Psion Epoc Mail, email, fax and SMS

Connect via GSM mobile phone to anywhere on the planet with the Psion Epoc.

The email, fax and SMS handler.

You can connect to the internet via either the standard landline phone system when at home, or via certain GSM mobile phones while travelling.

Connecting via the landline phone system.

You have four ways to connect to landline phones.

External serial port modem.
You can connect your PsiWin cable to virtually any external computer modem. You will need a null modem adaptor to connect the 9 pin PsiWin cable end to the modem connector. A null modem adaptor reverses some of the lines as required. Note that some commercial null modem connectors are incorrectly made, and do not connect all the relevant lines. Use one intended for a Psion, if possible. Depending on your modem connector and null adaptor, you may also need a 9 pin to 25 pin connector.
PCMCIA card modem.
Psion make a PCMCIA modem adaptor. This connects to your PsiWin cable, and contains its own batteries. You insert a PCMCIA card modem. Note that 32bit PCCard modems will not work. Also, only some brands of PCMCIA card modems will work, as others have not supplied appropriate drivers. The Psion web site lists compatible models.
Via your Windows computer.
You can connect to your Windows computer via your PsiWin cable, and use the usual Windows RAS to connect to the internet. This is a zero cost option, but some users find it tricky to set up. You can also use a variety of shareware and freeware products to do similar or more elaborate value added connections. My Psion internet software page lists more details of appropriate programs.
Psion IrDA Portable Modem.
Use this very portable battery powered modem without a cable, by beaming to it via infrared. Connects to your regular phone line. A nice compact travel modem.

Connecting via GSM Mobile Phones

There are four possible ways to connect via a GSM mobile phone. The two convenient ones rely upon the phone including a built in Data Adaptor (sometimes incorrectly called a modem). Many phones do not, and you must therefore have the correct model phone.

GSM phone with data adaptor and IrDA.
GSM phone has both data adaptor and IrDA built in (many phones with infrared do not actually have IrDA). Phones that work include Ericsson SH888 and Nokia 8810. Some Ericsson 600 and 700 series phones will accept a D127 plug in data adaptor.
GSM phone with data adaptor and cable connection.
Some phones (Ericsson G18, etc.) can accept a special cable to connect to a computer.
Via PCMCIA card adaptor and PCMCIA card modem.
Uses the battery powered PC Card adaptor mentioned above, an appropriate PCMCIA card modem, and appropriate software. Most expensive and least convenient portable method.
Software modem in Psion.
This would allow use of a GSM phone that lacks a Data Adaptor, and is used by some Windows to phone connections. It has never been implemented on a Psion, possibly due to concerns about lack of processor speed. Some Pocket PCs use software modems.

You can test your Psion to modem connection by using the Comms application. Sending ATI to a modem should produce an identification string.


Email provides Local folders (on your Psion) for Inbox (inward mail), Outbox (outward mail), Draft (things you are working on) and Sent (messages sent already). You can create a variety of additional local folders under names of your choice to organise your received and sent email.

If you have established email accounts, your Remote (the email system to which you connect) mailbox will display them. When you connect, you can transfer messages from your remote mailboxes to your Local mailboxes. If you move messages they will only exist on your Psion. If you delete them on the Remote system, they are gone forever.

Email can be sent only from the Outbox. Messages are only in plain text, not styled or HTML text, or graphics. You can send these as attachments. Don't forget Ctrl L lets you check the spelling of your email.

There is a comprehensive email manual on the PsiWin CD ROM. It covers setting up, using email, scripting and multiple email accounts.

If you create a folder named C:\LOGS\Email you can check for problems. Delete the file after large downloads, as it gets large.

Fax Templates

To create a fax template, create an appropriate Epoc Word document and save it in System/Templates/Fax You can use shortcuts that Email will automatically replace. ^r for the receiver, ^t for the receiver's fax, ^s for the sender (you), and ^f for the sender's fax.

See also the existing templates in the above directory on the Z: drive. To access Z: from the System screen, press Ctrl+Tab and change to Z:


Errors and Bugs

If you have an Invalid Characters in To; Cc: or Bcc: field error message, check that there are no spaces or commas in the email address. Should accept just the email address, or else a name, followed by an email address between angle brackets. You may also get these errors if your SMTP server address isn't set to your local ISP.

To recover lost mail (backup before trying this) try to rebuild the email index by renaming the /system/mail/Index file. Next put a new Agenda file in place of Index. Starting Email, and it should rebuild the index.

The original Psion 5 classic email and web applications were written by STNC, who were bought outright by Microsoft in late July 1999. Psion and Symbian apparently had rights to the source code delivered to date.

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