off. Your style sheet support is too broken to use (sorry). -> epoc -> software sites -> internet

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