Psion Epoc Text Editors and Handwriting

With the best keyboard, handwriting recognition takes second place.

Editors for plain standard text files, plus handwriting recognition, and related utilities.

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Text Editors

Symbian Editor
Free 47k download. Seems to be OPL editor with OPL removed, spell checker access added, and word wrap. One thing to watch with this text editor is that it may leave a file "Editor.txt" littering whatever folder you have set to be the default. I presume this is tied in to the fact that it doesn't correctly use the ini file to open the previous file when restarted. See the readme files for more on this. Probably the best choice.
This is old shareware from David Spooner, does not allow you to run text files directly but gives you something similar. This does include search and replace. Shareware. Formerly
Freeware Java based text editor. Formerly at
Ian Chapple freeware. Note taking, up to 256 characters, with type styles, sorting, priorities, save as text, csv, html.
This will allow you to run files directly from system but does not include more advanced features such as search and replace.
Multi page pen based note pad system, designed for fast and easy electronic ink notes. Select fonts and text sizes, calculations on screen, drawing tools, automatic timestamps, cut, copy and paste, multiple pages, drawing tools. Shareware US$25 Formerly
John McAleely. Freeware. StationeryPad adds templates to the Series 5, by adding a 'Stationery Bar' containing template files for use with any application. Keep letter templates, fax cover sheets and other frequently used documents in one handy place, ready for use as new files.
Convert a file, using a sequence of rules (find A replace with B) freeware by Arvi van Os
There is also a vim for Psion! The vi improved, from Unix. But it is early beta, and too large for a revo... A basic fast and small vi would probably be nicer.
The Epoc Word application can import and export files. The disadvantage being that files can not be run directly from the system screen.
OPL Editor
The OPL program editor (need to install this on a Revo first). Like Epoc Word, you need to import and export.

Text Related Utilities

Steve Beadle. Multi word anagram discoverer. Does more than the built in one. Smileware.
For stand alone, foreign language or translation dictionaries, see my electronic books page.
Mail Merge
Alchemy Technology Sdn Bhd - Psion Distributor in Malaysia. Mail Merge is a simple text editor with mail merge capability. Mail Merge allows you to merge a form letter with variable information (such as a database of names and addresses of customers). This allows you to have virtually identical documents in which the substance of the documents is the same for every customer, yet each is customized to a particular individual in your database. Beta version of MailMerge at
Spell checker swapping
Marcus von Cube has a small OPL program called morelex for swapping between various versions of the Psion spelling checker. Also the UK, US, French and German spelling dictionaries from Psion.
Mark O'Neill Song Writers and Poets Handbook word finder, by syllables. An unusual application, but interesting.
Thesaurus Link
ThesLink version 2.02 March 1998 by Henry Hirst is a freeware opo (so it doesn't show in Extra Bars) for use with applications that support the standard Ctrl C and Ctrl V copy and paste keys. Start the .opo, and in any application, highlight a word, press the hotkey (Fn Ctrl L by default). The standard Thesaurus application will pop up with your selected word being looked up. Cut and paste your selected replacement word into your application. Works faster if the Spell application is already open. About 3k.
Perl shareware script for $85 converts text files to PDF. Highlight PDF text in colour, bold and italicise, two columns, page numbers. Not specifically intended to run on Epoc.


While most Psion users find the keyboard more than adequate, there can be times when it is handy to use the touch screen display as a writing pad, even if only to show someone using a Palm PDA that you can do so. So far I haven't located anyone who actually uses any of the handwriting systems.

A single character at a time handwriting recogniser that works, but does not seem as natural as Calligrapher.
A commercial handwriting recogniser that is reasonably impressive. One user reports it recognised his natural handwriting (which isn't all that neat) and achieved a good speed and very high accuracy. However, after his experience with Allegro, he wasn't sure he would really use it so it was back to the keyboard. Calligrapher uses natural handwriting recognition, not a simplified alphabet. Has a 65000 word dictionary, integrates with other applications, and includes an arithmetic calculator. Abbreviation expander. About 900k.
Character recognition using a new approach, with a macro feature, for netBook and 7.
Handwriting Recognition
FREE handwriting recognition software. It's a beta, but it works on Osaris. Alan Colson, formerly URL required.
Nicklas Larsson created this a free handwriting program for ER5, which works in a similar manner to Grafitti, using a similar simplified alphabet. Works with most EPOC software. Previous version was just called Scribble. About a 60k SIS. Handy when it is too dark to see the keyboard (assuming you can't touch type). Formerly at
Patrick Perdang freeware. Handwriting character recognition like Grafitti using predefined strokes in a floating window.

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