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Bank Accounts

While you can always keep track of your accounts with a simple (or complex) spreadsheet, you may find a specialist bank account tracking package more powerful and more convenient. Some of these banking packages also handle shares and other investments.

5 Account
Simon Berridge. Shareware Bank program from PocketIQ. One strong point is an associated program called PC5Account, which lets you view 5Account data on your Windows PC. (You may note you can do the same in the Psion Emulator if a program is written in OPL). 5Account has multiple accounts and categories, standing orders, reconcile, multiple currencies, moving conversion rates. Supports assets, liabilities, bank, cash, credit cards. Handles invoices and will print or make a HTML file. 5account.SIS 488k dated 7 May 2001 Caution, home page was almost exclusively graphics for navigation.
Author Malcolm Bryant continues to release updates to his freeware A Bank Program. This features unlimited accounts, categories, standing orders, investments, import and export, foreign accounts, print reports, balances by accounts or category, split transactions, reconcile. I've been using version 5 for several years now, and so far it has worked very well for my bank accounts and some investments. I still don't have my investments under control, possibly because I neglected to try Malcolm's sample file to teach how to use the Investments section. In OPL but works fast. A recent version ( 546kb abp.SIS 29 May 2001 ver5.19 Jan 2001) lets categories be viewed like accounts. ShiftLetter goes to category starting with that letter, etc. You can also run it in the Epoc Emulator on your PC. Test Report: I used this all the time. Highly Recommended. OK Tested: or maybe
Pete Sipple is part of the excellent Palmtop magazine team, and has long produced his OPL program BankPlus. There are versions for Psion 3 models, and for the Siena, plus Psion 5 and Revo. A great one if you are also using an older model Psion. Verify bank statements, standing orders, text and Quicken export, graph, currency conversion, small size, 16 accounts. I had a bit of a play with a much earlier version, but decided I probably needed something a little more extensive (most rival bank programs were much larger - the BankPlus.SIS of 28 Sept 2001 is under 101 kb). Shareware, eight Pounds.
Daniel Pfund did this one late in 5 Nov 1997, and I don't think it has been updated. £10 UK, US$15 shareware. Nice features include foreign currency supported either in foreign or in local currency. Automatic transaction descriptions. Unlimited transactions etc. Auto increments cheque number. Optional passwords. Printing. Import Quicken files. Password for registration. About 80 kb, manual install. Formerly
Easybank 3
Phil Rosengarten. Shareware 44k Sheet file to monitor 3 bank accounts for a year. Standing orders and currency conversion. Probably a good way to learn how to do a sizeable Epoc spreadsheet.
Ken Emmanuel produced this as $15 £10 shareware. This banking and financial management software helps you manage your everyday accounts. Features are also available for foreign transactions, statement reminders and spending patterns. Psion 5/7 and also Revo versions. 221 kb EZBank v3.43.SIS dated 29 April 2001. formerly or formerly
Home Bank
Nigel Bamber produces his HomeBank as Shareware - a bank account keeping program, and others. Updated 14 Jan 2000. Analysis of income, expenditure and budgets, Quicken import and export. View all screens over any time period. User defined categories. Reconcile. Transfers, standing orders. Graphs of income and expenditure. 160 k for storage. Shareware. Costs £10 UK or US$15. HomeBank.SIS 308 kb
Commercial banking package originally from Psion, made by Palmtop BV (now TomTom) starting with a Psion 3 version that sold 60,000 copies. Rather expensive but has had good reviews. Quicken compatible import and export. Accounts, categories, transaction books, scheduled transactions (standing orders), foreign currency accounts, reports and graphs. Good speed. For all Epoc versions. Money.SIS is fairly large at 619 kb dated 6 Oct 1999. Costs £49.99 US$54.99
Pocket Bank
HobbyWare freeware. Reports, budgets, Quicken export, freeware. Revo version also. PBankv401.SIS 114 kb 22 July 2000 It was hosted for a short time on through the kindness of the owner of that site.
Pocket Money
Richard Ryerson does this freeware bank account manager. Very easy to use, works fine on mc218. Occupies about 100k. Richard doesn't have a web site. Author is rryerson at
Freeware banking program by Arnoud van der Giessen. Has different currencies, categories for each transaction. Graphs of balances over several months, or income vs expenditure graph. In English or Dutch. PsiBank.SIS 225 kb 16 Aug 2001 Formerly
RMR Bank
RMRBank Alan Richey has been working on this extensive shareware package for a long time, with versions back to Psion 3. Import and export using Quicken QIF. Lots of additional functions in this large package, way beyond just banking and accounts (budget, expenses, planning, fuel, home inventory, investments, track electricity gas and water use - some of these modules are sold as stand alone by RMRSoft). Export some items to Word or Sheet. At 1090 kb rmrbank.SIS 27 April 2001 is the largest banking package. Rather slow to open, but it is a large program. When first attempting to check RMRBank on a Psion 5mx, I got a User-Exec code, reason 3 failure, and the program closed. Worked second time (3.1b tested). Too many possible options to summarise, but this is one of the major and most extensive banking programs. Test Report: Too extensive to fully evaluate, good reputation. OK Tested:
Palmtec Commercial £24 Compatible with Quicken and Money, expense management, share tracking, income and expenses tracking, fuel consumption, utilities bills and standing orders, change currency. See Proporta (change of name in 2002). Was">

Expense Tracking

Shareware Expense manager keeps business expenses orderly. Was
DCLFuel 1.4 by Dave Lee. An application to record car fuel consumption and mileage data. Enter the date, petrol station, odometer reading plus dispensed volume and DCLFuel calculates such statistics as the average fuel consumption since the last filling, overall fuel consumption, average number of miles per day, etc. A very nice aspect is that the application uses a split-pane display. The numbers are in the top pane and the bottom pane contains a graph of (say) the fuel consumption. Reason why I like DCLFuel is that Dave hasn't added all kind of bells and whistles but kept it simple. Above note by Rolf Brunsting (I haven't seen this product).
Freeware 14k Sheet monitors monthly private spending on a week by week basis over 5 weeks by categories and budgets. Graph results. Phil Rosengarten. Formerly
Freeware 14k Sheet monitors company expenses in different currencies. Simple example of vlookup used for currency conversion, etc. Phil Rosengarten. Was
Expense Manager
Records your expenses, and creates a standard expenses form to match that at your company. Companion Widows program for doing reports and graphs. Commercial product from Palmtop (TomTom). US$34.99
Expense Watcher
ITIL. Freeware. Keeps track of various expenses. Total expenses for a month, or between any two dates. Expwatch.sis Was
Fred Pacquier. Freeware. Just a Simple Psion Expense Recording application. Fast easy entry of expenses (or income). Templates with relevant fields for ATM or cash withdrawals, cheques, and credit cards. Turn a record into a persistant template. Many One Key commands. Tracks cheque numbers. Stores data as flat text file. Intended for easy daily expense recording. Formerly formerly
Ruey Loon. Shareware. Simple money tracking program with three zoom levels. Tracks your income and expenses in eight user defined categories. Display by dates, category or amount. Graph by balance or categories. Import or export as comma delimited text file. US$12 Formerly
Motoring Expenses (Series 5) - General Travel Applications
Shareware - $15.00 Keep track of all your vehicle expenditures, multiple vehicles (20), track your fuel economy and remind you of overdue services. Fuel economy graphs (input data in litres/Gallons and Kilometres/Miles) Service planning and reminders. Print reports based on the data entered Drop down lists for mutiple vehicles. Formerly or
Shareware expense account manager.
Shareware - $20.00 Manage expenses and record activities. Track income and expenses in a much more formalized manner. Encrypt with CAST-256. Infrared to other machines. Help facility. Custom data views through filters and order functions Data Import and export

Investing and Shares

Author Malcolm Bryant continues to release updates to his freeware A Bank Program. Investments, print reports, balances by accounts or category, split transactions, reconcile. I've been using version 5 for over a year now, and so far it has worked very well for my bank accounts and some investments. Although I still don't have my investments under control, possibly because I neglected to try Malcolm's sample file to teach how to use the Investments section. In OPL but works fast. Was or Freepoc
Stock calculating freeware, about 7k, issued around 2000. URL not available, but downloadable from Tucows.
Yves Coene. Freeware options calculator for Psion Revo, using the Black-Scholes formula for European put and call options, and the Binomial algorithm for American and European options without dividend correction. Calculates price, premium, delta, gamma, rho, theta and other parameters and can display a graph. Supplied as an app.
Eric Nutbey. Shareware $25 options calculator for premiums on put and call options. Graphs. 62kb. Not tested. No longer available at
Guillaume Dupont has a major application in several languages. Accounting to tracks shares, manage foreign currency accounts. Porfolio is the reference application for the management of a portfolio of shares on an Epoc machine. It is fitted to the needs of all possible users: some use it to manage one single account in one single currency with a handful of shares, while others manage dozens of lines of investment across several accounts in different currencies. For all of them Porfolio keeps track of the details of each single transaction and every single day of quotation. It produces both the most detailed and the most synthetic reports, in a number of different formats. An add-on will soon allow managing an investment club with Porfolio. Version 5.12b of Porfolio was at
Portfolio Manager
Commercial. Funds and share manager with internet agent for updates. Palmtop.
Shareware tracks multiple portfolios of shares and investments.
Thierry Scherrer. Time Value of Money. Freeware loan and investment calculator. 11kb as .app Was at /

Other Financial

Adam Sissman shareware. Currency converting shareware.
Financial Calculator
Greg Love. Shareware. FinCalc5 Simple calculator, plus. Cash flows, capital growth, loan table (again, text too small), amortization, markups, markdowns, depreciation, rates of return, multiple cashflows, etc. The QuickLoan calculator is neat, however the figures are too small for me to read, and the zoom keys do not work. The figures in the other functions are large. US$15. Test Report: I couldn't use it due to small fonts. Uses only half the display in S7. OK Tested: Was at or possibly Palmtop (now TomTom).
Foreign Exchange
Shareware $25. Downloads and uses 58 exchange rates from the Internet. Show three currencies at once. Also standard calculator. ITIL. Was at
Guillaume Dupont provides multi currency conversion. Imports exchange rates from the Internet. Was at
Guillaume Dupont has a business and financial calculator, which includes Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value of dated cash flows. Was at www.kylom.comw
Shareware wage slip tracker by Richard Smedley (see Wages, below).
RPI Calculator
Richard Smedley's freeware track prices changes in retail stores. Fails to appear on his (empty) site, which now seems to be down.
Richard Smedley Wages 3.4, a personal payslip database and analyser designed to help you keep track of all your wages. Instantly find out a range of useful information, including how much tax you have paid, how many hours you are working, how much money you have paid into the company pension scheme, etc. All Epoc, not suggested for Osaris. Also sold as RMRWages.

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