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Conversion tricks using existing applications.


See also my notes on synchronising software under sync.

Put Contact entries into alphabetical order

Extract your Contacts into ASCII in CSV, sort the resulting file, import into Data, and then create a Contacts file from the Data file. Check these programs for the conversions (I haven't needed to do this, but ...)

C2F. Malcolm Bryant. Convert EPOC ER5 Contacts file into ASCII text on Psion. Will do it in CSV or tabbed format for import into Epoc Data. Freeware.

Data Contact. Pascal Nicholas. Converts Data files into Contact files, by importing the address info into Contacts. Freeware?

HTML to text or Word

Steven Pemberton advises in Web, select all, and copy. In Epoc Word, just paste. Voila!

General Printer Driver

Don't forget that the general printer driver will convert almost any output to a fairly plain ASCII file, if you print to file.

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